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Finally Have A Little Energy To Talk About SURGERY

jaw corrective surgery | by the skinny confidential

Ohhhhhh man.

Life has been intense these past 2 weeks.

If you read this post you guys know I had surgery.

Well, actually totally transparency: MAJOR surgery.

Firstly, I’ve had 3 surgical procedures in my life: appendectomy ( my mom thought I had the flu…turned out my appendix ruptured & went gangrene in high school. Hurt like a bitch ), a boob job ( circa 2005. If you guys want a full blog post on this I’m happy to do one— lmk below ), & my wisdom teeth pulled ( but who hasn’t? ).

I feel like although the appendix was tough, nothing was as gnarly as my fourth surgery: jaw corrective surgery.

jaw corrective surgery | by the skinny confidential

Let me start from the beginning.

Surprisingly I’m a very private person in many ways. When you’re a blogger you sort of get to choose what you want to share & what’s off limits. As my blog years have gone on though, I’ve become a bit more open ( maybe that’s age too? ). Anyway the reason I decided to share my surgery experience is because maybe, hopefully it will help someone out there who’s going through something similar. In fact, if you guys are interested, I’ll film a full video on the subject.

…And for some of you guys? I’m sure this post will be boring as hell & you’re like ‘uh, can we talk about detox drinks or sleep buns?’ This post definitely isn’t my most exciting post, lol.


When I was thirteen-ish years old the dentist told me I had an INTENSE overbite, my teeth were crooked, & my bite was off and I’d eventually need jaw corrective surgery to align everything.

And whelp, I was in my teens. AKA too busy with butterfly Frankie B’s, conference calling my friends, & boys ( Michael actually, since we met when we were 12 ) & just brushed the dentist’s warning off.

A year later I got those nasty clear braces with rubber bands like everyone else in 7th grade & went about middle school.

High school came, I finally got the now yellow braces off but my jaw always bothered me. Not too bad, but a gnawing tenderness that made my jaw click when I opened it. Also it never opened too wide.

I tried banning gum ( cinnamon Trident specially ) because it made the jaw clicking worse.

After high school I was involved in an AWFUL car accident. My neck was fucked from then on. Lateral whiplash BIG TIME. The accident affected my jaw & neck, adding more pain to the whole situation.

Back up— then there was the grinding.

I’ve grinded my teeth, like a lot of people, since I can remember. But not like grinding, sort of, a little…LIKE GRINDING where I wake people up. Accompanied with snoring. And the snoring has been described to me as sounding like ‘a dying wildebeest.’ It’s not like a cute, girly snore. It’s actually dreadful. Oh & hard plastic night guards? Tried ’em. I’ve grinded THROUGH about 10 of those $500 suckers. Michael will tell anyone that listens that he’s never heard someone so aggressive in their sleep. It goes something like this HUGE SNORE, grind, clap my teeth together, BIGGER SNORE, full on mouth hanging open. Chic.

If you really think about it, sleep is supposed to be restful so instead of feeling rested, I would wake up more fatigued than when I went to bed. Every day. Also, I firmly believe that half of my anxiety comes from jaw clenching. But more on that in a second.

Anyway when my first semester at SDSU began my jaw was REALLY ANNOYING. Full on TMJ, grinding, neck pain ( accompanied by cracking my neck 40 times a day for relief ), snoring ( my poor fiancé ), I only could chew on one side of my mouth…& of course, my anxiety was worse than ever.

One day I went to a new dentist to get bleach trays. Right when he saw me he said “you’re a candidate for jaw corrective surgery.”


I was working 3 jobs, broke as a joke, & distracted by college, home life, & keeping my head afloat.

He suggested I go see a jaw surgeon specialist, so I did. The surgeon told me the same thing: “you will find so much relief with this surgery. The overall process is intense but totally worth it in the end.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t have health insurance ( careless, young, & immature, right? ). So no cigar there.

I ended up trying resistance stretching ( which helped A LOT ), medical massage, chiropractor,  yoga, the works. Nothing took the jaw pain away.

Two years went by & basically I was uncomfortable every day of my life. So much so that I began to get used to jaw uncomfortable-ness & accept the whole situation.

Then about a year ago, I went to my NEW, NEW dentist ( WHO I’M OBSESSED WITH, IF YOU FOLLOW ME ON SNAPCHAT YOU KNOW ( un: laurynevarts) ) and he took X-rays.

AND DUH…shocker, same outcome. He said I was a candidate for jaw corrective surgery. He explained that my bite was severely off, my teeth had micro cracks all over them, & without the surgery my teeth would slowly deteriorate from the aggressive grinding.

Finally I started to come around to the idea.

I now had health insurance ( they helped cover the surgery ), I’m in a position to support myself financially, & I work from home…so why not fix the problem? Instead of sweep it under the rug, I decided to face it head on.

( Side: at this point my grinding was SO bad, Michael would have to wake me up for me to stop. And if I drank a glass of wine or two? It was TWENTY times worse. My anxiety was worse too. It’s kind of like this: clench your jaw right now. Hold it for a minute. This is how I felt EVERY WAKING second. My jaw was clenched, every minute of every day, even when I was sleeping. The anxiety coming from clenching my jaw was ridiculous. The morning fatigue was getting old too. I WAS FED UP ).

My amazing dentist ( shoutout to Dr. Kiyan at FLOSS in La Jolla ) told me to see a doctor who specializes in jaw corrective surgery.

( are you guys bored yet? Sorry. It’s been a LONG road on this one ).

So I saw the doctor, liked him immediately, got 2 more opinions just to be sure, but settled on the talented Dr. McGann & his amazing team. The doctor measured how off my jaw was…TWO CENTIMETERS. This is A LOT. On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s about a 7.5 severity. Instead of my teeth fitting together, they went on top of each other. What a f-ing mess.

The surgery itself required a lot of prep work. I had to have braces on my teeth for the past year to prep me for June 16th’s surgery.

The day before the procedure I had to get the braces removed & get REAL, FULL ON METAL 7TH GRADE BRACES…hahaha. If that’s not a throwback I don’t know what is? I heard in Europe braces are all the rage & considered cool, is this true?

Ok so, I went into surgery SCARED. Scared not for surgery but scared because I hate IV needles ( hahaha, what a weirdo ). In surgery, they broke my upper & lower jaw & moved them in the proper place and put my teeth in alignment. The surgery took 7 hours. The doctor made all incisions in my mouth so you can’t see them & put the jaw back together with screws and plates. Fun times, fun times.

Afterwards, I woke up DRUGGED UP to my parents & Michael, VERY SWOLLEN. Let’s just say I looked ( & still look ) like Sloth from The Goonies:

jaw corrective surgery | by the skinny confidential


Michael stayed the night in the hospital & had to feed me orange/carrot/turmeric juice through a syringe…like a baby bird. He was super sweet & the whole process just made me realize how much I love him. He’s a keeper, I guess ; ).

The second day, looking like Sponge Bob Square Pants, literally though, it was time to check out of the hospital.

I went to my God parent’s house to recover. Their house is very mellow, with a calming fountain, perfect breeze, essential oil diffusers, & my chihuahuas love them so it’s a great place to lay low during a recovery.

And quite honestly, the first week was hell.

Veryyyy uncomfortable. Basically the second day I fainted & my eyes rolled back in my head, which I won’t get in to that whole story but it was BAD. The whole week was just annoying.

Each day gets a little better but when you do bone surgery, it’s GNARLY. The whole ordeal has tested my patience, discipline, & mind— BIG TIME.

& poor Michael…here’s us coming home from the hospital:

jaw corrective surgery | by the skinny confidential

I can only eat very, very soft/liquid foods like mashed sweet potato, bone broth, or Cream of Wheat because I have rubber bands banding my hottie metal braces together. My mouth only opens a tiny bit. I actually had an In & Out burger finely chopped the other day because my body was craving meat…I always listen to my body. It was so, so damn good. Ultimately it sucks though because I’m literally SO hungry. We’ve been juicing up a storm & incorporating a lot of smoothies & vitamins into my daily regime but I’m still always hungry. I can’t stop losing weight, which sounds fun for a week, but it’s not because for the time being I’m anemic & over it.

( I’ve eaten a shitload of mint chocolate chip ice cream too ).

But here’s the cool thing: my bite closes in the right place for once in my life. YES. My jaw isn’t clicking. I haven’t snored or grinded my teeth since the surgery ( it’s been two weeks ) and I feel…balanced. My posture feels straighter too. It’s difficult to explain to someone who’s never had jaw problems but this will truly change my life.

My anxiety has dissipated. Some still lingers but the anxiousness I carried in my neck has gone away. It’s kind of amazing. I do feel slightly depressed sometimes because coming off anesthesia makes you feel that way sometimes. The extra downtime makes me feel low sometimes too because I’m such a go, go, go person.

Oh! & here’s a picture of all the metal & screws in my face now : (

jaw corrective surgery | by the skinny confidential

At this point, I’m still in bed pretty much the whole day & very weak. I had a lymphatic massage on my neck yesterday & it felt so good I could have exploded. I also tried doing arms from TSC Bombshell Body Guide but had to stop after ten minutes. Walking the dogs every day is about all I can manage, really. My face is still SOOOO SWOLLEN & half of it is completely numb, I’m sleeping little to none & straight up ( no lying down, ugh ), have more pimples than I’ve ever had in life ( toxins coming through my skin like crazy ), & I’m very uncomfortable— all to be expected after this specific procedure.

Surprisingly though, I was able to post this but it took a few days to write it because I’m so weak. They say I will feel better in 8 weeks…& thank God, the metal braces come off in a month because I look like a 5th grader. I’ll keep you guys updated along the way.

Wanted to mention: another reason I’m telling this story is because life is not always rainbows & that’s ok. This is a storm for me right now. I’ll weather it & come out stronger. This has been really traumatic experience but sometimes shit has to get worse before it becomes better. If you’re in the midst of one of life’s storms, remember: time is a powerful thing. Time is healing & the only thing you can rely on in life is change. So stay strong & MIND OVER MATTER.

