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9 Face Shaving Tips for Women

Face Shaving Tips for Women

Skin is in. Know what else is in? Face shaving. For women.

It’s time to hop aboard the train & start taking advantage of this beauty trend. 

First of all, for females, there are just too many benefits for you to NOT be doing this. 

Benefits include:

♡ Gets rid of unwanted hair (AKA vellus hair or “peach fuzz”)

♡ Exfoliates the skin

♡ Creates the perfect canvas for makeup application 

♡ Brightens the skin

♡ Helps skincare products soak in better

♡ Reduces the look of dark spots and wrinkles

♡ Increases cell turnover for a more refreshed look 


Now, when it comes to shaving the face, there is a right way. Improper shaving can lead to dry & damaged skin, itching, and ingrown hairs. So let’s do it properly, mkay?

With these tips & tricks for female face shaving below, you’ll be able to shave your face with confidence and perfection – every time! 

Let’s dive right in.

Face Shaving Tips for Women Female Face Shaving Tips

9 Face Shaving Tips for Women

♡ Prep your skin.

Always, always, always remember to prep your skin. Start by cleansing your face with your favorite gentle cleanser & then pat dry. If you struggle with sensitive skin, we highly recommend CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser! To read more about the best products for sensitive skin, click here.


When it comes to shaving the face, quality products are a must. That’s why we only recommend THE HOT SHAVE RAZOR and THE HOT SHAVE CREAM. Not only were these products specially created for women’s faces, but they WORK while looking fab on your vanity. Let’s go over the benefits of both.

Why TSC HOT SHAVE RAZOR is the shit: 

+ The blades are made from medical grade stainless steel

+ The head is made from ABS plastic with a soft silicone touch – so silky

+ The razor has a finger print guide to help your hand & assist with technique 

+ The angle of the shaft makes it super easy to control your angle & pressure

+ The blades are refillable for you eco-friendly queens

+ It’s small, light and easy to throw in your bag on-the-go

+ It’s cute! Like, adorable actually

Why TSC HOT SHAVE CREAM is the perfect partner:

+ Gives improved glide to prevent nicks & cuts while shaving

+ Moisturizes for soft & supple skin even after rinsing

+ Helps prevent razor burn 

+ Allows for a closer shave for smoother skin

+ It’s a blend of rich emollients & hydrating humectant to help nourish dry skin

+ It’s made with all natural ingredients ( Check out the full list of ALL NATURAL ingredients, here )

Ready to invest in this first ever women’s shaving razor & cream combo? The best part is, you don’t even have to purchase the products separately. Get them both in THE SHAVETTE KIT.

The Skinny Confidential Hot Shave Cream
shaving cream for women

 ♡ Never shave with a dull blade

No matter what face shaving razor you choose, never ever shave with a dull blade. Who wants to use a limp-dick razor blade that can irritate your skin, anyway?

P.S.: Need some HOT SHAVE REPLACEMENT BLADES? We got you covered!

When changing your HOT SHAVE blades:

+ Always make sure the blade protector is ON

+ Hold the blade with one hand, press on the release button with the other

+ Attach new blade – VOILÁ

♡ Always use good technique.

To achieve optimal results when shaving your facial hair, be sure to follow the appropriate technique. To shave your facial hair, start by applying a thin layer of HOT SHAVE CREAM or your favorite facial oil. Using a cream or oil can improve your overall shaving experience & provide some extra moisture. Specifically THE HOT SHAVE CREAM is made with ingredients that are actually good for your skin. 

Now let’s get to the actual shaving part. Always ensure that your skin is pulled taut & that your razor is angled at 45-degrees. Then, start shaving downward in short, gentle, & light strokes. Be mindful not to drag it against your skin & not to use too much pressure. 

♡ Clean your blade mid- and post-shave. 

Use the above technique for the whole face, including the upper lip. As you shave, be sure to clean the blade at least 1-2 times to remove build up. You should also be sure to clean your blade after each & every shave. This will make for a much smoother shave and prolong the life of your blades. 

To clean your blade, grab some rubbing alcohol & cleaning pads. Dampen the cleaning pad with rubbing alcohol & wipe away any dead skin, hair, dirt, etc. Or, you can always just pick up some of these rubbing alcohol pads. Either way works. 

♡ Rehydrate & pamper the skin afterwards – like always! 

When you’re done shaving, rinse your face thoroughly. Then, cool & tighten your skin with THE HOT MESS ICE ROLLER. This roller is the Rolls Royce of ice rollers.

Benefits of using an ice roller after face shaving include soothing and tightening the skin, improving lymphatic drainage, and reducing redness, swelling, and irritation. For more on ice rolling, be sure to read this post on  How To Use an Ice Roller

You can also complete this step by simply grabbing some ice cubes & rubbing them in small circles all over your face. Even better, try these milk ice cubes. 

♡ And finally, apply facial oil. 

When you’re done shaving & icing, it’s essential to rehydrate and moisturize the face. And, I bet you guys already know which facial oil we’re going to recommend: THE ICE QUEEN FACE OIL.

Apply a few drops of facial oil to your forehead, cheeks, nose, & chin, and dab in. And as Lauryn always says, take it to your tits. A little facial oil on the neck never hurt anyone.

how to use ice queen facial oil
The Skinny Confidential ice queen facial oil

♡ Repeat this process often. 

Depending on your hair growth rate and your personal preference, you can feel free to shave your face every 1-3 weeks. If you start seeing any negative side-effects ( such as redness, bumps, dry skin, etc. ), be sure to back off a little bit. 

♡ Don’t believe the myths! 

Many women are deterred from face shaving because there is a major misconception out there about female facial hair removal. Let’s go ahead and clear this up right now – for once and for all.

No – your hair will NOT grow back thicker & darker. Shaving does not affect the natural keratin cells in your skin. Thus, it will not affect the rate, color, or thickness of your hair growth – no matter where you shave. 

Once you start face shaving, you’ll be hooked. 

But seriously guys. Face shaving is like THE BEST beauty hack. It’s perfect because it not only has a plethora of benefits for your face immediately ( like removing dead skin, creating a smooth canvas for makeup, etc. ), but it literally helps reduce fine lines & wrinkles for the future. 

Just trust us – once you see how freaking smooth & supple your face is after shaving, you’ll never look back. 

And lastly – IT’S ALMOST SUMMERTIME BABES! And, this summer, we’re making skincare sexy and we are not fucking with razor bumps. Click here to learn how to avoid razor bumps and keep your bikini line smooth, silky, & sexy. 

x, The Skinny Confidential team

+ dealing with razor burn? It’s the worst, here’s how to prevent it! 

++ for more on shaving body hair: ARM PITS, Shaving & Post-Shave.


9 Face Shaving Tips for Women

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