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Everyday Fitness Essentials Every Woman Should Own

fitness favorites | by the skinny confidential

Everyday Fitness Essentials Every Woman Should Own

There are certain fitness items EVERY woman should own.

Think, your 100% essentials, which you can always rely on, & absolutely can’t live without. You know that you’re able to use these items interchangeably with any activewear outfit, & they somehow end up in your gym bag, car, or any random spots just because you always want them handy.

Here is my list of everyday fitness essentials:

Pretty Light Sneakers:

Ugly, awkward, oversized workout shoes are a thing of the past ( thankfully!! ). There are so many brands choosing to design beautiful, comfortable, cute tennis shoes for women. And— it’s not just Nike doing this, ladies… TONS of brands are stepping their game up. These pink sneakers are super cute, girly, & perfect for Spring!

Post Workout Off The Shoulder Sweatshirt:

After a hot sweaty workout, throwing on a loose fitting sweater is an absolute must. Have you ever walked outside on windy day after a workout? BRRRR UM, HELLO CHILLS. If you always have a sweater handy you’ll avoid the post workout goose bumps. Plus it hides a sweaty sports top. 

Sports Bra:

Even though you have your measurements, finding the right fit is tricky. It has to be snug fit but not too tight, avoid wrinkles, underwire must not pinch or dig in your skin, adjust your straps, and make sure you move around, jump, and swing your arms like lifting weights to make sure you are comfortable.

A Sexy Mesh Top:

Workout tops don’t have to be a giant loose shirt you stole from your boyfriend that also doubles as a pajama top. This black mesh top is cute; you’ll be the edgy, chic, confident woman in the gym and 100% far from basic.

Not Boring White Leggings:

These white leggings are seriously EVERYTHING. I die for them. White is perfect for going for walks or hikes with friends. They keep the heat off of you because white reflects the sun. OR, you can wear them while drinking wine with your friends over happy hour! HA!

Twirl Skort with Pockets:

An alternative for leggings.  Its a skirt and a short skirt+short or “skort”. This high wasted skort has crisscross waistband with front seam from the inner shorts to make it anti-cameltoe so you don’t have to worry about that and with added pockets the create the most perfect active skort of all time!

The Perfect Hat For Hikes:

Again, with the white. I’m really into white because of how much it reflects the sun away. Keeping the sun off your face matters BIG TIME. Plus, you should always wear a hat while hiking or doing any exercise outside. Hats should be your #1 essential, I know I sound like a bat shit sun psycho but it’s important!

Fitness Plan:

Before you start your fitness journey, you must assess your fitness level. You may have an idea of how fit you are and it is a good start to record your body mass index, pulse rate, heart rate, and record your fitness score to measure your progress.  Finding a personal trainer is a good way to guide you on your fitness plan.

Other fitness essentials:

If you plan to workout at home, here are some great workout essentials: Yoga mat, water bottle (must have – you have to stay hydrated), wireless headphones,  resistance bands.  After workout (especially if you’re in a rush): dry shampoo, lip balm, and cleansing wipes.

Okay, so what’s on your list of everyday fitness essentials.  Do you have a preferred different pre workout and post workout attire? Would love to know!


  1. WoW! Really impressive. All the items are essentials especially A sexy mesh top attract me much. Where can I get this kind of top? I want to gift it to my girlfriend. 🙂 Please let me know and also thanks for sharing.

  2. Not to mention, that mesh top can camo my back fat, lol. Great rundown. I certainly have to get out of wearing all black.

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