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How to Recover from a Few Days of Eating like Shit

Since I stepped off the plane from SF, I’ve felt bloated, tired, & slightly hungover…until today. You know that post-Thanksgiving

Excuses are like Assholes– Everyone has One.

Excuses are like assholes. Everyone has one & they all stink. Here are some I hear all the time: +

Pretty & Cute Neon Workout Gear

[ Neon pink/yellow kicks ] [ Hot pink Under Armour top ] Last week Kirsten [ <<<< a total sweetheart

Calories, Smalories: Why I Don’t Count my Cals

[ Evolution Essential Greens juice ] [ Laughing Cow cheese wedges ] Calories, Smalories! Recently I have received a lot

Let’s Play the Guessing Game! Pick Which Food is Healthier

[ Trop 50 or Simply Orange Juice? ] [ Mayo with olive oil or light mayo? ] [ Lite syrup

Sweaty Betty Giveaway: Super Cute Grey Workout Top

Hey Lovies! Today Sweaty Betty & I are hosting a giveaway for this fabulous, extra soft workout top. They sent

Shrink Your Muffin Top for Summer

In the latest issue of US Weekly they did an article on “Foods That Whittle Your Middle,” which I wanted

Skinny Vacation Tips & Everything Cabo

[ Poolside w/ M ] [ Homemade mango sorbet ] [ A lizard we befriended by tempting him with berries

The Skinny Confidential Summer Workout Playlist

[ The lovely Jordan & I with our friend Jeff ] Heyyyyyyyy beach bunnies! Summertime is around the corner, so

Traditional Pilates= Tight, Toned Abs

Who doest want to tighten up that annoying muffin top area? Classic Pilates does wonders for the core/obliques/abs. My girlfriend,

Bye-Bye Blubber!

[ Arms & abs: elevated push-ups ] [ Arms & back: WLT’s ] With all of the DIY-at-home-workouts available, there’s

Lululemon Ambassador: Kim Kelly

Kim Kelly is known around San Diego for her insanely motivating & challenging workouts. Every time I attend her empowering classes

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