Sassy Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Roundup

favorite item roundup from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - trench coat | by the skinny confidential

As you guys know, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is just really the shit.

Not sponsored, just obsessed.

There are so many INSANE items on sale, it’s really just hard to choose. Since I’ve been a full on psycho shopping the sale, it’s only fitting to share a few favorites with YOU.

So let’s get right into it, shall we? YES PLZ:

 ONE: Classic Black Trench Coat

How Kim K is this classic black trench coat showcased above? Kim wears this style trench coat all the time; it’s really just SO chic. This trench is perfect for fall & winter, plus you can dress it up or dress it down. It works well over a pair of skinny jeans & a lightweight tank…or even a little sexy dress. This trench is super versatile overall.

favorite item roundup from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - thigh boots | by the skinny confidential

TWO: Black Thigh Boots

Every girl NEEDS ( NO, SERIOUSLY NEEDS THOUGH ) a pair of sky high thigh boots. These classic black, extra feisty over the knee boots will be a staple in your closet. They never go out of style, you know. Don’t you just love the lace up on the back of the thigh too? SO HOT. Plus, um— they’re under 100 bucks!

favorite item roundup from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - jeans| by the skinny confidential

THREE: Perfect Jeans

An ideal time to stock up on jeans is during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. You can pretty much wear any style of jeans year round, so why would you ever pay full price?! Stock up while all of the jeans are discounted & you’re good for the year. These skinnies are super soft with the most flattering pockets on the back. PLUS, they’re only 44 bucks! Steal.

favorite item roundup from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - hydrating eye cream | by the skinny confidential

FOUR: Bobbi Brown Hydration Set

GUYS. THIS HYDRATION SET. The set includes Bobbi’s Hydrating Eye Cream, Intensive Skin Supplement, & Hydrating Face Cream. It’s designed to reduce fine lines, plump up skin to create a dewey, glowing skin tone, AND it’s anti-aging. YUM. Basically everything you need for perfect skin, AND it’s under $100.

favorite item roundup from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - leather backpack | by the skinny confidential

FIVE: A Chic Leather Backpack

Whether or not you’re in school, you need a chic backpack. This one is 30 bucks. But really this backpack is great for concerts, beach days, bar crawls, the works.

favorite item roundup from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - leggings | by the skinny confidential

SIX: Badass Leggings

Basic, blah, leggings are sort of a yawn. Spice it up with these leggings that have a bit of edge & added flair. They’re still black so you can totally throw them on with any top to run errands, but you’ll definitely look like you put more effort into it than just the typical plain black workout wear.

ALSO there’s only a few more days left before the Nordstrom Sale opens up to everyone. So if you are part of EARLY ACCESS make sure you shop now! It will be kind of difficult to get things in your size when more people start shopping…trust me, it’s happened to me A LOT.

Who grabbed my favorite white sneakers? Rocking them now actually.

Happy hunting!



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3 replies to “Sassy Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Roundup”

  1. Oh my, those boots are phenomenal!!! Huge fan of anything that laces up and that price is even better. Def picking these up as soon as I get access manana 😉 Thanks for sharing! I’m hoping to get my hands on the lace up Uggs (kinda like Hunters – SO cute) & Dry Bar curling iron kit too! x

    1. Obsessed with thigh high boots. You will love them! OH those are some great picks Shannon!! I’ll have to check them out. Thanks : ) xx