Everything You Need To Know About Kundalini Yoga & All The Benefits

Kundalini Yoga - everything you need to know

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Today Erika Polsinelli is here. She’s talking all about Kundalini yoga which is something I’ve been really interested in lately. My trainer Brent of @bodiesbybrentatx got me into it. He told me about all the benefits, so I wanted to go straight to the source for you.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m very excited to, especially after reading Erika’s post. She gets into specific benefits, how Kundalini has impacted her life, & walks us through a practice.

Like, I had no idea that Kundalini is good for all the systems in our bodies ?? Well, I’ll let you read about it…

Without further ado, let’s welcome Erika to the  blog.

Everything You Need To Know About Kundalini Yoga & All The Benefits

Introduce yourself to The Skinny Confidential audience.

Erika Polsinelli: Hi! My name is Erika Polsinelli & I teach Kundalini yoga & meditation. This is different than any other type of yoga you may imagine. Kundalini consists of breathwork, movement, & mantra.

When I first started practicing this, I thought it was a little out there & woo woo but I could not deny the immediate release I felt from this practice. My first experience was only three minutes of a specific breathwork & after those three minutes I felt post – orgasm bliss. I was absolutely hooked & I’m so excited to share this practice with you!

Kundalini Yoga benefits

What is kundalini?

EP: Kundalini is an ancient practice that has been practiced for thousands of years. It is called the yoga of awareness. I often say it is like soul therapy. It helps us to be aware of the emotional blockages we may be holding onto & release them through specific meditations.

There is a meditation for everything & anything you could possibly want or need. Holding emotions from a past relationship? There is a meditation for that! Feeling anxious? There is a meditation for that! Want to attract in prosperity & abundance? There is a meditation for that! Want to cleanse & pump the lymph system? There is a meditation for that.

What immediately attracted me to this practice is the specific health benefits that come with each meditation or exercise set which is called a kriya.

Can you walk us through a kundalini practice?

EK: When beginning to practice Kundalini, let’s start with wardrobe. Make sure that you are comfortable & in something you feel comfortable & confident in. The yogic tradition is to wear white & cover your head because we are activating the kundalini energy within us. That is our highest potential energy that we actually unlock through this practice. However, I have made the practice my own & practice in anything I am guided to wear.

To begin, we tune in with a mantra – the Adi Mantra – Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.

We say this three times. This means “I bow to the divine wisdom within.” There is a healer within each of us & this mantra helps us to tap into that & our highest potential.

From there, we take a minute to allow that energy to move through the body & then go into either a warm up breathwork or movement. I love beginning every Kundalini session with a cat cow – but this is not your ordinary cat cow you may do in another yoga class. This is a fast-paced, high potency cat cow. By doing it quicker & with powerful breaths, we tap into the glandular system helping to pump energy & assist in the detoxification process. This leaves us feeling amazing, awakened & with a beautiful glow.

From there, we can do a few more warm ups or movement exercises & then go into a meditation. The meditation can consist of a specific breathwork or mantra. This part is usually eleven minutes long but it can be cut down for beginners.

To end, we seal the practice off with gratitude & the Long Time Sun mantra.

May the long time sun shine upon you,

All love surround you,

& the pure light within you,

Guide your way on.

What are the benefits of kundalini?

What are the benefits of kundalini?

EP: They are endless! There are emotional, spiritual & physical benefits loaded into this practice & that is what makes this one of the most potent types of meditation. 

First & foremost, Kundalini helps us to peel back our layers like an onion. We can use this practice to heal the traumas we have experienced & emotions from the past that we may be holding. Traumas & stored emotions sometimes make us act out of a place of fear, hurt, or ego. Once we clear & free ourselves of these, we are able to be who we are meant to be, without any of the baggage.

Kundalini also helps us to tap into our spiritual side. By practicing, you can experience profound spiritual experiences. You become a magnet for your manifests because you are increasing your vibrational frequency through the practice.

Kundalini benefits all the systems of the body. It is beneficial to the glandular system, the lymphatic system, the nervous system, digestive system & more. The movements & breathwork are specific in helping us bring ourselves back into a state of alkaline.

Erika Polsinelli

Who needs it & why?

