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Fitness Expert, Terry Asher Talks Weight-Lifting For Women

You know I love to mix it up.

So today we’re doing JUST that.

One of my good friends from high school is going to really INSPIRE YOU. He’s constantly inspiring me with his dedication to a healthy lifestyle, crazy work ethic, & knowledge about the fitness industry…plus all the girls always have crushes on him.

So because of those qualities, I had to ( DUH ) do an interview swap.

That’s right, I’m featured on his blog, GymJunkies, & he’s on mine. Flirty, right.

Terry is SUPER KNOWLEDGEABLE. I also love hearing from top trainers about tips for women. Seriously, though, it’s cool to hear from fellow ladies what women should do to stay tight BUT it’s also cool to hear from male trainers. A different perspective never hurt a flea.

Anyway, we’ve discussed heavy lifting a bit before but I wanted to go deeper with another badass guy. & Terry Asher is the man for the job. Happy reading:


| Introduce yourself: |

Hey! I’m Terry from! I currently live in Del Mar, California and started GymJunkies to help inspire others to work out & be healthy.

| How did you get into training? |

I was always kind of a runt growing up, so when I was a freshman in high school, I figured I would give weight lifting a shot and try to put on some muscle mass. Then it really became an addiction for me, I felt better, I could focus better, and I eventually started to get in better shape.

| Most important thing when you’re training someone? |

It’s been a minute since I’ve trained someone one-on-one but I think the most important thing is to remember that everyone is different. For instance, if you have a desk job you most likely exhibit rolled over shoulders, and or a craning neck. So there are certain things you can blend into your workout program to combat your client’s posture issues or muscle imbalances.

So it’s important to program people’s workouts and tailor it to them specifically because at the end of the day, one mold does not fit all.

| You’re ALWAYS so motivated, like what the fuck – how do you stay constantly motivated? |

It’s really an addiction for me at this point and I have to get my fix every day.

I feel like people often overlook the physiological effects of working out. It does a lot of great things including releasing dopamine ( happy hormone ), reducing your stress, improving your sleep, & squelching anxiety.

Not to mention now it’s a branding thing for me; in fact, someone called me out on Snapchat the other day and said, “hey I didn’t see a gym post today.” I thought to myself, damn who is motivating whom now?


| If someone wants to lose fat, what do you recommend? |

First, don’t fall victim to fad diets. I see too many people get into something just to fall out two weeks later. Second, remember there are three components to fat loss: your diet, cardio, and weight lifting.

You can probably take a guess which is my favorite of the three and seems to be the least favorite of most women: weight lifting. It’s important to remember that while cardio does have its place in burning fat ( HITT cardio specifically ), weight lifting will assist your body in becoming a fat burning furnace.

What do I mean? Weight lifting helps your body burn fat after your actual workout by increasing your metabolism ( resting metabolic rate ). So after a solid resistance workout, your body is still burning fat! Even when you’re watching your favorite show on Netflix.

| What do you recommend for women between the ages of 18 to 40 for fat loss when it comes to diet? |

When it comes to diet especially, don’t skip breakfast, eat more often and consume calorie ( and nutrient ) dense foods. If you like sweets, try replacing it with a chocolate whey protein drink to curb your sweet tooth.

At the end of the day, remember it comes down to a simple rule: you will need a calorie deficit. So you need to find your caloric intake and minus 500 calories from there. And guess what? If you follow this rule 6 out of 7 days a week, you can have a nice cheat day and still lose weight!

| What do you recommend for women between the ages of 18 to 40 for fat loss when it comes to exercise? |

I would recommend researching HIIT cardio if your athletic level permits, & like I previously mentioned, ladies: pick up some weights!


| Best snack? Why? |

There are tons! If I were to pick one pre-workout out food I would choose cottage cheese with mixed berries, as it’s high in natural casein protein. This snack will give your muscles protein over a long workout, give you a dose of antioxidants, & reduce muscle inflammation!

| I’m busy, really busy. So how can I stay healthy when I’m running around like a psycho? |

Aren’t we all? If you’re extremely pressed for time during the day then aim for high-efficiency workouts.