If you guys have any questions about the jaw corrective surgery, e-mail me or leave them below! Follow up to come. By the way, so far ( even though it’s been a bitch of recovery ) I haven’t regretted anything for a second. Thanks to my amazing friends & family who have checked in on me everyday & to all you guys— your e-mails, snaps, tweets & Instagrams make me smile!

Ok, I’m off to ice my face with my JAW BRA & watch a marathon of Seinfeld.

From bed, with love, lauryn xx

jaw corrective surgery | by the skinny confidential

{ in bed with green juice }

jaw corrective surgery | by the skinny confidential

{ go-to robe I’ve been rocking post-surgery }

  1. Although that surgery sounds awful as hell, I’m super glad you aren’t dying or something horrible! Jaw corrective surgery is my worst nightmare, as I have a jaw disorder that causes clicking, locking, pain, and clenching. Kind of similar to what you had, I guess. I’d almost rather live in fear of dislocating my jaw than get surgery!! Anyway, I hope you have a speedy & painless recovery. Eat lots of cultured coconut for me 🙂

  2. Can you do a blog post on your boob job. I would love to hear your experience, i have been thinking about getting it done for a few years

    1. Yes PLEASE do a post on your breast augmentation!! I have been considering it for years. Living in the San Diego area, I would love to know if you have any recommendations re. local doctors, recovery process, etc.

    2. I would love a post on the boob job as well! I’m actually getting one myself next month- I’m excited but nervous about surgery/recovery. I would love to hear about your experience!

    3. Yes! Please do! I have a consultation next month and would love to hear more about your experience and (if you’re willing to share) type, recovery, how many ccs. You look gorgeous and natural and that is exactly the look I’m going for. Thank you!!

    4. Have you done a post on your breast augmentation yet Lauryn? I’m interested in your experience!

  3. I am SO GLAD that you wrote about this! I too suffer from AWFUL AWFUL TMJ ( I have severe pain in my jaw on a daily basis ) no clicking or popping just pain. I have a severe open bite from sucking my thumb as a little girl (no, I don’t do it anymore) and I’ve always wanted pretty straight teeth. Only recently as I’ve gotten older did I develop TMJ. I’m getting my braces on July 18th and both my dentist and orthodontist tell me that the only thing that will pretty much help alleviate my TMJ pain is jaw surgery but I am terrified to have the surgery. I’m meeting with a specialist in Huntington Beach next week and granted my surgery is at least a year and a half away the thought of it just terrifies me! I’d love it if you could post more or send me more information as to your pre-surgery prep and after what you did. I’m researching my medical insurance and trying to get as.much information as possible because I literally want to be BFF with my doctor, especially if they’re cutting open my face and working on me (7 hours?!?!!!) Thank you for sharing your story and I’m so glad I saw this because I’m literally going to be you like Xmas of next year. I hope you recover quickly and post some after pics. I’m dying to see the difference. Sending get well vibes your way 🙂

  4. This was seriously interesting to me! Back when I had braces, my ortho talked about me being a candidate for jaw surgery, but I had some serious hardware that corrected my overbite enough for him to take that off the table. I’ve always been a teeth grinder/clacker, but thankfully I haven’t had the pain to worry about it! (Knock on wood..) I hope you begin to feel better soon!

  5. Aw Lauryn, I hope everything goes well!! You’re someone I totally look up to and I’m so happy to hear that you’re already feeling a little bit better. I love reading your posts – long or short, sleep-buns or not haha. Stay amazing! xx
    – Pia

  6. Hi Lauryn,
    Thanks so much for doing a post on this. I went through this surgery during the second semester of my senior year. My case was much worse (my lower jaw was moved an inch forward!!!), so my recovery was much longer. Basically, I completely relate to what you’re going through, and I’m so amazed that you’re even walking your dog! Whatever you’re going through right now, just know – it’s totally worth in the long run! Just keep drinking that green juice 🙂

  7. Lauryn,

    I am a dental hygienist so I understand what you are going through, soooo proud of you! Do anything you can and feel like doing to pamper yourself you deserve it! If I can be of any assistance email me, okay???

  8. Hang in there, you’ll be good… My son was 15 years old when he had the whole shebang done to his jaw etc etc like you (after 5 years of wearing braces, they had to make sure his jaw was mature enough to do the surgery) it’s amazing reading it through your eyes, I guess being a quiet kid and young he just never voiced much about the whole experience and the weeks and weeks and weeks of his mouth wired shut… he did great and is awesome! I’m so glad we did it when he was younger and he didn’t suffer all those years like you did.

  9. Hey lauryn,
    I hope you recover soon. Can i just give you this tip? Go see an osteopath. He or she can help the body adjust to the new situation after surgery. Because your spine will have to adjust and it will probably give you neck or backpain, hopefully not.
    I’m an osteopath myself, so i know they can do a lot for you in this situation. Just find someone that uses very soft manipulation and doesn’t ‘krack’ too much, so no chiropracter.
    Get Well soon!

  10. Oh my goodness, I can’t imagine what you’re going through! It’ll all be so worth it once you’re completely healed. Sending you lots of good vibes!

  11. Wow ,thank you for the post! I will have the same surgery soon, I’m very nervous because I hear is painful but I’m so tired of having pain even to talk. My ortho told me my case is the worst ever , this one was my 3rd opinion and all said the same, so bad even to get me ready for surgery its been a nightmare , moving my teeth etc. right now I’m double wire and it is so painful 🙁

  12. I also had double jaw surgery two years ago when I was 16 and it was the hardest thing I have ever done but I’m so happy I did it! I had a recessed jaw which caused me to feel so insecure and I had all these awful things like headaches and snoring. I feel so much better about my profile now and it was so worth it! I understand how emotionally draining jaw surgery can be but I promise you will get through it! Good luck!

  13. I FEEL YOU, GIRL. I had jaw surgery for my underbite after years of having a misaligned jaw (my first orthodontist tried to force my lower jaw back into a normal bite, that a-hole). The discomfort (and hangry-ness!) I experienced with that first month of liquid-only diet was on another level. But I totally agree with you and your doctors–so worth it. To be able to eat & chew properly, to not have chronically tight jaw joints that cracked 24/7.. it’s priceless.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery! Once you can start eating real food you’ll feel like a human again. I promise.

    1. And oh yeah, I kept a blog to chronicle my hilariously hideous journey:

  14. I hope you feel better soon. You seem to be taking good care of yourself. Thanks for sharing. X

  15. Lauryn- love you girl! I am at home with shingles right now (wtf?!?!) and needed a good reminder about time and us all going through shit at times. Hang in there and heal fast! You are such an inspiration and I love and laugh at everything you post. Thanks for always sharing.

  16. Yesterday was the four year anniversary of my jaw surgery – so I completely empathise with you! I had the same op when I was 15 and although the recovery felt like hell, it was totally outweighed by the benefits. I was adamant that I didn’t want the surgery but now I’m so glad I did. Wishing you a speedy recovery, rest easy!

  17. This post is the most inspiring thing I’ve read this week. Apparently you’ve went, and still going through quite a pain, yet you’re making everything sound so positive. And I love that way of seeing things. A friend of mine once told me “Life is made up of a number of different events spread out over a period of time. Some are good, some are not so good. Unfortunately we tend to remember the not so good ones.”
    You’re doing a wonderful job not letting the not so good ones invade you and hold you down.
    Thank you Lauryn. Xoxo

  18. I hope you’ll feel better soon, Lauryn! I’m very glad you decided to share this and maybe you could do something on your boob job sometime?
    The only surgery I ever had were my wisdom teeth and this was a tough experience for me, even though I was fine after about a week, so I can only imagine how you feel at the moment.

  19. Wow, I hope that recovery gets better! This was interesting to me because I just recently started having jaw popping issues. When I eat anything and sometimes I won’t be able to open my mouth wide enough to eat a burger or sometimes even fit my spoon into my mouth. And it’s just recently started to be in pin from all of that. It’s really frustrating and I’m not sure what caused it to start happening because it’s only been going on for about a year now. But it sucks! I definitely think stress and jaw clenching have something to do with it though because I notice myself doing that a lot. Anyway I should probably get in to see a dentist soon! Thanks for sharing this!!! Glad you have people to take care of you through this hard time, hope your jaw is well soon!

  20. I’ve had TMJ in my jaw since I was little, but it is from Rheumatoid Arthritis. It has gotten worse as I have gotten older, and the clicking is really bad if I eat anything hard (like an apple!). Thanks for sharing this story, it makes us aware of how serious this can be. I hope you make a speedy recovery. I would love to know who your healing goes too. Have a great day!

    Alexis @

  21. I feel your pain, I had my surgery EXACTLY the same as yours, about 5 years ago, I had to laugh at the picture you posted and said this is what you look like, HAHA yes, I did too! I didn’t think I would ever look the same again. All I can say is it gets better, and hang in there, cause FUCK……you feel like death! xoxox

  22. Thank you so much for sharing this post, it really shows how we all have our own struggles and that in reality no one is perfect. I really hope your recovery will get easier and easier each day and wish you all the best x

  23. I have absolutely horrible TMJ and can only imagine what you’re going through! Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Sending you a virtual hug from CO, get well soon!

  24. Aww glad you’re doing okay, thanks for sharing this! I love to know the real stories of peoples lives. I would have never known that was ever an issue for you because you have such a beautiful smile! But that sounds so painful, I cant believe you lived with it for so long. Super scary though…there’s something I’ve been meaning to do for two years now too that I have been putting off and putting off…mostly because it doesn’t hurt yet, but it will in time. This kind of gives me the push to get it checked out. Hope your recovery keeps going well, and don’t worry if you don’t get to post often, we will all be here waiting for you when you do 😉

    x. Morgan /

  25. Thanks for sharing 🙂 I hope you feel better soon but I feel like pain usually precedes freedom from something. Glad you took the plunge and your quality of life (and Michael’s, hah!) will be better. More rest and peace which is how we were made to live. Anxiety and exhaustion are for the birds and life sucking not life giving. You’re still so beautiful even though I know you’re post surgery right now!

