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Exercises to Make Your Girls/Boobies/Funbags Look Perkier!

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks easy exercises and skinny tips for women who want to lose weight.

Let’s get all sex kittish today & talk boobies. I’m sharing three exercises on how to boost ze ta-tas.

I mean, I’m just going to go ahead & assume that most of you prefer perky funbags over saggy slapjacks?

Just saying.

According to Healthy Bitch Daily, boobies are “made up of glands & fat tissue that sit on top of the muscle. These chest muscles, known, as the pectorals, respond to strength training exercises. By performing chest-specific exercises with heavier weights you can add muscle mass to your chest and achieve the appearance of bigger breasts – if you want them.”

And hey, if these exercises don’t fit your fancy you can always throw some sexy jelly inserts in your black lace brassiere.

{ Bust-Booting Exercises }

+ Breast Enhancer: Lying Dumbbell Pullovers

The lying dumbbell pullover uses a dumbbell to strengthen and enlarge your chest.

1.} Start on your back on a weight bench with your feet on the floor.

2.} Straighten your arms over your chest and hold one end of the dumbbell with both hands.

3.} Hold the dumbbell in a vertical position directly over your chin. Bend your arms and lower the dumbbell behind your head.

4.} Extend your arms as far as you can without any pain or discomfort, and slowly return the weight to the starting position. Repeat for six to eight repetitions. If you can perform 8 repetitions easily, use a heavier weight.

+ Breast Enhancer #2: Medicine Ball Push-Ups

This form of the standard push-up challenges your balance while isolating your entire chest.

1.} Use a large medicine ball that fits both of your hands.

2.} Start on your knees with your hands on the top of the ball. Fully extend your arms and position the ball directly beneath your chest.

3.} Straighten your legs and extend your feet behind your body until there is a straight line from your head to feet.

4.} Bend the arms, slowly lower your body until the chest comes in contact with the ball & press back up until arms are straight again.

5.} Perform push-ups until your muscles fatigue.

+ Breast Enhancer: Dips

Chest dips are done on dip bars to strengthen the pectoral muscles.

1.} Start with your body in between the dip bars with your hands on the handlebars.

2.} Press your body upward or jump up until your arms are straight and your body is hanging.

3.} Lean forward slightly to isolate your chest muscles. Bend your knees to avoid letting your feet touch the ground during the exercise.

4.} Bend your arms slowly and lower your body as far as you can. Pause for a second at the bottom of the movement and press yourself back up until your arms are straight again.

5.} Continue performing dips until your muscles fatigue and you cannot complete a full dip.

Cheers to perkier boobies!


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Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks easy exercises and skinny tips for women who want to lose weight.

  1. The line “perky funbags over saggy slapjacks” just made my night. I always use the term “envelope flaps” to refer to saggy boobs. Haha!

  2. Great post. Been looking for this kind of info and I love the idea. I’m one of those women who want a bigger boobs. I will try these exercises and hope it’ll be effective to me. 🙂

  3. I have full big breast and kind of saggy is therr any workout I can do to left them or make them smaller please I would be thankfull for you for lifetime

  4. I have used Boobpop for two weeks, and already my breasts are firmer and more filled out. I can’t wait to see what they will look like after 6 months. It is exciting! They are a tiny bit sore (in a good way, like puberty). This makes me feel like it is working even more.

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