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Face Yoga: AKA Free Facelift

Have you heard? Face yoga is all the rage. That’s right. I’m serious. Face. Yoga. You know, like yoga for your face.

In this post you’re going to learn 5 face yoga exercises that you can do at home. I did not invent these. These are all from the face yoga expert, Danielle Collins who developed face yoga to tighten the skin & defy gravity.

She created The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method after a couple years of teaching yoga. “Clients were enjoying the health benefits of yoga for their bodies & minds. I was getting more & more requests for a similar natural way for the face to look & feel healthier too. As well as my drawing on my training [in Pilates & yoga], I spent many years researching & trialing face techniques from ancient Eastern medicine, the latest studies on facial composition & renowned wellbeing strategies, & created The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method which is now enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.” { via }

Basically, face yoga is a completely natural alternative to antiaging remedies. Let me tell you, it works. I’ve been trying it. Anyway, here are 5 face exercises you can do at home.

5 Face Yoga Exercises To Tighten & Tone:

♡ The V

Good for: drooping eyelids, crow’s feet, eye bags & puffiness.

Alternative to: Botox & eye surgery.

How to:

+ Press both middle fingers together at the inner corner of the eyebrows, then with the index fingers, apply pressure to the outer corners of the eyebrows.

+ Look to the ceiling, & raise the lower eyelids upwards to make a strong squint & then relax.

+ Repeat 6 more times & finish by squeezing eyes shut tightly for 10 seconds.

♡ The Smile Smoother

Good for: cheek lines & sagging skin.

Alternative to: lower face lift & fillers

How to:

+ hide the teeth with the lips to make an ‘O’ shape with the mouth.

+ smile widely while keeping the teeth hidden & repeat 6 times.

+ hold the smile shape while placing one index finger on the chin. Then start to move the jaw up & down as the head tilts gently back. Relax & repeat twice more.

♡ Smooth The Brow

Good for: horizontal forehead lines.

Alternative to: Botox.

How to:

+ place both hands on the forehead facing inwards & spread all the fingers out between the eyebrows & hairline.

+ gently sweep the fingers outwards across the forehead, applying light pressure to tighten the skin.

+ relax & repeat 10 times.

♡ The Flirty Eyes

Good for: deep eye hollows & dropping eye brows.

Alternative to: eyebrow lift.

How to:

+ place an index finger under each eye, pointing towards the nose.

+ hide the teeth & tease the top lip & bottom lip away from each other at the mouth.

+ flutter the upper eyelids while gazing at the ceiling for 30 seconds.

♡ The Giraffe

Good for: lines & loose skin on the neck.

Alternative to: neck lift & jowl lift.

How to:

+ looking straight ahead, place the finger tips at the bottom of the neck & lightly stroke the skin downwards with the head tilted back.

+ bring the head back down to the chest & repeat twice more.

+ finally, jut the lower lip out as far as possible to pull the corners of the mouth down & place finger tips on the collarbone with the chin pointed upwards ( hold for 4 deep breaths ).

Benefits of Face Yoga:

♡ non-invasive alternative to Botox & surgery.

♡ increases blood circulation.

♡ allows more oxygen & nourishment to reach the cells of the skin.

♡ stimulates elastin & collagen production.

♡ creates a beautiful glow.

♡ tightens & smooths the skin.

♡ you can do them at home for free.

♡ Meghan Markle is a big fan ( she’s also a fan of buccal massage- more here ).

{ via }

Face yoga is something that I’m playing with & I can’t wait to do more posts on it, but I just wanted to update you guys that it is a thing, it is a trend, it does work, & it’s happening.

It goes hand-in-hand with facial massage which we talk about all the time. If you haven’t gotten on the facial massage train, you gotta.

Facial massage is life-changing & I found this out after jaw surgery. There is just no better way to depuff, debloat & look contoured like a Kardashian.

There are a few ways to go about facial massage. 1.) You can do it for free! 2.) You can get a little handheld machine. I love mine! Sure, I have a facial brush but this is different guys. This is like a vibrator for your face. In fact, it sounds like a vibrator, kind of looks like one, maybe you could even…oh, we’re getting off track here. But it’s very efficient. 3.) Lastly you can also do what I always do: the second I land off a long flight, I haul my ass to the closest spa & get a lymphatic drainage massage. This works like a REAL charm. You go from swollen, Sloth from The Goonies to beauty pageant status.

Especially after jaw surgery, I’m scarred for life when it comes to facial swelling, so this face yoga will help me big time.

So what are your thoughts on facial yoga. Are you getting into downward dog with your face or what?

I know I need all the help I can get with this pregnancy puffy, top ramen, salty, Flamin’ Hot Cheeto face right now.

x, lauryn

+ check out everything you should know about microneedling.

++ scope another way to tighten those jowls here.


  1. I’ve been wanting to try this! There is a similar program I’ve read about that I’d be interested to hear your opinion on. It is called Facercise by Carole Maggio. She also does a body sculpting program called No Lipo Lipo. I just ordered the DVD for this and plan on trying it soon.

  2. This blog is wildly informative. I died a little bit at sloth from the goonies! Trying the Flirty Eyes technique tonight. Thanks Lauryn! I just started my blog after all your inspo! I love how you always mention how saturated the blogging space is and how you encourage people to still follow their passion and not be discouraged by it. Thanks for all your positivity <3

    1. isn’t the name cute too?? who doesn’t want flirty eyes! thank u for reading

  3. Thanks for your nice post. Really this post is very helpful and informative. Can tell me you will publish this kinds of article continue in future ?

  4. It’s great to know that aside from improve my appearance, face yoga session can also help my blood circulation. I tend to not feel so good about the latter months of the year because of how cold and uncomfortably my face feels like the the temperature drops. Perhaps by getting into face yoga, I will be able to keep my face warmer during the winter.

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