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FAQ: Addressing All Your 3-Day Juice Cleanse Questions

Lauryn Evarts Juice Cleanse Challenge with Juicer's in Solana Beach, California.

Let me just say I am thoroughly impressed with all of you. I am so excited at the amount of you that are motivated to participate in the challenge. Because the cleanse starts tomorrow, it would literally be impossible for me to answer all your e-mails/questions/comments in one day. Due to the overwhelming interest in the challenge, I am going to try to answer all your questions below. If you have more questions regarding the cleanse, please put them in the comment box below & I’ll address them before tomorrow.

P.S. Your support is what drives this blog- you all keep me constantly inspired!

Your Questions:

+ Can I workout while on the 3-day cleanse?

Yes, I recommend working out each day. However stay away from hot yoga- since you won’t be consuming your regular calorie intake, hot yoga could make you feel faint.

+ I am not near a juice place, what do I do?

Bring your ingredient list to Whole Foods the night before & check to make sure they can have the juice jug prepared for you tomorrow AM. You also have the option of making the concoction at home on your own [ with a blender or juicer ]. Be advised: it gets rather messy at home. Give yourself time to prepare the juices if you’re making the mixture in your kitchen.

+ If I am blending from home, can I include pulp?

Yes, it contains lots of nutrients!

+ Will I be hungry?

I was fine the first day, slightly hungry towards the end of the second day, & fully energized the third day. Bottomline: you’ll live.

+ Can I drink green tea or any tea with sweetener?

No. You’re fine to drink any tea, but absolutely no sweeteners. Sorry!

+ Tea recommendations?

First of all, you should be chugging water throughout the whole cleanse. I love going to Starbucks and getting the Trenta iced green tea, with no sweetener and a splash of passion fruit tea to keep me feeling hydrated.

+ Can I drink alcohol or coffee?

No. I know, no coffee? Life’s is tough. You’ll live.

+ Since I am fasting tomorrow, can I eat like a pig tonight?

No [ !!! ]. Eat clean today, keep your alcohol intake down, & prepare your body.

+ Will I be famished Saturday morning?

No, you’ll crave healthy foods and lots of water. You will also feel lighter. Don’t go stuffing your face- remember the work you put in & make smart choices.

+ I can’t find the instructions.

E-mail me for instructions at

+ I emailed you for instructions and have not heard back? 

I’ll email you by 3 PM [ Pacific time ] today!


++ If you have any allergies or conditions, please consult a doctor before trying this cleanse! 


+++ Elena [ found here ] & I will be documenting parts of the cleanse experience through the app, Instagram [ my username is: LaurynBoBoryn & Elena’s username is: elenashow ]. Also, I encourage you to take pictures of your juice, protein/veggies meals, etc. & post them on The Skinny Confidential fan page, to inspire other readers!



  1. Hey Lauryn,

    When should we expect to receive the instructions if we emailed you yesterday?


  2. Hi Lauryn,

    I had the same question as Brittany. I’d like to get my items today for at least day one. 🙂


    1. I just saw the time you are emailing us!

      “+ I emailed you for instructions and have no hear back?

      I’ll email you by 3 pm [ Pacific time ] today!”


  3. Thanks so much! I just sent the recipes to a local juicer today, picking them up tomorrow morning. Nervous, but my friend had really good things to say about juice detoxing so I’m determined!

  4. Is a physical sport like tennis, basketball, swimming, surfing ok to participate in while doing “the cleanse”?
    I would like to go with shopping list for tonight. Is there a set recipe you will email?
    I will make and send you my yummy cleanse:)

    1. Yes you can do it all! Just stay away from hot yoga.

      I set you the email with the instructions.

      Good luck!

  5. Is it ok to pick up a 64 oz bottle of it in the morning and store it in the fridge for the day, because I think I saw that you picked it up every hr the last time you did it and being a busy student these next few days I wont have the time to do that. So will that still work and be effective?

    1. Yes it’s fine to store your bottles. I prepare fresh each day. I didn’t ever pick it up every hour, but each day I had fresh juice made for me in a 64 ounce bottle and drank 8 ounces; I repeated this for the whole three days. Does that make sense?

      Let me know : ) xo

    2. Yes! Thanks 🙂 I went to whole foods this morning and got it all and so far Ive had one glass and on to my next soon. It’s a little tough now but I’m still really excited about the whole thing!

  6. How much of the ginger, parsley, spinach and lettuce do I add? I know the amounts for everything else, just confused on those. Thanks!! 🙂

  7. The Day After….I really want to maintain the results. What do you recommend as far as maintenance?

    1. The Day After…I will give you “day after tips,” but trust me, you’ll feel so energized that you’ll make healthy choices! Drinks TONS of water the day after. I’ll be with you every step! Thanks for reading Tam!

  8. Do we follow the recipe you emailed or the recipe from one of the juice cleanses you have blogged about in the past. Example: 6 cucumbers from the recipe u emailed vs. 4 from one of your blog posts?

  9. Just thought of two more questions! 1. I have never been a fan of ginger, is it ok to leave out or no? 2. The lean proteins and veggies at night, would turkey bacon be okay? My applegate farms one has 200 mg a slice, r we trying to avoid salt?

    1. 1.) Yes, you can leave it out and use garlic or extra lemon instead. However you probably won’t even taste the ginger once it’s mixed in with all the other ingredients!

      2.) Turkey bacon is a fab choice ; ). Add veggies to it and you’re golden!

      Thanks Alexis xoxo

  10. Is it safe/advisable to do this cleanse two weeks in a row (for example, if I am doing it this Wednesday-Friday, could I do it next Tuesday-Thursday or Wednesday-Friday as well)?
    I am cleansing THIS week for a beach weekend (and therefore, bikini appearance!) on Saturday/Sunday (which will, inevitably, be involving day drinking)… so I’d love to detox next week as well, especially considering how manageable this has been so far (I love Whole Foods). I feel like there’s probably no harm in it, but I’m just double checking!

    1. Hi Paige & Lauryn – How did you get the juices from Whole Foods? Did you call or go into the store to place the order? Which department? And how much is it for them to juice everything for you? Sorry for all the questions… this will be my first juice cleanse (I’m planning to start it Monday morning). So ecited!! Thanks!

  11. Hi Lauryn,

    I couldn’t reply on my comment on top so I’ll make a new comment. Yes, I did receive them! Already doing it. 🙂


  12. Started this morning… I’m on my 3rd cup of juice! I can’t believe how easy Wholefoods makes this process.

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  14. Where do you suggest getting the juice? I think I may have missed a post. (I know I’m late on the challenge, but your results seem awesome!) I actually think I live really close to you. I’m in Carlsbad, California. Is there a specific Juicer that we’re supposed to go to? Thanks 🙂

  15. Hi! Do you know if they make any plugins to safeguard
    against hackers? I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve
    worked hard on. Any recommendations?

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