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custom white tee shirt | by the skinny confidentialcustom white tee shirt | by the skinny confidential

If you’re looking for a chic, COOL gift to give your man: I got you covered.

I may or may not have found the raddest present ever?

First off I have to say I am ALL ABOUT A WHITE TEE ON A GUY.


So when Son of a Tailor, a company that’s based in Denmark, reached out & told me about their business…I became…obsessed?

Why you ask?

Well I mean there’s nothing worse than when Michael reaches for the Pinot Grigio on the top shelf of our walk-in cabinet & his shirt rides up. NO. We can do better than that.

Especially because Son of a Tailor will NOW design the shirt to your liking & specific measurements. They offer a variety of colors, and you can even customize the neckline.

custom white tee shirt | by the skinny confidential


Guys this is music to my ears.

Seriously. No more belly button in my spaghetti, LOL.

100% custom fitting…YES PLEASE.

If you’re crazy like me, you can even get the tees monogrammed by the seamstress on the hang-tag. I love a good personalized moment.

Forget about me though, let’s ask the man:

Michael’s opinion:

I wear black and white t-shirts 90% of my life. It’s always been a mess finding a brand and product that fits me well. I have broader shoulders and a smaller waist. If I buy a large it usually comes out too big and a medium ends up too tight and short.
With Son Of A Tailor I am able to send in my exact measurements and get exactly what I’m looking for. A well-fitting shirt that doesn’t ride up too short or hang down too long.
I know it sounds strange but t-shirts are some of the best gifts Lauryn can get me. I live in them, I work in them. They can be worn with anything. Lauryn’s friends are always asking me what to get their boyfriends and husbands.

Custom fitted t-shirts are the answer and Son Of A Tailor nails it. Best in the game. Thinking of gifting these to my new brother ( what up Myles! ).

custom white tee shirt | by the skinny confidentialcustom white tee shirt | by the skinny confidentialcustom white tee shirt | by the skinny confidential

Lauryn’s opinion:

Yes, back to my opinion ( HA! )…ORGANIC COTTON? SHIT, I’m in. Who cares about Michael? I like it. Very much my vibe. Plus who doesn’t love a guy in a hot white tee. I’m very much into Charlie Hunnam. Heard of him? If not, run— RUN— to watch Sons of Anarchy. He’s always rocking a hot white tee with a leather jacket. There’s really nothing hotter. If you’re looking for a unique, COOL gift to get for your man…THIS IS IT. Not only because it’s rad but because you no longer have to look at their horrid fitted white tee.

Ok so this is how it works. You order a giftbox, which includes a measurement tape in case you don’t have one already, and a voucher code for 1 custom fitted T-Shirt. It comes pre-wrapped so it’s super easy to pop under the tree, and when he has the time your guy can then customize the T-Shirt exactly how he likes it, easy right?

Anyway, I feel like I’ll end up stealing it & rocking it with my dark washed flares & a black pump.
Stalk Son of a Tailor’s gift boxes & get a free measuring tape/tee shirt voucher + free shipping.

PLEASE use the code SKINNY16 for 15% off.


Attn men: every guy NEEDS a shirt that actually fits. LIKE PLEASE.

Happy shopping! Hope this makes it easier?

x lauryn

+ pink dress{ photos }

This post is in collaboration with Son of a Tailor. As always ALL opinions are my own.

every-guy-needs-a-hot-white-tee-great-gift-idea-too-3-by-the-skinnyconfidentialcustom white tee shirt | by the skinny confidential


  1. Love this!! My boyfriend has a really long torso, but he’s also really skinny making all of his shirts either too big or too short. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  2. okay, desperately in need of this same thing but for womens teeshirts!! ALWAYS on the hunt for the perfect tee!!

  3. Was LEGIT just telling my boyfriend he needs a “nice looking white t that doesnt look like it came out of a plastic bag from target” and he was like WTF are you talking about a white t is a white t…. SO TY LAURYN!! Now I can show him EXACTLY what I mean!! You’re the best xx

  4. Now I’m definitely gonna try it out. Heard great things about this brand and love the simplicity of their t-shirts. My man will definitely look handsome in a Son of a Tailor t-shirt! Plus, they have free shipping worldwide so what’s not to love about it!

  5. Thank-you Lauryn, I love this. My partner has a white v-neck shirt that he looks so great in but I have never found another one like it. I have just ordered one from Son of a Tailor. Thank-you!!

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