  26. OMG Lauryn that is terrible!! Sorry you are going through this. Wish you a very speedy recovery. Take care of yourself Xoxox

  27. I am so sorry you are having to go through this, Lauryn! My brother had the exact same surgery last August and it was sooooo rough! All blended meals… looked like he got in a bar fight… braces… none of it was fun, but all of it was worth it in the long! Hang in there! x

  28. My bf had jaw surgery years ago and had to have his jaw wired shut for 2 months! He said it was miserable! Hope you start feeling better soon and I def give you major props for still being on your blogging game! Xo

  29. I hope you feel better soon! My fiance broke his jaw and had it wired shut for about 1 month. He said it was the most painful thing ever. He survived off of naked drinks, protein shakes and blended mac and cheese haha.

  30. Lauryn!

    AHH this sounds so horrific but I am so so happy to hear you are doing better and recovery is going well!! I had to have pins put in my hand a few years ago and let’s just say bone pain = worst pain ever – can’t even describe it, i got violently and physically sick from the pain when the pain meds wore off – so I cannot even imagine what you are going through bc i had 2 pins in my hand it this was your FACE! ouchie mama!

    hang in there girl! its only going to get better each day 🙂 sending you lots of love and good recovery vibes!

    xx B

  31. Thank you for this post, Lauryn! My mom recently (we think), ruptured a disc in her neck. It has now progressed to even more intense pain in her jaw (which she’s had all her life too), and a nasty ear infection. She’s finally able to see a specialist about this to determine where the issue even began. I am definitely going to share this post with her!

  32. Thanks for sharing!!! I loved the realness of this post.. now I know what my friends and family members went through when they had this surgery. You picked the right time to do it and soon you’ll feel better forever!

  33. Lauryn,

    I totally know what you’re going through! I had jaw surgery in 10th grade and its not fun! Definitely don’t push yourself too hard and hate to say it but don’t expect the swelling to go down for awhile (like 3 months) I hope you feel better soon!!!


  34. Glad to hear you’re healing up! I have also struggled with teeth grinding and jaw clicking. Its crazy to hear your story and realize that I have the same problem. Get better soon!

    On a side note, I would love to read your story on getting a boob-job. I’ve always been interested in getting one myself!

  35. I also would love to hear about your boob job experience!! Thinking about this for myself and would love experienced advice!

  36. Not a boring post at all! When I’m stressed (or after drinking!!!) I clench my jaw while I’m sleeping and wake up with my mouth hurting and a huge headache (unrelated to a hangover). I kinda get how this could further your anxiety. Fortunately if I just remember to wear my retainer, I can’t clench my jaw.

    Thanks for doing this post! I’d love to hear about the boob job!

  37. I love how real you are. Keep your chin up! Every day it will get better and the outcome will surpass the pain you’re experiencing right now!! xo

  38. I can’t believe all you have been through. Hearing your experience is moving, I would love to hear more about your other past surgeries. Feel better!

  39. Wishing you speedy recovery! And yes, please do a boob job post! I’m been considering it for the past two years and would appreciate an honest review 🙂

  40. I wanted to wish you a speedy recovery!! And thanks for sharing this and keeping it real!! Much respect, well wishes, and hugs – Gina

  41. Lauryn, I wish you all the best in your recovery girl!
    I have been told I need the same surgery and I was scared AF so reading this has made me more comfortable with it while also scaring the shit out of me if that makes sense?
    PS about those teeny little clear braces you got – I want to ask my dentist about them! Do you know if they have a proper name? I live in Toronto so I don’t know if we’re cool enough yet..but it’s worth a try.
    Enjoy your juice, cuddles with your fur babies, and lots of deserved pampering xox

  42. This post could not have been more helpful. I’ve struggled with jaw issues since high school as well. I am a candidate for the surgery, but I’ve always been so scared about having it. I’ve gone through the braces thing, and it sucked. The pain and anxiety is getting more overwhelming, though, the older that I get. Your post made me feel a little bit better about having the surgery. I do have a question. How much did it change the shape of your face and the way you look? You may not even know the answer to this yet since you are still swollen. I’ve had two friends who have had the surgery, and it changed the way their face looked DRAMATICALLY. Granted, it was for the better, but that’s the number one issue for me.

    Thank you so much for sharing the parts of your life that are not always rainbows and butterflies. It’s real and helps others more than you’ll ever know.

  43. Sending lots of good vibes your way, Lauryn! You are such an inspiration. Thank you for being so raw and vulnerable for your readers. You’ve weathered a lot with this storm, but soon it will all be over! Your mindset and attitude about it are beautiful and will help with your recovery too!

    I would love to hear your bob job story!

  44. Thanks so much for sharing this! Sounds pretty horrific but also like it was 100% the right thing to do. I would LOVE to read a post on your boob job experience.

  45. My jaw is misaligned and clicks CONSTANTLY. The dentist hasn’t mentioned anything about surgery (yet) but good to know there are options for the aggravation it causes.

  46. Damnnnnnn you are a strong girl. We believe in you! I’ve had braces for a very long time–three or even four years! AWFUL.
    While I never got any surgery, I’ve dealt with many painful hospital procedures. It’s hard not being productive while knowing you need rest.

  47. That surgery sounds intense! Thanks for being so open and sharing with us. I wish you a speedy recovery and I hope you can get lots of rest in the meantime 🙂

  48. I had this exact surgery almost at 16. Best thing ever! Recovery is a long long road though, just rest and be patient 🙂

  49. Wow what a story- good your you for taking the plunge and having it corrected though! I’m sure it was scary but now your quality of life will be so much better! Thanks for sharing girl and wishing you a restful and quick recovery! XO

  50. You go, girl! My Mom had TMJ surgery when I was a teen, and she was stuck with braces for two years. This was before clear braces, so it was brutal. I know how you feel recovering from bone surgery, you don’t realize how important certain parts of your body are until you can’t use them at all! I had bone reconstruction done on my foot when I was 20 and had to spend 4 months on crutches which included my 21st birthday (whoo hoo). In the end, it was totally worth it! I hate feeling helpless though, I’d rather take care of people than be taken care of, so I tried to go back to LA after surgery and take care of myself. I couldn’t even go to the grocery store let alone drive properly, so I went back to SD to recover. Much needed! Glad you’re getting the help you need, you’ll feel good as new soon! Teeth and feet are totally different, but when you feel better after recovery, you realize how much you suffered before the surgery, you’ll feel like a new woman!

  51. I would love to hear about your boob job experience. I had mine done at the end of May, and I still have so many questions!!!

    Glad to hear you are doing well. Your positive attitude is such a great attribute!! I love your spirit

  52. Hey girly, I’m seriously sending you all of the healing vibes that I can muster. This type of procedure is no joke, and must have required MOUNTAINS of bravery on your part to undergo. I’m glad to hear you are pulling through, and it’s really inspirational in a lot of ways…because it makes you realize that you really can survive almost anything and time DOES heal most wounds.

    McBride Sisters Interview: On Wine, Following Your Dreams, and Being an Oprah Favorite!

  53. Lauren THIS is why you blog and are good at it.. You are so relatable and I am sure so many others will benefit from this post.

    Your surgery sounds awful (breaking your jaw bone :o??? ? and traumatic, so just look at this time as a time to rest and be mellow because its not too often that we get to do that.

    Random note: I love that Marshall´s bag from NYC that Micheal is carrying…NYC has THE best Marshall´s stores!


  54. First off, you should know you’re a very inspiring person considering you can being feeling like complete s#!+ and still make me crack up to myself. Also, I am wishing you all the best and hoping you get better soon and get those sexy braces off of you! Sure you still look beautiful, but I do hope that all the pain will soon subside.

    Mint chocolate chip ice cream, yeaaa good choice….


    Sarah | QueSarahSera

  55. This makes so much sense – I kept seeing frozen peas in your snaps and wasn’t sure if peas are the new kale or what. I hope you feel better ASAP!

  56. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I really appreciate your willingness to share the good and the bad, and I know myself and a lot of others appreciate the realness of your blog. Feel better soon! PS… I would love to read a post on your boob job. 😀

  57. Ahh I feel so bad for you! I had to get a bunch of dental stuff back in the day (bone graft/implant stuff) and I hated it! At least with like knee surgery you can crutch around, but when you can’t eat properly you just want to go back to normal ASAP and you can’t. Hang in there!

  58. So cool to see someone post on this. I had the exact same problems and the exact same surgery. It will be one year next week! Crazy how fast it went by. I had to have those god awful clear braces my last semester of college, and I would be lying if I said it didn’t put a damper on what should have been a badass time. The not being able to eat real food situation was brutal and post-surgery I felt like I looked like fat Ryan Reynolds from Just Friends…cute. BUT all in all, I don’t regret a thing. My life is 1,000,000 times better, and I feel like a new person. Cheers to the go go go young girls willing to slap some metal shit on their teeth to live the best life they can live! Hope you feel better soon!

    P.S.- heat feels amazing on your face too.

  59. Loved this post Lauryn! I also have an “edge to edge” bite and I can completely relate to the extreme grinding and constant discomfort, and I definitely find that I grind a lot more after a few glasses of wine — it always wakes my boyfriend up!
    I have been grinding so bad that I have actually chipped my molars….luckily I’m in school for dental so I can make myself night guards, but definately not my fav thing to wear at night.
    So happy that you finally had the chance to get this fixed; it’ll be SO worth it in the long run! dental pain is one of the worst pains that someone can go through..
    hopefully you have a fast and smooth recovery from here on out 🙂

  60. Hi lauryn! I just want to thank you sooooo very much for posting this! I’ve always had trouble with my jaw (clicking, very uncomfortable) and also upper neck neck pain and headaches, and never made the connection before this post! I’ve always thought it was just a pain I would have to deal with. I’m definitely visiting a dentist to see if it’s more serious! Thank you so much for being so candid, I really love and appreciate you sharing your story! Sending you good vibes during your recovery!

