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Everything You Need To Know About Healing Acne & SKIN With The Founders of CLEARSTEM

Healing Acne & SKIN With The Founders of CLEARSTEM

Last week our podcast episode with CLEARSTEM went live & boy oh boy is this a must listen.

Danielle & Kayleigh, the founders of CLEARSTEM have disrupted an industry like never before. Danielle is a total skincare guru and Kayleigh dealt with acne, so together they teamed up to create a brand that focuses on educating people to help them identify their own unique acne triggers.

Their skincare brand is anti-aging, & of course, anti-acne AND I love their Sunnyside mineral sunscreen brush. So ideal to keep in the car & dust it over your hands.

Anyway, Danielle and Kayleigh told us about so many triggers for acne that you might not even know about. One of them? EGGS !! Michael went fucking nuts. He loves eggs & ate like 4 right before the interview.

Like, there are so many things that people suffering from acne think are helping, but they’re not. You guys are gonna love this episode.

Everything You Need To Know About Healing Acne & SKIN With The Founders of CLEARSTEM

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

What I love most about CLEARSTEM is that, like I said, they really focus on educating their consumers & help you get to the root of your acne issues.

In this episode you’ll learn:

♡ why we should be using eye cream

♡ how CLEARSTEM was created

♡ the hormones that cause acne

♡ what Accutane does to your body

♡ vitamins that trigger acne when found in excess

♡ top dairy alternatives

♡ how acupuncture can help your skin

♡ their favorite morning wellness practices

This episode is so eye-opening whether you suffer from acne or not. Be sure to listen to the full episode & use code SKINNY for 20% off at ( Like, get the mineral SPF brush, it’s so convenient ).

Him & Her Podcast with CLEARSTEM

x, lauryn

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