EP: EVERYONE. Ok so you definitely need to be ready for Kundalini. If you feel called to the practice & it has come into your orbit, that may be a sign from the universe. I feel like everyone can benefit from this because picture this – imagine we all had trash from our houses sitting outside. We all have trash & emotional baggage that we are carrying around with us everyday.

If everyone started to clean up their own sh!t ( for lack of a better phrase ) the Earth would be cleaner. It is the same with energy. We will be more patient, more grounded, more centered when we have encounters with others. Energy is contagious & we must first work on our energy in order to see a more positive & peaceful world.

What is the best time of day to practice kundalini?

EP: Great question! The best time of day to practice is before sunrise, however Kundalini is so powerful & you will receive its benefits & feel its effects any time of the day.

There is science & logic to support why before sunrise would be best. During that time, the lighting is different. We are in a peaceful state of the world because we are in infrared energy rather than UV energy. This helps our brain waves to stay calm & slow, similar to when we are sleeping. It is easier to dip deeper into meditation during that time.

But also, think about it. By 9:00 or 10:00 the phones start ringing, the emails start pinging, the people are awake & ready. We need time to get ahead. This is why it is so helpful to meditate in the early morning. It is said that your practice can be up to 40x more powerful during hours before the sunrise.

Are there any meditations that go with it?

EP: There are many meditations that are recommended for the morning. The morning Kundalini ritual is called a Sadhana. To do a Sadhana, there are specific mantras to sing during these hours that are to help us through the times we are living in, known as the Aquarian Age. From there, you can do your warm ups & go into your meditation. 

Can you tell everyone your morning routine that sets you up for a peaceful & successful day?

EP: My non-negotiables everyday are waking up, drinking a water with lemon, taking my probiotic & getting on my meditation cushion which is in a space by the window. I love looking out at the sky & nature when I meditate.

From there I tune in with the Adi Mantra & take a few moments to let the energy settle as I visualize all that I am grateful for. I thank the universe for all the blessings I have. From there I go into three minutes of the Cat Cow I described above while listening to a protection mantra. ( I forgot to mention that there is also a mantra for anything you need. I start my day with protection so that I can be protected from any other energy that comes my way which helps me to stay grounded & emit love no matter what! )

Cat cow helps to wake you up & give you a beautiful glow. After cat cow, I go into Ego Eradicator. Ego Eradicator is a powerful breathwork & posture to help release fears, alkaline the body, oxygenate the system which helps fight disease, bring in energy to feel alert, clear the lungs & so much more! After this, I go into a breathwork or mantra meditation for 11 minutes. I come out feeling like I have cleansed myself of everything I need to in order to be the best version of me.

What is your nighttime routine that helps you wind down?

EP: At night, I put on my blue blockers if I am still doing work on technology & try to shut down an hour before bed. I leave a lot of my skincare products as well as my gua sha on my night stand.

I use oils to first massage the back of the neck to open everything up & then gua sha my face. After that I take a drop of essential oils, breath long, slowly & deeply before lying down to rest. This helps me release any energy I have picked up during the day. I set the intention that it is cleared out of my aura. I put on my mantra loop on a very low volume & listen to mantra as I sleep.

There are specific Kundalini meditations to help with sleep that I encourage many others to do if they need the help. One simple one is breathing in for 8 strokes & then out for 1. Repeat for 3 minutes until you feel calm & clear.

What’s a book, podcast or resource you recommend? 

EP: I believe that understanding the energy of the universe only helps us to understand ourselves & our spiritual practice more. I love Abraham Hicks – Money & the Law of Attraction. That is one of my favorite high vibrational spiritual texts. I also wrote an ebook sharing my experience from plant-based living & practicing Kundalini. I am also launching a podcast this month which will talk more about living in your purpose, following your passion & all the details on Kundalini.

Where can everyone find you? Pimp yourself out! 

EP: I am @inkale.exkale on instagram & my website is www.evolvebyerika.com. Through here, I offer a membership where you can gain access to a library of meditations, some as short as 8 minutes & some as long as 45 minutes.

I also go live with the members weekly. I wanted to create something that would give others the access to take the power back over their lives & truly change their lives for the better. My podcast, The Evolve Podcast, will be out on Apple, Spotify & Youtube.

Be sure to check out Erika’s site to bring a little zen into your life. I for one am just so looking forward to her new podcast coming out.

Do you do Kundalini? What do you love about it. Tell all!

x, lauryn

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