  61. Hope you feel better soon. I had jaw surgery about 5 years ago for an underbite and my mid line was off. I went through depression about two weeks after, but I got on the treadmill and just walked. It wasn’t much but it helped. Unfortunately my numbness did not heal. I have no feeling in my chin. It’s horrible at times with sharp pains. And it’s pretty embarassing when i eat and I can’t feel food on my chin and people have to tell me I do! Not totally sure it was worth it. At least I won’t choke on my food anymore because now my bite is aligned.

  62. This sounds terrible but I’m so happy that you are on the road to recovery and even though its painful it will be so much better when you are completely healed. I would also like to hear about your boob surgery. I plan on getting mine done before next summer and would love to here all about your experience.

  63. Hi Lauryn! I love your blog! I was in your exact situation almost 4 months ago. I had corrective jaw surgery on March 4, 2015…Holyyyyyyy. Shit. It was terrible times. I still have metal braces, numbness, and very slight discomfort. But my smile is legit! So much better and so so worth it. You can do this!!! It was literally probably the worst thing I’ve ever gone through but once you get over the first 30 days it does get extremely better. Just have patience and let your body heal. Eat what you can and know that soon you will be chewing again and eating will feel amazing! I suggest getting lots of pineapple to juice (great for healing in addition to tumeric) and Joint Juice (or something comparable) I swear the Joint Juice is like heaven sent. I also did as much hot Pilates and stretching as I could handle and It made a huge difference in the swelling. I looked like the Nutty Professor. My surgeon said no heat but my boyfriend got me a heating pad and I slept with it every night in addition to my hot workouts and the swelling and discomfort was much more manageable than with ice! Try heat! And my favorite thing to eat was pie smooshed up with ice cream! So so good 🙂 Also, this is nasty, but brush your tongue as soon as you can if you haven’t already. I got a tiny little kid Dora the Explora tooth brush but was afraid to open my mouth (it hurt a lot) to brush my tongue and this resulted in (and I am not joking) something known as Hairy Tongue (google it). Avoid this at all cost and shove that toothbrush in there and get your tongue realllllly good! So gross.
    You will be well soon! <3

    1. Heat sounds interesting!! Will you e-mail me the kind of heating pad you used? Also, I just bought a tongue cleaner for me and Michael because of you. THANK YOU. Looking in to Joint Juice and drinking pineapple juice with turmeric tomorrow morning (thanks to you). THANK YOU.

  64. Sending hugs and good juju! What an experience! I’ve had 3 heart surgeries and know the recovery process well. Next week I get my wisdom teeth out and I’m not looking forward to it. Stay strong, positive, and remember this whole ordeal will all be worth it in the end. You’ll be back to your active self in no time. xx

    1. WOW. Now that’s balls. I am so glad you’re ok. Sending you good vibes for your wisdom teeth surgery. xoxo

  65. Sending love and positive thoughts your way! When I went through surgery I ate tons of goat milk yogurt and whole foods chili when I craved protein. Seriously saviors.

    Also, I’d love to hear your boob job story..definitely something I’ve thought about!

    1. SUCH A GOOD TIP> going to buy goat milk yogurt tomorrow. Thanks Molly. And boob job story is in the works.

  66. Oh wow, that sounds really intense! I hope you recover quickly. I can relate – I had gum grafting done last month and it felt like I had been hit in the face with a brick for 3 weeks. Dreadful. But, the end result was worth it and it sounds like it will be for you too!!

  67. I seriously feel for you like super hard right now. I developed a case of the TMJ waaaaaaaaay back in the fourth grade. I woke up one night, my job popped, and it got locked for a few minutes before I finally unlocked it…and it was hell from thereafter. I got mouth guards, but it was ultimately braces that gave me relief from it, so I haven’t had to have any surgery.

  68. Welcome to the metal face club! I had the entire right side of my jaw replaced with a metal joint a couple of years ago and I promise you will feel nearly normal in 8 weeks, BUT until then you will be like a toddler, TAKE NAPS :). I got so frustrated and like you was so over liquids asap. I ended up eating a ton of scrambled egg whites and I really recommend that! I am sure you have received tons of advice but if you need anymore, or just want someone to say “gurl, I have been there,” I can say to you LITERALLY, “gurl I have been there.” I also really recommend Arnica, it helped tremendously with the bruising and even the swelling. Happy Thoughts from Texas!

    1. I FEEL LIKE A TODDLER. OMG. So right. I am like a little kid who throws fits. HAHA. My friend recommended Arnica and I’ve been reallyyyyyy using it. Thanks for the tips babe. x

  69. I had jaw surgery in high school! Terrible underbite! It was at the time the movie The Nutty Professor came out, and I looked just like him! So swollen and black and blue from my jaw thru my chest! Couldn’t eat real food for a couple months! Best and worst thing to experience!

  70. I know you are in pain now, but this is totally worth it. I had double jaw surgery at 16. The had to break my top jaw and move my bottom jaw out to line up with my top teeth. I also had to have a piece of bone inserted where my chin should have been (I had the skin, but no bone there), so I also have wires and screws all over my jaw. I had problems very similar to yours, but I think the procedure must be better now than it was 30 years ago. I had to wear braces for 2 years before and a year after, and they used metal wires to hold my braces together for the first 6 weeks after surgery. You will be amazed at what you are willing to put in the blender when you get hungry enough. I was exhausted and very cranky the first month or so after the surgery, but this is hands down the best thing I have ever done for myself. Listen to your body and take it easy while you heal. My prayers will be with you as you recover.

  71. Sending you healing thoughts for a successful recovery! Very scary and the older we get the more we are aware of everything, Time to take “ME” time and give yourself a break from what you do, Everything awaits you but your health should always be the priority, Pressing Pause is a positive thing, LOVE and HEALTHY WISHES YOUR WAY, ROBYN


    1. He feels much better now but does have small area on his chin that lost feeling.
      Sending love/ quick recovery vibes your way!

  73. Jay Robb vanilla egg white protein powder is amazing in smoothies with greens and will help you get extra protein! I’d cut out any wheat/gluten and dairy products, it’ll help you have less inflammation and congestion 🙂

  74. I have read your blog since high school ( now 24). I have always found it a go to for advice but have never actually left a comment. I appreciate the life is not always perfect post so much. The blogging world doesn’t always appear realistic. So so glad to hear the real side of things. Feel better ❤️

    1. Wow! That’s so cool you commented : ). I am glad I can be someone who says ‘BLOGGERS ARE NOT PERFECT.’ We all have things. This is one of my things. I have a shitload of baggage but I just that’s what makes me ME : )

  75. Lauryn I’m struggling to see the screen because I’m crying… Thank you so so much for sharing your story. My husband is going to be having corrective jaw surgery in the fall and is really scared about it (though he’d never admit it). He’s had to have old-school braces for two years now to prepare. I’ve been so worried about how I will care for him, and I feel relieved to now have an idea of what to get ourselves ready for. I may also be heading down that road eventually as well, as I also have severe TMJ and neck problems. Your honesty really means a lot, and now I don’t feel so isolated. Thank you also for sharing your San Diego doctors and specialists – I plan on reaching out to them like ASAP. Sending you get-well wishes!! I hope this finally gives you the relief you deserve! xo

    (PS — I totally also had a boob job and would love to hear your take on it! That was a b*tch of a recovery for me)

    1. Your husband will be FINE!!! E-mail me if you have questions. I loved my surgeon. Also, a boob job post is definitely in the works for you guys.

  76. You are AMAZING! Surgery is scary! It seems like you’re dealing with it extremely well!
    A friend of mine had it and she seemed to heal in no time! She drank a LOT of smoothies too, and jello, at one point her mom made cooked dinner (like turkey, gravy, veggies, etc, big old fashioned fam dinner kind of thing, we call it cooked dinner here) and blended it up into a smoothie so she could have some! Not sure how appetizing it was. But she did it!
    You so what you gotta do!

    This post made me finally get the strength up to get a septoplasty that I’ve been needing to get. (I broke my nose when I was 6, and for the past 20 years my nose has been crooked and breathing troubles)
    You’re great for posting about this!

  77. Holy Sh!t what an intense experience! Bravo to being brave and timing finally being right so you could focus on taking care of YOU! Dinner at trilogy with Jamison and I once you are fully recovered. Xo-Kat

  78. I’m so glad you posted about this! I need to same surgery! I was going to go thru with it a few years ago and even had the braces for 6 months, but I got freaked out as the surgery drew closer and was worried that it would mess up the way I look already (plus having adult braces sucked!). My jaw still kills me, but I’m worried my doctor would mess it up or something. How did you know your doctor knew was he was doing and was good?

    1. I extensively researched him, met with him, & when you meet someone you click with, it just sort of works. My doctor is/was awesome! I definitely recommend doing a lot of research : ) x

    2. I researched and met with him and we just clicked! I would definitely do extensive research and I haven’t regretted it for a second. LMK if you have questions. Just e-mail me : ) x

  79. Thank you for being so candid. I’m so sorry for everything you had to go through; you are very strong. I can’t wait for you to feel better!

  80. You’re such a tough cookie! And you’re so lucky you have Michael and the pups by your side through the pain! Sending recovery vibes your way! xo

  81. Thanks for sharing this! I’m getting the same surgery next year, only I have a severe underbite. Even though it’s so far out, I’m really nervous!

    1. Don’t be nervous. The surgery itself isn’t bad!! I’ll do a follow up post with tips & tricks for recovery. Good luck, Nicole!

