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Lauryn Evarts, collaborates with Healthy Bitch Daily for skinny tips and tricks on how to lose weight.

Hey Beauties!

As always, life is incredibly hectic & busy [ I am sure you all can relate! ]. Sometimes I feel like it’s impossible to conquer my scroll of a to-do list. Since I want to answer each of your e-mails & questions efficiently, I am going to do a little Q & A post next week. If you have any recipe modification requests, exercise/diet concerns, and/or general questions, ask away!

Feel free to e-mail me at: or add questions in this post’s comment section belowSome of you have already reached out & I will be sure to address everything next week.

P.S. Check out my recent collaboration with the Skinny Bitch website [ found here ]!



  1. Hi Lauryn!

    I’m obsessed with your blog! I love how much you’ve been updating lately. My favorite part is definitely your healthy meal modification tips/recipes…the only problem is that I’m currently studying abroad in Europe so it’s hard to find a lot of the whole foods-y/Trader Joe’s things that you include. Oh how I miss TJ’s. Anyhow, just wondering if you could recommend some recipes that make easy, healthy dinners that don’t require hunting down hard to find organic/health products. I’m veg by the way. Thank you!

  2. Found this blog through Healthy Bitch Daily…and you’re awesome! i would love to get more snack ideas and find out how you structure your meals daily (snacking, etc.). it may already be on your blog, but a recap would be great. thanks Lauryn!!

  3. I love your hair- it’s always shiny. Real or extensions ? Love, love, love the blog too!!!

  4. Hi Lauryn,

    My inner thighs are the bane of my existence! I eat pretty healthy and do regular cardio and weights and I cant seem to slim them. Any tips?

    Thank youuuu <3

  5. Hi Lauryn,
    I adore your blog and its content. I would love to see a whats in my gym bag post and also some workout/gym outfits or what you wear while exercising, favorite brands ect.
    Cannot wait for next weeks post.

  6. hi lauryn!
    i’m in highschool and i have to eat the food that i served but the food isn’t very healthy and i’m concerned that it’s going to make me gain weight. i live a pretty healthy life. i work out 4-5 times a week and i eat healthy but it doesn’t make any difference to my body and i think it might be due to the cafeteria food. do you have any tips of what i can do? i really want to get skinnier!
    thank you xx

  7. I love your blog, it’s so positive, happy & healthy. I was wondering if you could post what you eat in a typical day. Sometimes I have the problem of grazing and snacking all day and never feeling satisfied so it would be great to see what someone that is healthy and works out eats every day to fuel them through the day. Thanks!

  8. I love your blog. I’d like to see more fitness and healthy eating tips and also some suggested foods to eat post workout of you’re a veggo and not into protein shakes. Thanks!

  9. I would love to see a post on how to recover from a horrible week of eating poorly! Also any tips on preparing for bikini season

  10. What is your best advice to someone who wants skinnier legs? Are there any particular exercises for the legs that you like?

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