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The Skinny Confidential makes basil ginger ale.

The Skinny Confidential makes basil ginger ale.

Ohhhhh meeee oh myyyyy. What do we have here?

Just my FAVORITE drink EVER.

There’s nothing to it…& nothing in it.

First off, let’s take out our microscopes & inspect sick, regular ginger-ale, shall we?

Here’s the real deal with busted-ass, canned ginger ale: it’s full of additives, Aspartame, & weird ingredients like phenylalanine.

Good times.

Whelpppp don’t ever worry about drinking ginger ale again because…

TSC Homemade Basil Ginger Ale:

1 cup sparkling water
1-2 shots of ginger root, juiced ( true story: I went to a juice bar & bought this )
1/2 Meyer lemon, juiced
A few drops of ginger syrup
Chopped basil ( I like ALOT; about 3 big leaves chopped )
1 sprinkle of cayenne
Handful of ice

Directions: add everything over ice. Garnish with a sprinkle of cayenne, one basil leave, & sliced lemon. Option: add vodka…if you’re a rebel. Mine is pictured is alcohol-free.

The Skinny Confidential makes basil ginger ale.

The Skinny Confidential makes basil ginger ale.

Also, I’m very excited about this ginger syrup find.

This caught my eye post-barre class, while browsing the aisles for brown rice pasta and I nearly choked on my green juice ( #californiaprobz ).

Because UMMM, hello…ginger syrup pancakes?! Ginger syrup coffee?! Ginger syrup mixed with a little butter on sourdough?! LIKE BYE!! The options are endless, really.

I only use two drops though— a little goes a long way.

Ok but let’s talk about a serious priority in life.


The Skinny Confidential makes basil ginger ale.

Not like ball-nuts, guys. SPICY nuts.

What are these nuts I speak of, you might ask?

The Nanz & I eat these specific spicy nuts ( found at Whole Foods ) allll the time. They’re pre-mixed with cayenne & a little olive oil. AND they’re SOOO good it’s stupiiiiiidddd. Sometimes I even go crazy & mix them with popcorn or dark chocolate M&M’s.

The reason I bring up my spicy nut obsession is because nuts just really pair well with this homemade ginger ale.

I know that’s a weird point to bring up but when I blog, I blog with full disclosure. And for some reason I just always eat nuts ( << COME ON NOW?! Did you actually think I meant that in a sick, perverted manner? I just really like these special nuts! GEEZZZ ) when I’m drinking this ^^ delicious basil-y, lemon-esque concoction.

So, there- my nut story wasn’t entirely pointless.

Even though this drink is very summer-ish, it’s also very fitting for the colder season because all of a sudden EVERYONE IS SICK. I mean damn where ever I go someone is sniffing/sneezing/aching/etc…SICK VIBEZ are in full effect. And ginger ( aka found in REAL ginger ale ) is amazing when you’re feeling nauseous or have a sore throat!! More benefits here.

Ok. Peace, love, & spicy nuts, Lauryn xx

+ please note that these spicy nuts pair REALLY well with rose too. Just felt like that needed to be noted.

The Skinny Confidential makes basil ginger ale.

  1. OMG gin gin made a syrup….I AM DYING right now not being able to get my hands on this! I used to go to World Market just to get all the flavours of gin gins lol thanks for sharing this looks delicious xo C

  2. This looks delicious! I’m wondering if I can somehow juice ginger at home…

    Oh, and phenylalanine is an amino acid..weird that its added to ginger ale though.

  3. I love that ginger syrup and cannot wait to try this here drink! Would be great with Hendrick’s Gin, too.
    I love your blog 🙂

  4. YUM! I make my own ginger ale from fresh ginger and sparking water all the time when I’m sick, so I’m def going to have to try this! Also – 100% feel you on the marcona almonds. I have a huge tub of them in my kitchen and eat them like candy. Ugh too good

  5. real ginger ale?! sounds amazing considering i’m a ginger obsessed girl. thanks for the recipe!

  6. This drink sounds so refreshing and you are so right about everyone getting sick. This post makes me excited about kicking back this weekend with a basil ginger ale and a delicious snack:)

    P.S. I had a few questions I wanted to ask you about your white Samsung camera you posted about in your “WTF´s in My Bag” article. Would you mind if I sent you an email with my questions?


  7. looks so delish… cannot wait to trip to whole foods this weekend and stock up on some spicy nuts!! also craving a the remedy – turmeric tonic from juice press in NYC… must be the spicy ginger flavor combo!

    andddd I finally launched my insta-blog!! (millionth attempt at real blog to follow) >> bkathleen is now my personal and… drumroolllll >>thechromaddict<< is now the instablog!! still in the baby stages but would obvi LOVE for you to check it out!!

    xx B

  8. Those nuts sound AMAZING! I love snacking on almonds, or peanuts throughout the day. Btw, Phenylalanine is an amino acid. It isn’t harmful. The only reason that labels will have a warning or a note about it is because people who are born with Phenylketonuria cannot have things with phenylalanine in them.

  9. Hi Lauryn! I LOVE this post. I freaking am obsessed with ginger, AND i always buy ginger juice from a juice bar too. Ain’t nobody got time for that! I will definitely be making this recipe. PS – I bought your book recently, and you did an excellent job with it! Congrats to your success!


  10. This drink looks so refreshing and I love ginger! So good for you! Never made it at home before! Hope I can do it as good as yours sounds! Thanks for the recipe!!

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