  82. Sending you lots of love! I had chin surgery two years ago and I lost so much weight like 10 lbs. it was really scary but I just kept adding peanut butter and almond butter to all my smoothies which helped me put on weight and made my smoothies exxtrraa tasty! I also spent a lot of time with friends and family who could stand staring at my botched face and doing crafts at home to kill the time! Lots of love and feel better soon xo C

    1. Ahhh. That sounds intense. You sound just like me : ). I am trying to just lay low. It’s hard though! Glad you’re healed up, lady.

  83. I have TMJ too! I got it after braces, my jaw locked up one time in high school eating an apple :/ had cortisone and PT. to this day it still click and pops any time I eat. Just talking about it my jaw clenches up and tightens. And I clench when I dance, which is all the time. Good to know that it was worth it for you to have surgery. That’s for the post!

  84. Sorry I can’t figure out how to email you…but here is the link to the heating pad my boyfriend bought me. It is a moist/dry one, I preferred moist heat because my skin was so sensitive. Soak some towels in warm water with eucalyptus essential oil this will help if your nose is all stuffy (mine was I felt like I couldn’t breath for like a month) and it is soothing. Warm the towels up in the microwave then put the towels on your jaw or face use your jaw bra to secure it if they gave you one if not you can use bandages to secure the towels and heating pad. Put the heating pad over the towels and keep the heat on whatever setting feels good for you probably not too crazy hot at first. This was the only way I got some sleep the heat at night worked better for me instead of ice. You’ll also be getting weird pins and needles sensations when your nerves start to wake up and the heat helped me with that also. And also I’m not a doctor and I am normally not about taking pharmaceuticals but my surgeon prescribed me a very low dose of Xanax to help me get some sleep and relax a bit. Totally up to you but this really helped me when I thought I would never sleep well again. I sleep totally fine now but the first couple months were hard. And I forgot in my last post to mention the skin issues! I also had awful breakouts starting like literally the minute I woke up from the surgery. My skin was so stretched out from the swelling and whatever the hell the do to you during the surgery. It was dry and nasty. I know everyone’s skin is different but in addition to my usual coconut oil slathering I bought some 12,000 IU vitamin E cream the brand I bought was derma e and I got it at whole foods. Really helped out my skin.

    Sorry for the crazy long post but I know exactly how you are feeling! I hope you find some relief!

    Heating pad link:

  85. Wow! I always wonder if I’m the only one that had thus similar surgery done later in like. Three years ago, well seven yearsxago inimbarked on a similar journey. Three years ago I had my surgery and just this past Monday had, hopefully, the last of my surgeries.
    If you have questions or anything I can help with I’m happy to answer. It was the best, hardest thing I’ve ever done but my life is much better for it!

    Best wishes.

  86. I never comment, but am a loyal reader and totally relate to this so hi for the first time. 🙂
    I wanted to share: I was told I was a candidate for jaw surgery about a year ago and had mostly mentally prepared, then recently saw a different orthodontist who suggested we try correcting my bite with Invisalign. I’m terrified of surgery so I figured I would try this route first, but I love that you wrote about your experience. I also had those clear braces as a teenager and have been dealing with almost identical issues my whole life. Then I noticed you had your surgery on my birthday so I took that as a pretty definite sign that I should reach out and send you good vibes. Keep your head up. <3

  87. Lauryn, I met you back in Austin at the Blo Event. I was there with two girls who were the first to get their hair done and then came back again with my friend who came in late. You said I looked like a kardashian, lol. Anyways, I don’t know if you remember me or not, but I understand what you are going through. The girls I came in with were dentists and I am an assistant. I have lots of advice on what you experienced and why because I know (from experience) when we have patients come in and they nod their head and understand everything but then as soon as the dentist leaves the room…look at us like what did they just say…translate? Anyway, I know you can always google, but fyi…a couple tips…it is never good to chew gum. It aggravates those tmj muscles. Two I would still get a night guard, unless you are for sure never going to grind again..because the clench, the grind (me, guilty also) can really agitate several muscles in the face and jaw leading to headaches, jaw pain, jaw clicking, ear pain. They are all connected. The paresthesia (numbness) on your face is supposed to go away. Sometimes it can take up to 6 months….I can go on and on..if your interested email me…one last tidit: NO! to floss sticks. Dentist kinda smile and say well at least they are trying..ya gotta get the real floss stuff once you are able to open your jaw enough…I really hope you have a speedy recovery. It sounds like you have got the perfect bunch watching over you. Let me know if you have questions. I hope you get well soon lady!

  88. Get well soon! Sending you so many good vibes. I’ve been in need of this surgery for years so this post was really enlightening for me. Would also love to hear about your boob job been contemplating it for a long time. Thank you for sharing and get well soon xoxo Nicole

  89. Get well soon Lauryn!! Very interesting post! I was also told I need this type of surgery years ago, (by 2 dentists) and blew it off because it sounds terrible. It doesn’t bother me much, I just clench my jaw a lot and have to be really aware that I hold my tension there. Stupid as this sounds, it never occurred to me that this is why I clench! So thank you for the info. Also u would love to here the
    Boob job experience. I am surprised you didn’t say you’d had a nose job honestly, you haves great nose! Good genes I guess! Heal up missy! Xo

    1. Thank you! You should look in to it if you you’re clenching your jaw : ).

      Only plastic surgery I’ve ever had is on my boobs. I’ll do a post on the experience.

      No nose job!! I guess I should take that as a compliment though? Hahah! Thanks for the well wishes Rachel! xo

  90. I also had jae surgery. I recommend guacamole, smashed beans, and eggs. Whole foods mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy, too. Good luck.

  91. Omg! So intense! You will get through this!! Quick recovery! Would love to hear about your boob jon for sure!

  92. You will feel sooo much better soon. When I had nasal surgery last winter and my whole face was out of commission, I lived on homemade chicken noodle soup – you can make it really easily with broth, spices, rotisserie chicken and loads of veggies. My doctor (and my mom!) recommended it and I honestly chalk my fast recovery up to that stuff! Even if you don’t love chicken (or noodles), you need your strength and this will seriously help. You might also want to look into arnica (if you haven’t already). My surgeon recommended it and I took little capsules 3 times a day to reduce swelling. Thinking of you!!

  93. Awww, this sounds (and looks) so freaking painful, I’m so sorry you had to go through this. I hope you get better soon!! Your transparency in your blog is truly inspiring and I’m so happy you shared your story. I hope you continue to feel relief in your jaw and neck and that your anxiety continues to decrease.

  94. Hey L! Not usually a commenter but I hope that you are doing ok. I had a horrible experience with my wisdom teeth, I couldn’t get out of bed for almost two weeks I was so nauseous. Obviously not the same but it was worth it since my infections went away. I hope you recover as quick as possible. 🙂

  95. Lauryn- sending you so much good vibes from Northern California down to Southern. . It’s amazing that you tackled this head on, and although the next few weeks will be tough – each day will be easier and easier! I know this sounds totally lame and crazy, but there’s something so healing about animals!!! So spend so much QT hugging those sweet pups ( Michael too, I suppose 😉 ) and enjoy the downtime while you have it! I also love how raw you are – it constantly reiterates why TSC and the community you created is my hands down favourite! Also, this post can help people if they notice that something just isn’t right. PS – I am the same way about IVs! So scary to me too which is weird bc I have tattoos? I don’t know but they creep me out!!!

    Anyways this all reminded me of something I read from Humans From NY that I think you will enjoy:
    “When a wave comes, go deep.
    There’s three things you can do when life sends a wave at you. You can run from it, but then it’s going to catch up and knock you down. You can also fall back on your ego and try to stand your ground, but then it’s still going to clobber you. Or you can use it as an opportunity to go deep, and transform yourself to match the circumstances. And that’s how you get through the wave.”

    Get well soon, Lauryn! ❤️

  96. Yes please take the nose job comment as a compliment! I realize thy may have sounded strange… I meant it as in, you have beautiful features, not like you look like you have a fake nose. Ha! Anyway props for continuing to blog through all of this! Your readers truly appreciate you!!

  97. Okay, might sound weird but i love to know all about your boob job. I mean, i was always jealous and obsessing over your skinny body and Beautiful, full breasts (i’m sorry kinda weird iknow) so PLEASE tell me.

    And, i could Totally identify myself with your jaw issues since i got them myself after i was a victim of violence and they almost broke my jaw so its Nice to know there are more people like you and me who got this awful problem.
    You’re the best and i hope you get Well soon! xxxx

  98. Feel better soon, Lauryn – as difficult as this time is, you will emerge healthier and stronger than ever! I had emergency oral surgery when I was 21 ( a cyst was removed from my lower jaw). If a dentist had not caught it on an xray, my jaw would have eventually snapped in half! Yes the recovery was rough but all went well. Love your posts – I always learn something new and they bring a smile to my face!

  99. I would absolutely love/appreciate a post on your boob job! Personally been thinking about getting one once my weight loss goals are achieved. Thanks!!

  100. I am sure this was a tough post to write, but it’s so awesome that you did! To whom much is given, much is expected and if you can help someone take charge and face a health challenge head on, well then that’s just fabulous! Get better soon!


  101. Oh no, wishing you the best in your recovery! Surgeries are the worst, when my Mom had breast cancer she had so many of them but we always took great care of her afterwords, I know she appreciated it! I’m so glad you have people who take such great care of you too!! And always ever chic, even post-surgery, loving the robe! Hoping you’ll feel better soon! xx

  102. Such a timely post. I’m recovering from breast reduction surgery. I also had a fainting episode. I even had to go back in for an additional surgery to have hematoma so removed. I was so scared, but now I’m so happy I did it! I’m trying to channel that positive feeling bc I also have really bad TMJ. Is all of the metal in you jaw permanent??? Thanks for sharing and I’d love to read any updates. The surgery sounds so gnarly, but also so worth it.

