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Fitness Time: This Week’s Workout Wardrobe

Lauryn Evarts and Splits59 talk fitness and workout clothes.

Lauryn Evarts and Splits59 talk fitness and workout clothes.

Let’s be real: working out sucks if you don’t look cute.

Like, sweats & an oversized tee don’t work for me. And if I’m busting ass in the gym then my ass should at least look cute, right?

What’s so annoying though: there’s so many awful workout clothes for women.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so annoying if I didn’t have to see camel toes x 10 at the gym ( super awkward ). But seriously…there’s so many unflattering brands.

It’s a real sigh of relief to find workout clothes that have that special, I woke up like this, flattering-look.



Lauryn Evarts and Splits59 talk fitness and workout clothes.

So today I’m sharing what I’ve worn to the gym the past three days & I can say, with complete confidence that:

1.} The brand, Splits59 ( << def one of my top favorites for workout clothes ), keeps everything tight. It slims a women in all the right areas. It’s almost like the Spanx of workout clothes. Their stuff hugs in all the right areas.

2.} These black pants make my life. And anything with thumbholes really gets me going.

3.} & just so we’re clear: I felt cute- not frumpy/dull/shabby/homely.

Lauryn Evarts and Splits59 talk fitness and workout clothes.

Because let’s face it: feeling cute during a workout makes it sooo much better. And anything that makes my ass looks tighter is a total


P.S. all my favorite workout moves will be found in my book ; ). Pre-order here.

{ Black pullover // black pants ‘flare’ // black pants ‘capri’ // teal hoodie // white pullover // black ‘X’ tank // sports bra // shoes // sunglasses // gold ring // gold stack ring }

{{ Photo cred: Steven Levas }}

Lauryn Evarts and Splits59 talk fitness and workout clothes.

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Lauryn Evarts and Splits59 talk fitness and workout clothes.

  1. How do you manage to look so effortlessly cute in all of your clothes! I swear, I do NOT look like that when I go to the gym, and I swear I actually try! My favorite is that black pullover! Gimme one! 🙂

  2. I completely agree, I need to look cute to get all gross and sweaty. I want to invest into new workout cloths but good ones are so expensive. I’ll have to do some research on the ones you recommend. I’m hosting my first link-up for Thankful Thursday, I would appreciate it if you linked up.

  3. OMG you look gorgeous in all of your workout clothes! I swear I can’t look anything but frumpy in sweats. It’s a problem.

  4. Check out the Australian brands! We have super cute sports clothes:

    – the upside sports clothes
    – Lorna Jane

  5. Definitely interested in your book if I can end up looking like that 🙂 I normally work out at home so I’m just in my underwear haha, not acceptable for the gym!!
    Lucy xxx
    La Lingua : Food, Life, Travel, Italy

  6. That’s some lovely stuff there! Here in Spain I love Oysho’s workout gear, so nice and inexpensive. No camel-toes in sight 😉 x

  7. I am obsessed with Splits they are my favorite brand for teaching Barre. I love the pair of tights that have the grips on the bottom for Barre/Pilates. Yeah so happy to see you highlighting this fabulous brand!

  8. Your honestly just like me. I go to the gym, but still wear cute sweatpants and a fun t-shirt. I realize I am going to get all sweaty after a good workout, but it’s still worth looking good! Make sure to check out my latest post! I have a feeling you’ll find it’s a good read!

    The Tiny Professional

  9. When I first started working out (which was several years ago), I was so skeptical and doubtful that clothes specifically designed for working out would make a difference. My thought was, “I’m here to sweat, not look cute.” After seeing my raggedy self head to the gym in old tshirts and outdated shorts one time too many, my mother surprised me with some cute workout clothes. After seeing them and then wearing them, I definitely saw the light! Not only are a lot of the workout clothes offered today super cute, but they are so purposeful. They compress, tighten, warm, wick, and lift. On top of that, they are so stylishly comfortable that you feel comfortable running around town in them. In fact, you start to choose a cute workout outfit over jeans for errands. I see other women running around in cute workout outfits while shopping or at the grocery store. And guess what? Perfect way to strike up conversations with other women who work out, or meet a date.

  10. I’m OBSESSED with SPLITS59 pants. They ARE like spanx … and totally comfortable and fashionable and swoon, yea, I love ’em!

  11. I totally agree about looking cute. I feel like I work harder if I know I look good doing it. Haha! Especially if there’s a hot guy working out anywhere near me…

  12. Just ran across this post. Cute stuff. Lauryn makes it look so good. I’d like to share my thoughts on camel toes and what flatters our rear views. It’s all in the design if you want to avoid camel toes and flatter your ass. To avoid the dreaded CT’s, it requires a serge seam in the rise rather than the flatlock seam that so many brands use. Also, get rid of the gusset. It’s a marketing ploy and contributes to camel toes. Your thong acts as a gusset so you don’t need to add another one. The flatlock seam in the crotch screams “Look at me” in an area we probably don’t want people looking at. Get rid of it too. Contour seaming and a “V” waistband lengthen the legs and flatter the rear. Let’s look for that. Avoiding the wide waistband is also a way to lengthen the torso and limit muffin tops….high on the sides and a slight dip in the center works wonders for your fig. I’m afraid Lauryn however would look great no matter what she wears. What a cutie!

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