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f factor gg crackers quick healthy easy breakfast by tsc body
f factor gg crackers quick healthy easy breakfast by tsc body

It’s been a HOT MINUTE since we’ve discussed GG crackers. I mean sure, they’re the star of the show frequently on IG STORIES but like we need a recipe post here & there, you know? The blog is a good way to showcase the FULL STORY!

For those of you who need a refresh, GG CRACKERS are the fiber-filled crackers that help you stay fuller longer while keeping your gut healthy. That’s just the beginning. We even had a whole podcast where we really went deep on why fiber is essential. FIBER can come from many sources but GG’s are an efficient way to add fiber & I just like them- weird but I actually think they’re good. If you don’t love them, think of them as a vehicle for protein, not a bread replacement. GG crackers may be bland but MAN OH MAN are they versatile.

My latest obsession is brought to you by Nedi from Healthy with Nedi. She’s appeared on The Skinny Confidential before and she shared her cauliflower muffins, vodka martinis and beauty tips. NOW she’s sharing her FIBER-FILLED BLUEBERRY WAFFLES- these are straight from her eBook with F-Factor founder, Tanya Zuckerbrot. She has become a friend in real life from Instagram which is nuts. I very much love her & HER RECIPES! She’s a very cool girl & someone you want to watch on IG Stories ( trust me, follow her: @healthywithnedi ). She also happened to gift me my favorite perfume in the WORLD- if you’re looking for a new scent, it’s insane. Anyway, you can stalk her eBook here– there’s SO MANY GOOD SKINNY RECIPES. I got the eBook & I have been using it every day.

Goodies you’ll find in Nedi’s eBook:

+ 39 F-Factor Step 1 approved recipes
+ includes breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees, side dishes, soups, salads, delicious cocktails ( YUM ) & desserts.
+ all recipes are high fiber, high protein, and low in net carbs
+ the recipes will keep you feeling full & satisfied for a long time
+ ideal for those looking to shape up & drop a few pounds

If your mouth is watering, don’t worry. These waffles can be whipped up in like 5 minutes- I make them a few times a week. AND you probably have all the ingredients on hand.

So with that let’s get right to it.

f factor gg crackers quick healthy easy breakfast by tsc body
f factor gg crackers quick healthy easy breakfast by tsc body

Fiber-Filled Blueberry Waffle

INGREDIENTS ( serves 1 )

+ 4 plain GG crackers, pulverized
+ 4 egg whites
+ 1 tbsp plain yogurt ( I use Coconut Cult )
+ 1/2 tsp baking powder
+ 1/4 tsp cinnamon
+ 1/4 cup blueberries
+ coconut oil cooking spray


STEP 1. In a mixing bowl, combine the pulverized GGs with the egg whites, yogurt, baking powder, cinnamon and blueberries. Mix well.

STEP 2. Heat the waffle maker, spray with cooking spray and add in the waffle batter. Cook on low to medium setting until the light goes green.

STEP 3. Heat a sauce pan over medium heat and add raspberries and fiber gold syrup (Sukrin). Mash the raspberries and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to a simmer and stir constantly for 2 minutes. Strain through a fine mesh sieve to remove the seeds. Top waffle with syrup and enjoy!


+ your favorite berry ( raspberry, sometimes boysenberry, sometimes both (REBEL) )
+ lemon
+ chia seeds
+ Sukrin fiber syrup


+ Mash berries up with a fork, squeeze lemon in the ‘mash’, add a few ( a fewwww ) drops of syrup, & mix it all together. Microwave for a few seconds & it turns into a syrup-y mixture that’s kind of like an amazing berry delight compote.

The whole thing gets me all nostalgic because it totally reminds me of the Knott’s Berry Farm boysenberry syrup I used to scarf down with buttermilk Eggo waffles circa 1994. Tsk-tsk, but #TBT.

More simple, skinny recipes like this in TSC book.

f factor gg crackers quick healthy easy breakfast by tsc body
f factor gg crackers quick healthy easy breakfast by tsc body

BEFORE YOU GO: you must, like MUST check out Healthy With Nedi’s feature on The Skinny Confidential Body Guide. She shares my special skinny eggs over easy in the post.

ALRIGHT, how do you guys use GG crackers in creative ways? I’m ready for new ideas to keep it fresh- you know how I like it.

x, lauryn

+ MORE: fiber french toast | Healthy With Nedi x F-Factor


  1. Yum! I use GG sprinkles in my granola recipes. I sub half of the oats for GG sprinkles to get an extra fiber boost and sprinkle it on top of my yogurt.

    1. anything with seeds as a main ingredient! seeds provide a ton of fiber 🙂 xx

  2. NO WAY, these look freaking phenomenal! I have to try this waffle recipe out with flaxseed to see if a flax egg can replace the egg whites or maybe some oat flour. I’ve been seeing GG crackers all over the Internet and I WANT THEM.

  3. The pictures are stunning. These blueberry waffles look so incredible (not to mention you look gorgeous – that’s pretty obvious). I like that you can enjoy them any time of day. My sons and I often do some baking on weekends, and I think we’ll try to make these on Sunday. They’re going to go nuts over these waffles. Wish us luck!

  4. Ok, to be completely honest, I was skeptical about this recipe. But…. THESE ARE DELICIOUS!! Even my 2.5 year old loved it, ended up eating half of mine!! I ran out of GG making these for the family, and ended up using an equal weight of pulverized all bran buds – still delicious!

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