  103. You are so brave Lauryn! Not only to finally get this surgery finally done, but to post about it! Right now when you should be resting, you still find time to post for us. Thank you for sharing, I really hope your recovery is a speedy one! xoxoxo

  104. Hi Lauryn! Hope you are feeling better. I need jaw reconstructive surgery so seeing it play out in front of me is kind of scary, but I’m glad you openly spoke about it. Random question, the photo that you have posted at the top of this post; is that a stock photo or one you took?

    1. Thank you so much! This is a photo of me, not a stock photo : ). You’re welcome to use it just credit TSC! x

  105. Thank you so much for this post! I’ve been dealing with the same issues for 10 years, I never really thought about the fact that my constant anxiety could be a result of the jaw clenching… I always thought I just clenched because I was anxietal… Mind blown! Schedualing an appoinment to see what my options are asap. I have it all, the overbite, jaw popping and teeth worn down from grinding etc. hope you have a fast recovery

  106. Glad you are recovering well. It’ll take time, but it will get better…
    I would be interested in a post on your breast implants.

  107. Thank you for being so open and sharing your story. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Sending you good thoughts and well wishes from Seattle. XO

  108. Lauryn,

    Could you do a post about your boob job please? Interested in learning how you found your doctor, what was right for you and why, etc. Thanks in advance girl!

  109. I hope you are continuing to recover well! A question – are you concerned about the jaw surgery changing the way you look? I have a crossbite which causes a lot of jaw pain, teeth grinding, headaches, etc. and this kind of jaw surgery was recommended as a treatment option by my orthodontist. However, they cautioned me that reconstructing the jaw could seriously alter the way you look (and I don’t mean in a messed up/surgery gone wrong type of way – just that you will look *different* b/c your bone structure will be changed). Anyway, I was turned off by that prospect, so would love to hear if that was something you considered. xoxo

  110. Thank you for sharing your experience! I hope you have a speedy recovery. I’m glad you shared this because I have been a candidate for this exact procedure but have been holding off. It’s really eye opening to see this from someone’s actual experience vs some dentist/specialist talk. I would love to hear about your boob job experience too.

    Wishing you the best!

  111. Oh lordy… I had this same exact surgery done when I was 19 but I had the opposite problem. I had a severe underbite that started growing when I was in middle school and didn’t stop until I was out of high school. My dentists and orthodontists were constantly telling me about how when I get older how having an underbite would give me migraines, make me grind my teeth, etc.
    I had to get braces twice (once in high school and the lovely metal ones you talked about when I was in college, attractive..) and I had to get my wisdom teeth removed. They broke my jaw, moved bones around and out, and I am now all screwed back together. They actually had to screw medical devices to my face for the surgery.
    I definitely agree with you that the first week is the worst. I threw up blood in the hospital (which is disgusting when you figure that your mouth is banded shut) and every time I tried to have some form of liquids or liquid vitamins it just all came back up. I eventually just started living on scrambled eggs. It took my body a while to adjust and about three – four months to fully heal.
    Of course it was only after having the surgery that they told me that it’s one of the most intense surgeries you could have. But having the surgery definitely was worth it and changed my life for the better.
    I wish you all the best in your recovery and I hope that the process is an easy one. Having family and loved ones around to take care of you and support you helps tons. <3 xxoo

  112. Hi Lauryn! I love it when you do posts like this. Of course, I enjoy the glam ones as well but I just find it so refreshing when an inspiring and cool person such as yourself opens up and shows her more vulnerable side. I’m a lifestyle blogger as well and it can be easy to fall into the trap of just showing the perfectly airbrushed and edited parts of our lives but that can sometimes make others feel like they just don’t measure up. Of course, I focus mostly on inspiring posts but “real” posts that show what life is really about sometimes allows us to feel connected rather than separate and you get that reassurance that we are go through difficult moments as well as amazing ones. Thanks for your honesty and authenticity. Keep up the great work!

  113. Thank you for this post. It makes me feel there’s hope that my jaw will stop clenching someday. (I have had TMJ for 7 years now) Please update it us on your experience and how you feel with your jaw again soon.

  114. Thank you for sharing! I’ve had TMJ my whole life, as well as tons of dental work when I was younger because my mouth was so small. I also have bad anxiety, and didn’t realize how the two could be so connected. Whenever I am stressed or anxious my jaw is so sore from grinding my teeth and clenching it. Get well soon!

  115. Lauryn,

    Are you familiar with ‘The Alexander Technique?’
    It is essentially a system of movement that focuses on total body alignment. You work with a specialist to slowly, over time, using nuanced touch become more balanced in even simple acts like sitting and standing. It has been known to correct tmj- but it could really help you with finding your way into total alignment as you settle into your new mouth.

    1. I’ve heard about this!! Can you e-mail me? Would love to learn more!!

  116. Loved your article. Interesting to hear the progression of your clicking, pain, grinding and clenching. My son used to grind quite a bit and had a mouth guard made when he was a teen. I was sort thinking I beat it..when this year, my jaw clicked out of place and hasn’t been the same since. They said I was clenching. Then going to get my teeth cleaned made it way worse. Nobody should get there teeth cleaned when the are having the clicking and pain, it exasterbates the situation. Went to pays. therapy…didn’t help. Got an MRI and it showed that the condyle had slipped forward and would not re-position, plus it was shattered. Basically it would never heal, but scar tissue would act as another condyle eventually. Made me sad to thing I could never open my mouth all the way to yawn…and etc. Went on YT and this one women wrote about a behavior mod idea where she would put her tongue between her teeth and would sleep with her mouth open on purpose. Been trying it and it has made me much more conscious of when I clench. Jaw is actually hurting less and I can open a bit more. This took over 8 months to get a bit better. Been told that the jaw surgery is the last resort and that it can make matters a lot worse. Dated a craniofacial surgeon for eight years and used to watch many of his operations. The jaw surgery, he would say, was very simple, basically cut and splice. Much easier than making an eyeball and orbit etc. Did it change your face structure at all? BY the way….your dad was one of my favorite peeps in high school. He is still one of the nicest guys around. You are a very lucky young lady…and very talented. Congrats on your blog…and good luck on the wedding. I am getting married too on September 6th…when is yours? Susan

    1. Wow Susan! This post is awesome. I’m happy to answer any questions via email. Send them my way. My dad is the sweetest! So cool you guys went to high school together. Congrats on your engagement. Where are you getting married?

  117. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am going through such a tough spot in my life right now, and have some unsolved health issues, and this post was so inspiring. I hope you’re feeling so much better. Sending good vibes, love!

  118. I had this surgery about 9 years ago. It was an incredibly long process, but so worth it. The total recovery time for me was two years. I felt back to normal in about 6 months, but I could still tell I was slightly swollen in certain places for 2 years! No one else noticed except the surgeon and myself so it wasn’t that big of a deal. I was very weak after and just stayed in bed. My muscles started to atrophy a bit and it took awhile for me to feel strong again. Pilates helped tremendously and I didn’t do it before the surgery, so you if already work out, you should be fine. I honestly think this surgery is the best so-called plastic surgery. I look so much better now AND my teeth and jaw are healthy. Plus my xrays look like the terminator!

  119. Lauryn – thank you so much for posting this! It was actually super interesting and I have to say…I’m super curious to see how you look with the braces on! I just moved back to the US from Europe and I can definitely attest to the fact that braces are “cool” over there! 😉

    Take care and hope your hunger subsides somehow….xo!

  120. I’m happy to see you’re almost on the other side of this. I’m considering getting a boob job within the next year so I would LOVE to hear how yours went and get any tips/good info to know before getting one myself =)

  121. The subject of boobs is very compelling and would like to point everyone to a blog post I wrote a few days ago about my own personal adventure with the event of acquiring the cleavage.
    I can’t wait for THIS blog and all the wonderful insights I’m sure we will receive from “The Skinny” but here is my thoughts if want to read them.

  122. I also would love to see a post on your boob job. Now that my son is weaning from breastfeeding and I’m seeing just how saggy my breasts are now that they’re no longer full of milk, I think I’m gonna need a reduction or some kind of augmentation to lift them again. After we’re done having kids, of course. This one’s our first, probably of 3 or 4. And if the first one is leaving my body this saggy… I’m gonna look awful by #3.

    1. Hi! There’s a post live all about it. See here:

  123. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this post. I am 11 days post op after having double jaw surgery as well. I definitely wasn’t as prepared as I wish I would’ve been. I consider myself pretty bad ass pain wise and I thought I could handle it but this has definitely been one of the most challenging things I’ve ever been through. I just want a fucking hamburger! I’m so tired of soup and smoothies and milkshakes. Yesterday I was very optimistic but today I just felt like shit and your post gave me a little confidence boost so just wanted to say thanks and I can’t wait till I’m ien the other side of all this!

  124. I also really need corrective surgery on my jaw…but I’m really poor. My teeth are very crooked complete with over bite, wisdom teeth grown in sideways, and an extremely off center bite. :/ I’ve been self-concious about it for years. Plus my jaw always hurts and causes frequent headaches.

  125. So nice to read about someone else who has had corrective jaw surgery. Hard to explain to people what its all about. Man was that a whirlwind, I had mine in my senior year of high school and boy do my prom pictures look…puffy. One of the craziest thing to go through, who knew my mom would ever have to bath me again. My favorite part nowadays is when you go through the new security machines at the airport and they tap the back of my head wondering if i have any metal hiding in my hair.

  126. omg thank you thank you for posting this! I think I might need to have jaw surgery and I’m absolutely dreading it. I don’t know if there is ever going to be a good time for me to do it. I basically have PTSD from having braces as a child and I am cringing at the thought of having to relive it.
    Is there any way you could post a picture or send me a picture of what the clear braces you wore for the year looked like? I tried looking through your instagram but couldn’t find anything. Were you less confident when you had to wear them?
    Any advice would be super helpful.

    Thanks again!!

