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So Excited To Have Actress/Top Model, Alyssa Julya Smith On TSC

The Skinny Confidential x model Alyssa Smith.

The Skinny Confidential x model Alyssa Smith.

Ummmm…is this real life?

So uhhh, clearly model/actress Alyssa Julya Smith is insanely gorgeous. I mean…….

But not only is she a total mega babe, she’s always super in to wellness/health.

Alyssa brews her own Kombucha, has awesome natural beauty tips, & seriously has a bomb-ass recipe for an extra chocolate-y, no-guilt soufflé.

Hope you lovvvvveee this interview as much as I do; check it:

| Introduce yourself |: 

I’m Alyssa Julya Smith & I am represented by NEXT Los Angeles & Wilhelmina Miami.

I’m an actress and model based out of Los Angeles temporarily residing in Miami Beach. I was born and raised in Newport Beach, California & moved to Los Angeles while I was attending the University of Southern California. I’ve done print and commercial campaigns for AXE Body Spray, JC Penny, Juicy Couture, AG Jeans, True Religion, & New Balance to name a few.

You can see me in movies such as “Couples Retreat” and “Caught in the Crossfire.” I have also landed roles in television series such as, “How I Met Your Mother,” “Franklin and Bash,” “Rules of Engagement” and HBO’s “Hello Ladies.” Recently, I hosted Esquire Network’s ‘Women We Love’ television show & I’m currently the face of Nike’s 2014 swimwear campaign.

I’m also a partner in a new swim line called Lézard Swim that just launched at SwimWeek in Miami. Their Instagram is @lezardswim. Pre-orders will be available next month on for Resort 2015 Collection.

| Quick, skinny tip? |

I avoid dairy & gluten as much as possible. It really helps with overall bloating and flattens my stomach. Also, you can never have too much water so I aim for three liters a day.

The Skinny Confidential x model Alyssa Smith.

The Skinny Confidential x model Alyssa Smith.

| Weekly workout schedule? |

Two to three days a week I do yoga, paddle boarding, hiking, & Pilates. I focus on my core and backside the most. Generally, I do more cardio than strength training so I look lean for my job.

| Favorite healthy tip |

I have been obsessed with Kombucha for eight years. It is a fermented tea that is full of probiotics & B Vitamins. It detoxes my body and makes my skin glow. When I am not traveling for work, I brew Kombucha tea at home.

| Cocktail of choice? |

Anything with tequila! When it comes to cocktails, I skip the sugary mixes and fruit juices. Sugar is what leads me to hating myself the next day. Sugar hangovers are the worst!

The Skinny Confidential x model Alyssa Smith.

| To die for beauty product? |

Psssssst! It’s a cheap dry shampoo that has been around for decades. It helps combat oily hair in between washes & seriously saves my life.

| Secret model tip? |

Exfoliate! Korean day spas have the best full body scrubs imaginable. Your skin looks and feels incredible after a scrub. And watching how much dead skin comes off is grossly entertaining.

| Natural beauty tip? |

I use baby oil on my eyelashes to remove makeup and nourish them. I get tons of compliments on my eyelashes so I think it really works!

| When I wake up I… |

I lay in bed for fifteen to twenty minutes listening to music, this ensures that I don’t fall back asleep right away. Then, it’s coffee & shower time!

The Skinny Confidential x model Alyssa Smith.
The Skinny Confidential x model Alyssa Smith.

| WTF’s in your purse? |

I purposely have been carrying a smaller handbag to reduce the amount of unnecessary stuff that builds up, but you are always bound to find packets of Stevia sweetener, Wellness Formula vitamins, lip gloss, a mini Kai body lotion, two packs of gum, & my car keys ( if I’m lucky ).

| Styles you’re loving lately? |

1.} Full Bloom Sweater by LOVER

2.} Carnation Dress by Reformation

3.} San Pedro Mini Dress by For Love & Lemons (( <<< on sale!! ))

4.} Lézard Swim bikinis ( which will be out in 2015 )

5.} Snakeskin & leather ankle-Strap sandals by Chloé

| Quick, easy recipe? |

I make a ‘Gluten-Free Vegan Brownie Soufflé’, invented by yours truly.

I substitute vegan butter, organic egg replacement, & brown rice flour. Pour the batter into a round glass bowl for a gooey center surrounded by brownie. It’s delicious and guilt free!

+ To follow Alyssa on Instagram, click here

The Skinny Confidential x model Alyssa Smith.
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    1. The bikini is made from neoprene and is fom N.L.P
      You can find them on instagram with the same name, their bikinis are very special 🙂

  1. Aaaaah she’s so gorgeous!
    This is so awesome that you were able to have her on your blog and thank you for the tips!

  2. She is my favorite daughter!
    (by the way, I was addicted to PSSSSST and baby oil since the ’70’s!)
    But, she got me addicted to Kombucha!

  3. Interesting Post. Yoga makes you fit. If you stick with healthy diet then you will look like this actress . Beautiful actress 🙂

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