My Fall Fitness Favies…Because Everyone Wants to Look Cute While They’re Sweating

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, skinny blogger, and fashion blogger talks fall fitness fashion tips for 2012.

Hi, hi, hi. Quick lil’ Saturday hello. Since the ‘cold’ weather is moving in [ San Diego ‘seasons’ are sort-of a LOL- I mean, it was 72 degrees yesterday- a reallllllll chiller. I almost died of frostbite. ], I thought I’d share my fall gym attire lust list:

{ All of these items can be found on ‘Catalog Spree’; love this site because it has all my favorite catalogs in an online format. Paperless is the way to go ; ) }.

1.} Yellow, Sexy Nike’s

2.} Snake Skin Hot Pants

3.} Skinny Black Workout Pants + a Mini

4.} Wedge Purple Sneaker

5.} Laura Mercier [ my favie !! ] SPF 20 

6.} Chic Beaded Bracelets

7.} Big Chunky Watch

Annnndddd I’m also real excited to wear boots/gloves/beanies/arm warmers/leg warmers/rain boots/faux furs/knee high socks/flannels/& long underwear.

Let’s hope the weather can accommodate my fashion needs.

Anyway, try to make smart choices this weekend so you’ll feel energized on Monday. No one likes feeling like a hungover, bloated slug from the weekend’s aftermath.

Hope you all get weird/have fun. XO.



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12 replies to “My Fall Fitness Favies…Because Everyone Wants to Look Cute While They’re Sweating”

  1. Love Laura Mercier. By far the best tinted moisturizer. I recently bought the NARS one after my Laura ran out and it’s good (as all NARS stuff is) but Laura melts into skin, especially with that Beauty Blender you got me hooked me on! XO

    1. I wish it were 54 a few days out of year!! The grass is always greener, right?! ; ). XO.

    1. I know, right?! It’s super user-friendly & way better than having tons of mags laying around! ; )