  127. Thank you for sharing this experience! I recently had the misfortune of having to under a pretty intense surgical procedure. I had to undergo some reconstructive surgery in order to correct a severe trauma. The whole process leading up to the surgery was traumatic for obvious reasons. I don’t want to go into too much detail but during my surgery, my team used a FAW blanket and it helped so much with my post surgical recovery. I credit my super quick recovery to the blanket. Here are some facts about the system

  128. This is what I had done! I only had to have my top done though. I had an under bite and my teeth weren’t wide enough to line up with the bottom. They had to split my top palate in half and widen it and move it forward. I still grind my teeth and I hate wearing my night guard so when my neck pain gets too much to deal with I’ll wear it for a couple of nights until the neck pain and headaches go away. I was 20 when I had mine done. I’m 35 now. I had had braces for 2 years and had them on for another 6 months after the surgery. I also got wired shut for 3 weeks after surgery and then they removed the wires and I still had this plastic brace for the roof of my mouth that was wired to my braces for another 3 weeks after that. I had to do jaw exercises to get my mouth to where I could open it fully. I think I lost 22 pounds after it was all said and done. My jaw still makes noises when I move it, but it’s nothing like it was pre-surgery. As far as the swelling, it does take a long time for your face to go back to what is normal. My aunt and friends didn’t know who I was after my surgery because my face was so different and swollen for so long. I was so scared after mine that I would never look the same again, but I finally did. My ex-boyfriend calls me Terminator face because of the screws and plates in my face. You can feel mine through my skin. It’s so freaky, but a great party trick! Ha! I look forward to another update from you on your progress. You’re the 3rd person that I’ve ever known who’s gotten this surgery too. I feel like we’re now kindred spirits. 🙂

  129. Hi Lauryn!

    I absolutely love your site, and am truly so happy knowing that you are have fixed your jaw malocclusion and have experienced a new light to life! I currently have a class 3 malocclusion and for the longest time I had thought that jaw-surgery was my only option and I was considering it too, but the risks were too much to expose myself to. I discovered Dr. Sam Muslin recently, who has developed and has patented a new technology he uses to fix malocclusions non-surgically. I want to rid myself of all the problems my jaw growth has caused, and have started a Go-Fund-Me ( I feel that you have created this community around you that supported you on your journey, and I am now typing this email to kindly request if, from one woman who knows how important this change is, to another, you can help support me also. Whether that support comes from donating, or sharing my story, I would, from the bottom of my heart, truly appreciate it!

    Thank you so much! <3

  130. Lauryn! I just stumbled across your blog and spent the last 45 mins reading post after post. I never comment on blogs, but I just had to say that I’m in love! Your writing style is awesome and your blog somehow feels like a friend with that same crazy, slightly (ok sometimes) very inappropriate humor 🙂 love it!

    Ps I’m glad you feel better and more balanced after your surgery! Sounds like a rough ride… Hope the swelling goes down and the feeling comes back soon!

  131. Thanks for sharing your experience with us … I decided to go for my first botox injection. I have decided to stay away from botox party or med spas. I am going to the best plastic surgeon or dermatologist. I wonder which one is better.

  132. This post has me thinking a lot! I’m having a real hard time working at a desk because my neck and shoulders are always to tense and stiff. I had a physiotherapist tell me it was all stemming from my jaw which I thought was odd. I sometimes catch myself intensely clenching my jaw. I am also constantly correcting my posture and I have a but of an underbite I am working on – had a terrible retainer when I was younger for it! I wonder if these issues are all from my jaw… I should probably get this checked out! Thanks xo

  133. hey laryn, i’ve recently had double jaw surgery in the uk, i’m 21 super healthy and active and wanted to pick your brain in regards to the infection and having your plate removed ? i have been super paranoid about everything, its been six weeks now and im still swollen, i am having an MLD massage tommorow but i’m really scared i may have an infected side too.. did you have any tell tale signs that you did? i’m really struggling with staying in doors and recovering because like you i a very outgoing person and this whole thing has been absolout hell..after waiting years for this surgery i’m relived its over but the whole journey has been exhausting and i’m hoping you could shed a little light for me.
    best regards

    1. Hi Molly, I recently had surgery too (three weeks ago) and have also been super paranoid about everything. I am so frustrated as I don’t feel like I have any energy and get tired over the smallest things.
      I did develop an infection last week. There was pus coming from the gum line and the left side of my face swelled up after it had already come down somewhat. Been on antibiotics for the past week. Saw my surgeon today and he said they would go back in and take the plates out once the bones have healed. Why do you think you may have an infection?

  134. I had been wanting to read this post and how ironic it’s the anniversary date of this incredibly painful looking surgery that I do. The photo at the end of all the metal… I’m blown away! Thank you for sharing your experience and the words of encouragement at the end. Being in a low season right now it’s comforting to read it will all pass. This is one hell of a post/experience!

  135. Cannot tell you how much I appreciate your honesty, from talking about your surgeries, to “the blogger facade,” to anxiety. You are a knockout, and your honesty makes you even more so! On another note, I have to get a similar surgery and a friend who also got this surgery told me to read your blog…thank goodness I did!! Thank you so much!!!

  136. Hey this is funny , i have the EXACT same symptons you had previously , i’m gonna get this done in 2017 and wanted to ask you a couple of questions.

    1) How long does the metal have to stay in your jaw?
    2) How long would you say it took you until your jaw was functioning normally ( or enough to eat )?

    I might have more questions as the time goes, a little worried about this , but it’s a must ,constant jaw pain for life is’t exactly a favorable option either

  137. Hi Lauryn! I have a scheduled jaw surgery next month (not exactly the same as yours, they’re actually moving my jaw back further on both sides), but I’m currently in constant pain as I await my surgery. I’m on pain killers in the evening, but try to do things the natural there anything that really helped you with the pain before/after your surgery that you would recommend? I remember seeing you had something like an ice roller that I’ve been trying to find mentioned somewhere on your blog, but can’t seem to find it. Are you able to tell me what that product was? Any tips you have would be amazing. thanks and hope you are feeling better! xo

  138. I have been battling this my entire life. Jaw clenching, grinding, uneven bite, horrible TMJ, extreme pain, clicking, tension, severe anxiety… My story is almost the same as yours…Starting at age 13. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and especially for saying that it is worth it. I have been trying to make a decision on if this would be right for me for a long time. Thank you for giving a full perspective on it. Will you please update on your progress?

  139. Reading this post was just what I needed right now. I am 5 weeks post op lower jaw surgery so it is nice to read about another persons experience. This is one of the hardest things I have been through, and not for the reasons I expected! I am really over the constant pain and swelling and I am HANGRY!!!! The thought of drinking another smoothie or juice makes me sick. I can’t wait to eat something real. How long until you were able to chew even soft foods? Do you have any tips on what savory foods or drinks to have? I am really over sweet things like ice cream and pudding!
    Thanks 🙂

  140. I’ve been doing alot of research on jaw surgery and came across your blog. I’m booked in to have lower jaw surgery along with a rhinoplasty at the same time. I was hoping to see a before and after photo or time line of your surgery experience if you have any tips for before and after surgery that would be great. Trying to clam my nerves and go into this strong minded. =)

  141. I am just now seeing this for some reason and this is the biggest relief ever. I’ve had TMJ, neck pain, jaw clicking, and that annoying feeling like my teeth never line up.. (and then more anxiety from that!!). I’m so thankful for this post! I’m going to email you for more info if that’s ok! Xx

  142. I actually just had a double jaw surgery about 2 weeks ago. Recovery is KILLER. Was not prepared for the emotional strain it would have on me. Are you happy with your results now?

  143. Hi Lauryn,

    I don’t know if I am being stupid but could you please send me your email!

    I have been to the hospital as I think I am having double jaw correction surgery and would love some more info!!

  144. I know this comment is significantly later than when you originally wrote the post, but I just found this blog today! I’m have the same surgery done in 3 weeks and I too, am more nervous for the IV and pre-op blood work than I am the surgery (so, you’re not the only weirdo out there:P) I’m really looking forward to have the constant pain in my jaw dissipated and have a straight smile with a jaw that actually fits together properly and allows me to chew. 🙂
    Any recommendations for ensuring I get the protein and nutrients that I need during the pure liquid diet portion? I know I can use protein powder and what not, but I was just wondering if you any extra tips! Looks like Christmas dinner this year may consist of lots of mashes veggies smothered in gravy ! haha
    Thanks 🙂

  145. You are awesome for posting this! I’m just back from 16 hours at the hospital with my fiancé who just had a lefort done on his upper jaw. He also looks like the sloth (lol). I was serching for an ice mask and your post came up. Loved your tips about the turmeric and some of the details about recovery. It’s going to be a bitch I know it. But I’m also so happy to hear all the little details of things it’s helped you with i.e. Feeling balanced, and helping anxiety. Men don’t typically talk this way, especially not my tough military man. So glad it helped you in so many ways. Looks like you had this done a while back. I’d love to hear more about the trouble you had with looking different if you’re interested in sharing. My fiancé supper jaw moved forward about 9-10 cm which HAS to impact his appearance. Anyway, I’m off to buy this ice mask for him. Hoping you’re 100% past this by now!!

  146. Would you still recommend jaw surgery? And if so, how long would you recommend for recovery?

  147. HI Lauryn,
    I loved this post, I am currently bed-bound (ish) with a broken leg, mind you – normally I run, walk jump and pretty much work out and am active every singe day of my life and now I am in a cast for the TBC duration.
    I am not going to lie – I am very down and upset over it, and have spent a good 10 minutes daily in tears ( I am currently in summer time – on leave & on holidays from work – oh the irony)..
    However, after reading this post & also Michael’s post on Mental Toughness I must admit I feel a lot better about the situation. While it still royally sucks to have my holidays ruined – I know this state is not permanent and I am trying to re-evaluate and re-focus on my fitness and nutrition for when I am back into the swing of things..
    I know this too shall pass and your honest post has really drilled that in hard core.. So thank you xx
    Love from Sydney – Daria xxx

  148. Hi Lauryn,

    I came across your post and it really helped me to connect some pieces together with my own long personal battle with TMJ/jaw problems and I am now seriously considering orthognatic surgery as a real solution thanks to your story. I have a few questions regarding your post surgery prognosis. You mentioned that you were cracking your neck all the time and after the surgery this has stopped completely – is this still the case? Also, do you feel any more stiffness/pain in your jaw at all or has that gone away completely as well? And finally from a cosmetic standpoint, how would you describe the physical changes in your facial appearance post recovery?

