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Your Badass Guide To Essential Oils

Guide To Essential Oils. An OIL BREAKDOWN 5 | by The Skinny ConfidentialOIL BREAKDOWN 13 | by The Skinny Confidential

GUYS! Today my younger sister Faye is going to talk about something she lovessss: ESSENTIAL OILS. You may remember Faye from a vintage TSC feature OR from the podcast where she so bravely opened up about her struggle with addiction– either way, my sister knows her shit when it comes to oils. She also knows me better than anyone, so when she recommended I clean my kitchen with Theives & diffuse Tangerine every morning ( like I said, she knows me well! ), I listened. Definitely my two favorites right now.

Anyway, I’m obsessed with essential oils & you should be too. They’re something that sets the ambience, you know? They create a mood. Moods that can be relaxing ( hi Lavender! ), uplifting ( talking to you, Eucalyptus! ), or even invigorating ( why I love Tangerine! ). Mood is so important, in my opinion. A little Bossanova, some candles, a warm cup of tea, & oils diffusing really sets the scene. I love a good scene.

SO! Faye is going to breakdown some of her favorite oils & show you how she uses them. Once you commit to oils, you will never go back!

As you know, Faye joined Michael & I on the podcast to discuss her experience with addiction. Through her struggle ( she’s sober & healthy now with the cutest son- my nephew, Daxton! ) she got very into essential oils & natural living.

Ok, I’ll let her doing the talking now?
OIL BREAKDOWN 3 | by The Skinny Confidential

Introduce yourself:

Faye Evarts: Hi everyone! I’m Faye, Lauryn’s little sister. I live in Orange County, CA & I am a full-time mom to my one year old son and two chihuahuas, Hazel & Royale. Because I am so busy with the baby, I needed something I could do to make money from home, besides my online thrift store on Poshmark, “Evillarts Vintage,” so I told Lauryn about my newfound love ( yes, I’m slow to catch on ) essential oils! I have never found something so beneficial and reasonably priced that actually worked & not kidding, CHANGED my life!

Tell us about your favorite oils!

FE: Personally, my favorite oil is Frankincense; they call it the “King of all Oils.” It pretty much does everything, in other words, everything I am lacking or obsessed with worrying about ( insert laugh/cry emoji here ). Frankincense is great for the skin! It reduces wrinkles ( put a few drops in your moisturizer ), fights depression, it’s a stress reliever, fights respiratory infections/colds, it’s anti-inflammatory, a muscle relaxer & more!

Next, THIEVES. Thieves is like a liquid Echinacea, on steroids.

FE: Ever since I started using this oil, no one in my house has been sick. I diffuse it & rub it on my baby’s feet ( always dilute this oil with a carrier oil like olive oil because it can burn your skin ), especially after being on a playdate or in a daycare setting. Not only do I use Thieves oil, but also cleaner, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, & every other Thieves product Young Living makes because it kills all bacteria, fights disease, & strengthens the immune system.

OIL BREAKDOWN 10 | by The Skinny Confidential

You talk about oils as house cleaners- tell me more.

FE: I am also obsessed with using chemical-free EVERYTHING in my home. My cleaning lady simply uses ONE cleaner ( Thieves ) in our home, on everything: toilets, windows, showers, dishes, baby toys…the list goes on. I was actually weary to use the cleaner at first because I didn’t think it would work as well as bleach or others because there are no chemicals, but to my surprise it actually works BETTER! And with no side effects!

What else can oils do?

FE: Essential oils can be found in the blood stream less than ten minutes after applying them to your skin. They are the only thing on the planet that can enter every cell in your body. When you smell the oil, it sends a signal to your limbic system in your brain, which rule your emotions ( also, blood pressure, heart rate, memory, stress and hormone balance ) to a sense of peace, joy & contentment.

OIL BREAKDOWN 6 | by The Skinny Confidential

 How did oils help with Daxton’s cold?

