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FAVORITE Fitness Kicks: Part 1

Nike shoes | the skinny confidential

Nike shoes 4 | the skinny confidential

Nike shoes 5 | the skinny confidential


They’re hard to find, no?

I feel like I find a pair I THINK (??) I like online & then they end up being uncomfortable, or too girly, or they make me look like I have giant clown feet.

Wellllllll recently I’ve found two RIDE OR DIE PAIRS of fitness kicks.

They happen to both be Nike but I can fully assure you that’s a coincidence & none of this is sponsored. Nike just happens to have the two best pairs of fitness kicks on the market ( in my opinion, of course ) right now.


This week I’m sharing my favorite black pair & next week…wait for it…I’ll share my favorite white pair. I know, weird, right? Me in white shoes.

That’s never happened.

So black gym shoes are just COOL. And these black beauties? Let’s just say I screamed when they came in the mail. BECAUSE LOOK:

Nike shoes 7 | the skinny confidential

Not only are they comfortable, chic, & Kendall Jenner-esque, they’re also $68 dollars. AND I like them because they’re timeless. So ya, leopard New Balances are fun & Instagram cute-ish but you kind of get sick of them, you know?

Also, these shoes give off a pulled together, fashionable fitness look with very little to absolutely no effort.

Like you could so go from the gym to drinks in these.

In order to successfully do this make sure you’re wearing amazing leggings & a top like this one ( an off-the-shoulder for working out is perfect because it’s light weight & not too heavy…& it transitions seamlessly from day to night ). As you know, my favorite leggings are called ‘Live-In Leggings’ which is entirely appropriate because I do live in them. Too much information?

Ok point: these shoes are great to get you through the whole day. Wear this get-up to work, the bank, the post office, the market, while you’re doing TSC Bombshell Body Guide, & then don’t feel like you have to change to meet your best friend for dry rosé & a cheese plate.

Kind of a win/win, right?

Long gone are the days of me changing in the car ( yes, I used to do this— nineteen & vain ). I’m too lazy to change in the car these days, so shoes that work all day are ideal.

Nike shoes 3 | the skinny confidential

I’ve literally been LIVING IN these black kicks so naturally I had to share with you guys.

If you have a pair of fitness shoes that JUST GET IT, share below. Stay tuned for next week’s white kicks ( I can’t decide which one’s I like better??? ).

Happy Thursday!

x, lauryn

+ note: I’ve seen these shoes on a lot of other sites for over $90, but I found mine for $68 dollars here.

Nike shoes 2 | the skinny confidential


  1. your blog has been kind of in my perif for a while but I just took a closer look. I really like your video on the about page. Such a clear I’m-here-being-myself kind of vibe. I love it. Simple, helpful, pretty to look at blog.

  2. Asics-Cumulus for my pronation when i run. i dont remember if i over pronate or under pronate but these do the job and support my feet.

    1. Hi Emily! Ouch! You definitely need to get some good support. I love these, but I also recommend going to a specialty store and getting some custom orthotics to put in any and all of your shoes. It makes a huge difference. xx 🙂

  3. love this! Got them a these a few months ago and THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE. Their are good to workout in and basically go with everything in my wardrobe. Thanks for the post X

    1. Hi Rali! Ah I know I’m seriously OBSESSED! I’ve been wearing them everywhere! I love when shoes are both cute and comfortable. Thanks for reading :))

  4. I am so getting these. Thank you!! I had a pair of green Nikes that I absolutely loved but after a while I got so bored with them and realized how mehhh they looked with pink workout leggings and a bunch of my other gym attire so I ended up getting a pair of black and white Nikes, but the only thing that really bothered me about those (which I still wear to this day) is the white sole. I wanted all black with a white logo. Thanks for finding my dream shoe for me lol. xoxoxo

    1. Hi Sara! OMG perfect!! So glad I shared these! Did you buy them?? Let me know what you think when you get them! xx

    1. Hi Virginia, thats for reaching out! Yep, I seriously wear them with ANY color. I love mixing them with patterns too! I’m obsessed! Thanks for reading :))

  5. Hey there!

    I just did a post on my wishlist for cute kicks! I am obsessed with sneakers, especially my Nikes 🙂 Glad you are feeling better!!!



    1. So funny! We must be on the same wave length or something, Sarah! Thanks babe, I’m definitely feeling better. Thanks for reading :))

  6. These are def perfect for a gym workout but might not be the best for a 5k haha. But omg that price?! That’s AWESOME. Can’t wait to see the white ones.
    xx, Pia

    1. Hi Pia! Omg yeah, a 5K is pretty intense. I use them for running short distances or walking on the treadmill mostly. They are so comfortable!! Thanks for reading :))

  7. You are so right!!! It is a struggle trying to find a fashionable sneaker, but I love your pick!

    xx. The Coastal Confidence

  8. Black tennis shoes have always been my ride or die workout shoes, so naturally I love these sneaks and may just have to get them for myself!

    1. Hi Stephanie! Let me know what you think if you end up getting them. I love mine!! I’m obsessed!! Thanks for reading

    1. Hi Amanda! You can totally wear them with leggings and a tshirt, jeans, literally anything cute! You don’t have to be heading to the gym to rock these. Thanks for reading! xx

  9. I made a similar pair using nike ID and they are my favorite sneakers ever, although they are becoming worn out because I favored them over all my others. I just bought this pair, thanks for the find, such a great price!!

  10. Black Nikes are the best!! Perfect for hoofing it on foot on international vacays without looking like a totally unstylish tourist, and they never get dirty 🙂 I have the black and white Air Zoom’s ($100) and they are the perfect combo of support yet lightness for cardio!

  11. I love my Nikes but I need a new pair and have been looking for all black ones. Thanks for the share 🙂


  12. What is the name of the shoes ? I’ve only seen them in one store and loved them right from the beginning. But when I went back I could no longer find them and I haven’t been able to find them in another store.

  13. Bought those thinking it became a bargain for some cool looking footwear. They are mild however the sole isn’t strong. The sole is virtually made to remaining. Found them to be very slippery. Very disappointed.

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