    Thank you so much for sharing such a personal story.

    – CeeCee

  149. So happy I found your blog even if this is from a while ago, your post made me laugh… and cry at the fact that I’m going through the same thing right now! I was wondering WHYYYY I have so many pimples popping up on my forehead haha so I’m glad to hear this is normal for post surgery? I also had an extreme overbite, but not quite the 2cm that you had… they only have to move my lower jaw thankfully. Though I got an infection after the first week and swelled right back up again, I’m on week 2 (going on week 3 woohoo!) and on medication for that and I’ve noticed how much my neck feels different like I don’t need to crack it anymore… but it’s weird because the muscles around my throat area of my neck are like super sore. I’m hoping to check out some of your recipes because I am freaakiinng starving. 4 more weeks until chewing hopefully!!

  150. Hi Lauryn!
    I’m considering Jaw surgery but I’m dreading the braces part of it. I had braces before and my teeth are perfectly straight but I have jaw issues. Did you only need braces for one month before surgery? You said in ur article that u got metal braces one month prior to surgery. What did you have before that? Any information about the braces part of it would help me make my decision
    Thanks for ur help!

  151. Hi Lauryn!

    I’m Carson Williams (19 yo girl ((the name can be misleading)) from Birmingham, AL) and I recently came across your blog about your jaw corrective surgery. I was in shock when you started about grinding at night and anxiety because no one has ever had exactly the same problems as me. I grind the absolute s*** out of my teeth at night and anyone who sleeps in the same room as me hates me for the horrendous grinding noise. The only difference I could find in our experiences is that I have an underbite rather than over. I also have grinded through countless night guards, and dentists also warned me when I was younger that I would have to get the surgery and I also blew it off. It’s gotten to the point to where the jaw pain is all I think about all day everyday and my anxiety is worse than ever. I finally have decided to schedule the jaw surgery because I just can’t do it anymore. So I was wondering if you would be so kind to answer some questions when you’re not busy!!

    – How long did it take to fully recover?
    – Do you look very different?
    – Do you grind your teeth anymore and is your anxiety more under control?

    Thank you so much for even opening this email and I hope you’re having a great summer!!


  152. So glad I found this ! I’m getting surgery in December and have been semi worried!! this post helps a lot- thank you for sharing !!

  153. Hello! I am about to undergo double jaw surgery and I am dying to talk with someone who has been through it because I feel so alone! Would you be willing to email me? If so my email is

  154. Hey yea I had a surgery for my jaw to same ass you got screw and everything just wanted know how long it took for you to feel your chin cause I still can’t feel Mine swelling went done a little but my chin I can’t feel it and in post 1 month in a few days

  155. Hey Lauren,

    I never can imagine myself if I were in your place. First of, I’ve never had a major surgery. I never can remember if I ever had a major tooth extraction, I think I really never did. I had teeth braces, when I had it first on I literally was so weak for the first week and don’t want to talk at all. And yeah periodontal scaling and root planing was also something painful, my dentist had to use anesthesia. So Lauryn, you’ve done a great job! And yes, you’re right, MIND OVER MATTER works! 🙂

  156. Reading this was very soothing. This past Friday I had the same procedure and I am completely miserable. I cannot wait until I’m fully recovered. As you said, time heals everything.

  157. Thank you for posting this! I’ve always suffered from extreme TMJ and my jaw is completely out of alignment. It gave me the courage to look up and schedule an appointment with (the only) TMJ specialist in GA. Crossing my fingers that I can get some relief!

  158. I have an overbite too. Have had braces twice but my alignment is in mm not cm. Would you recommend this for mm? Or is it a bitch and not worth it

  159. Really this is a very helpful post for me. You have shared an awesome experience in your post. I read your full article and get some informative information about surgery. I am thinking now I am will do surgery on my face. But I am very scary for this work. I find your blog and I learns some exiting experience on your blog. You are so creative. I am full of inspiring now. Good job. Thanks for sharing your great experience.

  160. Loved this post. I’m getting the same thing this summer before I go off to college and I’m super nervous. How long was your recovery time before you could get back to your everyday life? Are there any essentials or tips I should know about? Thanks!

  161. I just turned 30 and am in the very beginning stages of jaw surgery, I’m absolutely terrified but so excited! No one told me I actually needed surgery till I was 22 and at that time it was too overwhelming.

  162. Can you share before and after profile pics? I’ve been contemplating on doing this for over a decade but am worried I will not like the results ( identity issue), the pain and healing process etc


  163. Hi Lauryn,
    As a recent wisdom tooth extraction patient, this was a fun read. It’s been about 10 days and my holes still aren’t fully closed up yet and I’m still using the dreaded syringe. I can’t wait to get back to eating non-mushy food, thanks for sharing!

  164. can anyone comment on how successful (or not) their jaw surgery ended up? I have an issue I want to correct which MIGHT lead me to surgery, but I am wondering for those that had it for over/under/cross bite issues….did it work? would you do it again?

  165. Oral surgery is never fun. I find that the most difficult part is adjusting to the recovery period and the lessened or more difficult oral function (eating, talking, etc.). Thanks for sharing!

  166. Help. Having jaw surgery next week….am FREAKING OUT! need to speak to someone who has been down this road.

  167. So good to read your blog. I’m 5 days in after lower jaw surgery and I’m 51 years old. I work in the public so I’m extremely concerned about being able to talk when I return to work in 2 weeks. Also concerned about the numb lower lip and chin. I can’t imagine never gaining feeling back and trying to eat, drink, talk and kiss the rest of my life with no feeling. Did your numbness finally go away?

  168. Hi!! I have this problem and I am a strong candidate for constructive jaw surgery for my lower jaw. I would love any and all advice and information you received! I am super nervous and self conscious about getting braces at this age .. as a college student. Eeek!

  169. I am 11 days post bottom jaw surgery. I was able to have a soft meal yesterday. It has been the worst experience of my life, but i’m greatful for the results aswell! I was going to ask you if you ever had any nerve pain from surgery? I can’t feel my bottom lip or chin, but I get this severe burning nerve sensation that just throbs. It is constant & only lets up with heat. I hope I get my feeling back. My surgeon said I shouldn’t worry, but I can’t imagine living with the numbness especially in my lip. I’m spilling drinks can’t eat. It’s hell.

  170. I am very happy that you wrote about this. I wish you could have a painless recovery. My all good wishes are with you. It was an amazing article.

  171. Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m getting my upper jaw surgery tomorrow morning San Diego sharp memorial hospital by dr Tawfilis from la jolla area . I’m very nervous and excited all at the same time I have anxiety attacks I’m afraid I’m gonna barf with my mouth shut this causing more anxiety also afraid I won’t be able to breathe because nose drainage 🙁 and I’m also anemic and have fainting tendencies also possibly have fibromyalgia so that’s fun 🙂 any advice you may have would be so appreciated

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  174. I am 5 weeks post op double jaw surgery + TMJ surgery and can relate to 100% of this. I am sleepless and managed to not wake my husband up giggling while reading this. Thanks for sharing your experience~

  175. I’m so happy that your anxiety has dissipated thanks to your surgery! I’ve got a friend who had surgery on his jaw and he feels so much better than he did before. I’d definitely recommend anyone who has jaw troubles to seek professional help to get some relief!

  176. OMG thanks for sharing your story, I used not to have any insurance when I was young, then I realized how mistaken I was.

  177. I hope you are feeling better with ever day that passes.
    I am contemplating surgery as well but having two kids at home I am scared shitless that I won’t be able to care for them for a long time
    What week post-op are you at right now?

  178. I had double jaw surgery in San Diego 3 months ago. Reading your blog was helpful. After 3 months, my right lower lip and part of my chin remain numb. I’m definitely eating a clean diet with anti-inflammation ginger, turmeric, eliminating dairy. But where in San Diego did you do the Lymphatic Drain massage? I’m hoping that will help with nerve repair. I was also in a bad car accident when I was young, and I think that is what made my neck and jaw develop wrong. Did you also see a good Chiropractor or anything that can help the neck? My jaw and neck feel better since the surgery, but your description sounds like you had an amazing overall healing. Thanks so very much for the tips!!! Thank you!!! Polly 619-994-5833

  179. I’m going though this right now, thank you so much for sharing this with me! I feel the same way you did but your kind words have me feeling stronger

  180. performing arts is my thing, i am very much interested to learn more on this art..

  181. Hey Lauryn! Love this post. I’m 3 months post lower jaw surgery and chin surgery. I’m starting to struggle with the pain of the plates in my chin and my chin is still completely swollen/filled with fluid. And I still have only slight sensation in certain areas. I am soooooo uncomfortable it’s frustrating! Did you have any after affects like this? Sending love x

    1. Tanya, yes swelling took like about 6 months to a year before it would subside! But Lauryn had an infection, which exacerbated the swelling. Hope the swelling goes down – definitely keep icing and looking into anti-inflammatory foods 🙂 xx

  182. Hi Lauryn, I don’t know if you still check this but I just got my braces put on today (I am freaking 29 next month) and I am going to have surgery in September. Super freaking nervous & worried that I won’t be able to handle the pain after the surgery. Would love to pick your brain about your process & any advice/tips you might have!

    Hopefully you see this! ?

  183. This website was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something which helped me. Thanks!

  184. I will be having lower jaw surgery in 3 days. Thank you for posting this. I bought the ice roller in preparation of the surgery.

  185. Interesting insights on surgery recovery. It’s helpful to hear about personal experiences and tips for navigating post-operative challenges.

    Dr Mark Kohout

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