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Fitness Time: Keeping It Sexy With Ankle Weights

The Skinny Confidential talks ankle weights.
Ankle weights are so in.

A couple years ago, I bought some cheap-o ankle weights at Marshall’s & my friends and I would wear them to hike Torrey Pines ( << a super popular hiking spot in SD ). And then POOF!! One day I completely forgot about them.

Until three weeks ago, when they came back into my life ( thx God! ).

Fitness guru, Kayla Itness & The Hills vixen, Kristin Cavallari Instagrammed them & the thought of ankle weights hit me like a bat out of hell.

Oh-M-gee. Lightbulb!

I immediately went on Amazon to buy a pair. I had strict requirements though: they needed to be black ( too much color is annoying, plus black is chic ), adjustable ( they can go from 2-10 pounds— I like 8 or 10, personally ), and diverse ( I wanted to be able to use them as wrist weights too ).

When my weights came in the mail a week ago, I rocked them like nobody’s business.

I wear my sexy weights while I’m cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, walking Pixy, working, &/or to the gym ( new mom, Kristin Cav does leg presses with them so of course I had to try ankle leg press-ups ).

Here’s the thing: TSC is all about quick, easy, effective tips that make life easier. So hellllooo, ankle weights.

This source says that ankle weights have several advantages: “extra exercise is provided to the hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes, which have to exert more energy. This can also lead to an increased heart rate over what you normally experience when walking, making for a cardiovascular benefit.”

Note: make sure you’re careful while walking with them; think: tight abs & good posture! You don’t want to strain the muscles.


Basically the point of today’s post is simple: invest in any pair of ankle weights. You can find them at any local Target or Marshall’s & they’re super inexpensive ( think: $16 bucks ). It’s a healthy, easy investment towards health.

Kind of a no brainer, don’t ya think?

Also, if you see a blonde walking around the grocery store in San Diego with black ankle weights, come say hi! ; )

xx le

{ If you’re looking for an ankle weight workout, click here }

  1. ankle weights are a very good thing, I think workouts become much easier and more effective wth these weights 🙂
    I will try them out soon for sure 🙂

  2. Very good idea! Do you always wear shoes with them or wear them all while barefoot? After you’ve strengthened up your ankles, feet and calves a bit with the initial walking around with ankle weights, you should consider wearing them without shoes, if you haven’t already. In fact, I just wrote a post about the benefit of working out without shoes and how it helps up revisit our body’s natural alignment:

  3. Do you actually wear them out??
    My mom sometimes wore her ankle weights for doing chores, but never really occurred to me to do it myself. I’m all about incorporating small little things that add up tho, so maybe?

  4. Best part about ankle weights? When you take them off you feel light as a feather! My ballet teacher used to make us wear them and do jumps with them on. It was torture but when you took them off you felt like you could fly!

  5. I really want to do this now! So simple, but effective. Wearing them around the house too – Great idea! Do you think they’d help with strengthening my muscles for my knees? I ruined my knees from too much running, and I have to strengthen them again so they re-align (also – great note about going barefoot for a bit each day – in nature especially). Anyway, I wanted to say that I love resistance bands, great for travel (mine doesn’t have handles) and it amps up any move you’re doing! And, skipping ropes too – again they take up no space but are SO effective.

  6. I’m gonna have to pull out my ankle weights after this post! They’ve been in storage for far too long!

  7. I love ankle weights too, but please please please don’t use them when walking/hiking/jogging…studies show that they can tear up your joints with imbalance, specifically hips and knees. They are meant to be used for resistance exercises. 🙂

  8. I love the idea of doing your daily routine while being able to exercise as well. I am always on-the-go and I have a small living space. This is a must-have for people like me.

    Paragon Fitness
    Australian Les Mills Classes Adelaide

  9. This is EXACTLY what happened to me. I had a pair of ankle weights that I would wear to ballet and pointe class, but I don’t dance during the summer, so I completely forgot about them. This post just motivated me to dig them out and start wearing them around again!

  10. Ohmygosh I love that you’re rocking ankle weights. I borrowed (stole) some from my mom last month and I use them all the time.


  11. Thanks for highlighting these long-ignored pieces of kit. I’ve used ankle weights and wrist weights with my personal training clients (male and female) and myself for years. I don’t know why they aren’t more popular as they are an easy win when it comes to adding a little resistance to a workout.

  12. Hey, I stumbled apon your blog just searching for fitness blogs at google. What a wonderful blog, like it! Great mix of fitness & lifestyle! <3 I got those ankle weights in the cellar room… hmm… think I have to bringt them up again! :O Anyway… you got a new follower… maybe check out mine? xoxo Clarissa

  13. Hey Lauryn,

    I was searching for ankle weight when I landed on this page of yours. Great info. I love your blog. Especially the overall layout and style.

    Keep up the good work.



  14. SO funny, my mom uses these and I always teased her about it until I realized how effective they are! Mamas know best <3 Thanks for sharing love!

  15. Lauryn;
    Been an admirer of yours for years- and your authenticity is so attractive besides you being absolutely gorgeous to boot!
    May I have permission to use part of your article post for a blog article I am writing on ankle weights?
    I know it is a few years old but I have been saving it until we launched and still remembered it that when I was ready to use it- therefore I am reaching out!
    Vicky Waterman
    Wearable Weights

  16. Good write-up; and I cannot help myself copying a line. Yes, I want my wife to wear sexy weights; no matter whether she is cooking, cleaning, doing laundry or working. A pair of good ankle weights makes her stronger and helps her avoid unexpected aching during working. I bought ankle weights from Fitting Guy and she likes them.

  17. Excellent arm workout! I have 5 pound weights and need to use them while staying home during the qurantine, this was a good start!

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