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How To Fix Your Sore Achy Muscles In 5 Seconds


Tiger Balm is something that is so nostalgic to me. The smell reminds me of my dad rubbing it on his sore muscles after work when I was like 5 years old. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you have to try Tiger Balm if you’re prone to sore muscles. 

This is not sponsored, it’s just something that I’ve loved forever & when Michael is being grouchy I just rub some on his neck & it instantly puts him to sleep. It opens up the muscles & gives off this really therapeutic, relaxing smell.

Just put on some meditation music, dim the lights ( or turn on your red lights ), throw on some tiger balm & you’ll be asleep in no time, totally pain free.

So what exactly is Tiger Balm? Good question.

Tiger Balm – a brand that millions use worldwide for quick, effective relief of their body aches and pains. With its unique formulation of herbal ingredients derived from ancient Chinese sources, this topical ointment has evolved from its humble origins to become a household name in close to 100 countries.

Today, Tiger Balm has a wide range of products dedicated to addressing different areas of aches and pains that are part and parcel of our modern, fast-paced lifestyle. Its analgesic properties work rapidly, counteracting the discomfort and pain so that you can perform your best-at home, at work, and at play.

Convenient to use, fast acting, and efficacious. It is no wonder many have relied on Tiger Balm in the past and many more will continue to do so for generations to come!

One application gives you fast, warm, comforting relief for joint and muscle pain, stiff muscles, arthritis in the hands and joints, backaches caused by overexertion, and even backaches during pregnancy.” { via }

It’s so good if you’re pregnant because carrying the extra weight can be tough on your joints & muscles. I talked about Tiger Balm in this post where I shared my 3 standout products for pregnancy because it helped me so much. The ingredients in this specific tin that I love are: camphor (11%), menthol (11%). cajuput Oil, dementholized mint oil, clove oil & cassia oil in a paraffin base. No surprise that the first ingredient is camphor. It’s literally one of my favorite scents on the planet.

The other day I threw my hip out & could hardly walk up the stairs. The only thing that worked was massaging Tiger Balm into my hips.

Pulled a hamstring in Pilates? Tiger Balm.

Whiplash? Tiger Balm.

Carpal tunnel from taking too many selfies? Tiger Balm.

Tiger Balm Can Help With:

♡ aches & strains

♡ tension headaches

♡ colds & congestion

♡ back pain

♡ neck & shoulder tension

♡ arthritis & joint pain

Their slogan is simple. Pain happens & suffering is optional. Tiger Balm is also known to work with world class athletes. You can get Tiger Balm in a cream, a gel, patches, spray or an ointment ( the big tin, which is the concentrated formula is my favorite- it’s 3x stronger than Vicks or Bengay ). 

The concentrated one just gives you an extra boost, I think. Warning: This stuff is STRONG. Like, it’ll rock your world. Don’t say I didn’t tell ya. It’s really great on your feet if you have plantar fasciitis too.

To use Tiger Balm you just apply it to the affected area. Easy. I like to really massage it in & you can do this daily, 3-4 times. You’re going to feel a little tingle. For children, I would recommend checking with a doctor if they’re under 5.

To me, this is the best smell ever. If you don’t like it, what’s going on? I’m obsessed. It’s known as the Asian cure-all & the reviews on Amazon are absolutely out of this world. There are 13,000 reviews & it has 4.7 out of 5 stars. The potency is out of control.

It’s the best pain reliever you’ll ever have. Get yourself some, it’s like $10. Trust me on this hot tip, k? You can’t go wrong.

I’m off to rub some Tiger Balm on my hip & on Michael’s neck so he goes right to sleep. He’s being a little chatty.

x, lauryn

+ if you have back pain you need to check out this pillow.

++ scope this post if you have plantar fasciitis.


  1. Tiger balm is AMAZING – I love it! It really is sooo good for lots of things, I’ve used it for toothache before too, really helped. The packaging always seemed a bit mysterious when I was younger lol!

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