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The Training Club: Rocit

I am not a big fan of super heavy weights. It’s entirely possible to achieve long lean muscle with lighter

The Skinny Confidential Workout Playlist

Let’s be honest, the worst thing ever is working out with incredibly dull or outdated music. I personally need motivating

Lift. Tone. Burn.

Having received many e-mails regarding the workout, Pure Barre, I thought it would be entirely appropriate to ask the founder/guru

Easy Arm Exercises

[ Press-ups ] My girlfriend, Stefanie requested easy arm workouts that are accessible from home. The truth is, with ten

Easy, Peasy Fitness Moves — Now There’s NO Excuse ; )

[ Arms with the resistance bands ] Our trainer, Chris stole our hearts when he mentioned he had memorized the

Core Power Yoga

Core Power Yoga provides the most amazing atmosphere & accompanied with their famous Power Sculpt class, it’s impossible to go

Weekly Workout Schedule

[ A fitness shoot for Altec Lansing headphones ] Let’s be clear: I.Hate.To.Run. It’s one of those situations where a

Sculpt Pilates Plus SPX

[ Sculpt Pilates Plus SPX in Solana Beach ] [ Ashley Pelton in teaser/side plank] I can always count on

Friday Fitness

[ Targeting the obliques ] I definitely look forward to meeting with my workout group; they’re ridiculously entertaining & the

AM Fitness

My workout group is hilarious. Our trainer, Chris, listens to us talk about nonsense for an hour while he commands

Pure Barre Exercise in Solana Beach

Pure Barre’s motto is “lift, tone & burn” & it certainly follows through with its promise. I attend the class

Beach Front Fitness Workouts

My fitness training group normally consists of four girls & our trainer Chris [ seen here & found here ]. Unfortunately, last

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