You’d be surprised how much you can accomplish in 25 minutes. For example, if you normally do 8-12 reps of an exercise, try switching it up and adding in drop sets ( dropping to a lighter weight when you fatigue ) & supersets ( jumping straight to a different exercise ). By incorporating these two variables, you can increase the intensity/volume of your workout substantially.

| COCKTAILS: tips? Tricks? Thoughts on wine? |

I’m more of a whiskey drinker if I do decide to drink, and guess what…?

Whiskey contains more antioxidants than red wine! It also contains Ellagic acid, a plant compound that acts as a free radical combatant, and for you ladies, if applied topically, could prevent skin damage & wrinkles. Not to mention it can aid in stress reduction, combat cancer, improve circulation, & helps digestion.

One glass every few days wouldn’t hurt. As long as you are consuming in moderation, the health benefits should outweigh any negative aspects!


| How has fitness evolved to where it is now? |

I think people are becoming more aware of fitness in general, which is obviously a great thing. Information is more readily available and there are tons of apps, sites, and other tools you can track your progress with.

I think the future of fitness is promising, as people will be more integrated with apps, sites, tools, and trackers. No excuses!

+ Follow Terry on Instagram or Snapchat ( @terryasher ) for more fitness tips.


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    1. Glad you enjoyed it Pippa! Heavy lifting has been crucial for me while getting in shape for my wedding. Thanks for reading : ) xx

    1. If you incorporate heavy lifting into your routine I can’t wait to hear about it Sam! Thanks for reading : ) xx

  1. Yay! So happy to hear I can have a drink when I go out without feeling guilty – whiskey it is!

    xo, Alisha Ricki | Life(Style), Travel, & Culture

  2. Happy wedding week! Thanks so much to you BOTH for always sharing relevant information. That’s what keeps us coming back. 😉 I’m definitely adding weights into my workouts and doing the chocolate protein shake tip.

  3. I think it is important to get a well balanced, nutritious diet and have a workout that is has cardiovascular and strength training as well. With the workout I think it is important to mix it up a bit to keep your body guessing. Great information, thanks for sharing!

  4. Great article, I use, follow, and teach the techniques written about here. I’m a 52 year old, who has lifted weights almost all my life. I’ve switched lifting styles from bodybuilding to more of an Oly style; enjoying the sense of accomplishment with each heavy lift. Lifting heavy has not only helped maintain, but has built muscle, something important as we age. Fad diets aren’t for me, I loosely follow an eating style where I’m eating at my activity level, for me that’s over 2200 calories a day. Friends and family compliment me on maintaining my slim figure while commenting on my level of fitness. I plan on continuing my fitness plan as long as possible; I hope to be the next Ernestine Shepard.

  5. I am guilty of to many fad diets but now am doing portion control of healthy foods and have started weight training, thanks for the great tips.

  6. Everyone is different and exercise will vary according to one’s body type and needs. For me, the best thing about working out is it helped me overcome my anxiety and depression. Great post!

  7. Many people are becoming aware of fitness because they wish to become healthy and avoid getting sick. It’s costly to get hospitalized nowadays. The best alternative is to work and stay fit. Such a lovely post. Xoxo.

  8. Hey LAURYN,

    Great Job here on THESKINNYCONFIDENTIAL Website. You know what?

    I read a lot blog post and I never heard of a topic like this. I love this topic about Fitness Expert Terry Asher Talks Weight Lifting Women. Your exuberance is refreshing.

  9. On my first weeks of losing weight challenge, I fall on the fad diets on social media. I felt bad at that time since I gained more weight. Luckily, I read tips from this article and the Skinny Confidential blog post and I regained my confidence. Now, I am more than happy with what I have achieved.

  10. Superb article, All of the food you mentioned above is really tasty and the good thing which you said is healthy too, I will keep in mind your tips and I am a very diet conscious person so definitely will stick to this diet to stay healthy, thanks.

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