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Beauty Rest Essentials

beauty sleep | by the skinny confidential


I just woke up from THE BEST night of beauty sleep I’ve had in a LONG-ASS time. That’s right, no bad dreams, not groggy. I love to get up kind of feeling, just PURE ready for the day because you got a good night’s sleep.

Let me start by saying, that getting enough sleep is my NUMBER ONE beauty tip.

Because DUH…

Lack of sleep will:

+ decrease proper & efficient brain functions
+ increase the appearance of dark circles
+ dehydrate your skin
+ worsen immune functions related to skin such as psoriasis and eczema
+ make you CRANKY AS SHIT!

Getting enough shut eye WILL:

+ increase the appearance of radiant skin
+ improve hair growth ( <– major PLUS!! )
+ REDUCE & reverse the signs of aging.
+ support proper & efficient brain functions
+ reduce inflammation ( AKA acne! )
+ IMPROVE immune system related skin issues.

There is the easy way to do things…& the hard way. I prefer the EASY way.

In order to get the sleep you need, make sure you have everything you need.

Essentials for getting enough beauty rest:

Lavender Oil:

Research shows that the scent of lavender oil reduces anxiety and insomnia. I will either start diffusing it an hour or so before bed, OR just rub a little on your chest. It’s SO calming & will put you right to sleep.

Comfy Pajamas:

INVEST in soft, cozy, never want to take off kind of pajamas. Put them on an hour or two before bed time. Get in the mood, dim the lights, & set yourself up for a comfortable, relaxed sleep.

Sleep Masks:

I need the room PITCH BLACK in order to sleep. Did you know that light actually tells your body to release chemicals to keep you up. That goes for both technology light & light from the sun. So invest in a cute sleep mask so your body gets in serious sleepy mode & stays there the whole night. I love both this purple one & this pale pink one.

The Right Pillow:

I’m sure you’ve heard that a bad pillow can wreak havoc on both you’re sleep cycle & your body. But did you know it can also take a REAL toll on your skin. Yep, switch your pillow to not only get a good night’s sleep but also support your skin. The Night Pillow is a total game changer, it won’t leech important moisture from your skin, AKA it won’t cause wrinkles, blemishes OR split ends. I have two.


I can’t recommend this stuff enough. If you’re having trouble with insomnia, or you’re not getting quality sleep, PLEASE try this stuff. It seriously KNOCKS me out. There are tons of magnesium & other vitamins that support restful sleep. I promise, you’ll notice a real difference right away!

I personally strive for EIGHT hours per night ( or more…LOL ).



    1. Hi Diana!! I’m so glad you love CALM tea!! Isn’t it the best?? How did you get your boyfriend to try it? Was he into it from day one? xx

  1. Lovin’ the CALM tea…do you take a Magnesium supplement at night in addition to this tea? Can you get too much Magnesium? Also, check out Neuro Sleep drink…it’s the best thing for sleep I’ve ever tried, my fiancé and I are obsessed. WOrk the best out of anything to put us to sleep (better than melatonin, magnesium, etc.) and there is NO drowsiness whatsoever like there can be with some sleep aids like Benadryl or Advil PM.

    1. Hi Kim, no I don’t take an extra magnesium supplement. I just do the tea, it’s perfect!! Is Neuro all natural? What’s in it? So intrigued! Thanks for reading! xx

  2. I have such a hard time finding a good pillow for side sleeping! Would the night pillow be good for side sleepers too?

    1. Liz I have one of these pillows and I am definitely a dedicated side sleeper. It is literally the best purchase I have ever made!

    2. Hi Liz! Yes it’s great for side sleeping. It will be easy on your skin too. Side sleepers can get irritated cheeks if they’re not using the right kind of pillow. xx

  3. A good herbal tea before bed is also great to help you get into the sleeping mode. I’m always afraid to use essential oils. I know you have to dilute them but I don’t know how, and I read that can be poisonous if not used properly….



    1. Hi Tamara! Are you diffusing them? If you’re diffusing there should be a line in your diffuser showing you where to fill the water up to. Then you use anywhere from 2-5 drops depending on how strong you want it. If you’re putting it on your skin just do 1-2 drops. I hope this helps!! xx

  4. I get about 7-8 hours during the week but then on the weekends I’m out for like 10-12 hours. I always fall asleep so early on Friday nights cause I’m just so exhausted from the week. Over the past year I’ve invested in a nicer bed, a cute bedding set, pjs, and pillows and I seriously get such a better sleep now! I definitely think setting aside time before bed to wind down is important.

    1. Hi Sara, I feel you. A good mattress is literally ESSENTIAL to good beauty sleep. I should add it to this list!! Thanks for reading

  5. Sleep is so essential to our well being. We’ve had a burglar alarm going off in the night near us a few times this week and it’s really disruptive

    1. Hi Suze! Eeeek! Do you know where it’s coming from? Maybe the owners don’t know it’s going off! Are you going to investigate? xx

  6. You need to try this contoured sleep mask! It doesn’t smash your eyes or lashes and is the only sleep mask I’ve ever found to be somewhat comfortable. It is seriously the BEST.

  7. Ah, totally agree with getting enough sleep.

    I actually just bought a bunch of essential oils, any other recommendations other than the lavender?

    1. Hi Bree! So many! Not for sleep, but I LOVE tangerine. It’s literally my favorite. Also try frankincense & lemon. They’re great. xx

  8. i totally agree with this post–i was diagnosed with insomnia a few years ago and never felt worse. lack of sleep affects so much more than your mood! glad that is behind me!

    1. Hi Leslie, OH NO! So sorry you have insomnia, that must be really hard. Definitely try the CALM tea! I really think it will help. Also make sure you’re turning off ALL technology 2 hours before you’re getting ready for bed. It’s a real game changer. xx

    1. Hi Kristen, I feel you. I wish every day was 36 hours long. Would suit my lifestyle MUCH better. LOL! xx

  9. I get 6-8 hours unless I am working on a project then I wake up at 5 AM to work until about 7 before my house wakes up. I find that going to bed before 9 is tough during those times but I do try and get my sleep as much as I can, that and cute PJS never hurt anyone 😉 I love the ELISE pajamas, its a Canadian brand but the silk is SO amazing you would LOVE them!

  10. I love sleeping, once I’m asleep! A lot of the time I have trouble falling asleep. I have found an amazing hypnosis sleep app on my phone that knocks both me and my boyfriend right out! ???. It’s awesome!

  11. I also swear by Calm! My mom introduced it to me a month or so ago and I don’t know how I slept with out. I never felt so rested and I always sleep through the night now 🙂 Love those PJs too!

  12. I love all of your posts, and really loved the fact that you use Young Living… Why are you advertising a lesser quality oil brand?!!!

  13. Just ordered a couple bottles of CALM. I’m currently working a graveyard rotation at work. I hate how most sleep aids leave me feeling kind of hung over when I wake up. High hopes for this one!!! I also ordered an extra bottle for a friend who pretty much never sleep. Can’t wait to try it out, thanks for the tip 😉

  14. Love all of this. Do you really like the pillow? I need a good one but just want to make sure the price is worth it.

  15. Rubbing a bit of lavender oil is an awesome idea =) I think the scent really sets the tone to give you a better night’s sleep. Awesome tips =) Thank you!

  16. I just ordered my Night pillow! I am so excited…I have so much trouble sleeping and after reading all about it and your blog, I decided to splurge and buy one. I always love reading your blog! Can’t wait to try out my new pillow!

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