FE: Peppermint & Eucalyptus help him with breathing and a cough, so I diffuse those when he is sick. For preventive measures, I rub Thieves and a carrier oil ( like olive oil- this is a MUST for children because the oils by themselves are too powerful for their skin ) on his feet. And I also will clean all his toys with Thieves cleaner after he is sick or after another child plays with them ( yes, I’m psycho ). I will mix R.C. with olive oil as well and rub it on his chest to help with congestion. Not only have the oils helped his colds, but also his acid reflux/colic, which he suffered from for the first few months of life ( & I suffered too ). I just add a drop of Peppermint oil to his bottle whenever I smell the acid on his breath or he spits up.

+ Side note: Peppermint is also amazing for headaches, varicose veins, cold sores, eczema and nausea.

…also can we talk about how Dax LOVES to eat raw lemons just like his Aunt Lauryn <3:

OIL BREAKDOWN 8 | by The Skinny Confidential

Which is your favorite oil and why?

FE: I would say DiGize is the winner in our house because Johnny ( my fiancé ) & I have a lot of stomach issues, especially him ( LOL ), thanks to his years of eating fast food! So I would say this is amazing because when you are suffering from bloating, cramps, gas, constipation, etc. ( I don’t want to go on because it can get gross ), it’s so necessary to have something that’s natural & fast acting, but actually GOOD for you. Whenever we are experiencing any of those symptoms we rub DiGize on our stomachs, or even put a few drops in our water or tea. Works like a charm! Try it!

Benefits of my favorite oil: tangerine?

FE: Tangerine is very good for purifying your house and making it smell clean, it is very citrusy ( of course & Lauryn’s all time favorite ). Tangerine oil is an anti-septic & an immune booster as well. It is also a digestive aid and helps with insomnia & memory support. The best part about Tangerine is it regenerates new cells while purifying the blood! That being said, I would buy it as a “Vitality” as well as an oil, so I could put it in my drink to digest!

Can oils help with anxiety?

FE: Absolutely; I have the worst anxiety & depression and oils have changed the game for me, more than anything else and I have tried it ALL. The best oils for anxiety are, Frankincense, Clary Sage, Lavender, and Bergamot. Or you can buy the blend called Stress Away or Peace and Calming 2 ( which is another one of my all-time faves ).

OIL BREAKDOWN 12 | by The Skinny ConfidentialOIL BREAKDOWN 7 | by The Skinny Confidential

 What kinds of oils are the best to buy?

FE: I would say Young Living because they are the purest on the market. They are a seed to seal company which means they are distilled right there at the factory/farm & transferred directly into the bottle. Young Living controls the whole process and owns all their own farms worldwide, so there is no middle man or grey area, it is very simple and honest. I have tried many different companies and it is scary because you do not know exactly what is in the oils and you could be diffusing/using chemicals and jeopardizing your health, which is why I stick with Young Living because I know they are all pure- you get what you pay for, QUALITY.

Why do people need oils in their life?

FE: Oils can replace any medication, chemical, product, fluoride, etc. Practically everything we purchase at stores or on a daily basis can have cancer causing chemicals and if you want to live a clean life & have pure products in your home and around your family, it’s the way to go. Also, if you are a DIY person you can make all your own products at home with the oils and save money too. I am not the creative type, but Young Living sent me a booklet with one of my orders to make homemade baby wipes, deodorant, shower gel, dish soap and more and even I could make them! Now I know exactly what is in everything I am putting in Dax’s body/lungs and I live a more simple, healthy & honest life!

Oils are incredible. I love using them to set the mood when I’m working in the morning with peppermint or to wind down at night with some lavender. They instantly shift your mood. What are you excited to try?


+ Find Faye: Instagram | Poshmark | Snapchat | Faye’s favorite oils

++ e-mail Faye with any questions at:

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OIL BREAKDOWN 2 | by The Skinny Confidential

  1. Great post! I had no idea Oils did all that! I
    need the one for blood pressure and
    anxiety. I’m on this tomorrow. Thanks for the info!
    Carol xxoo

  2. I just got into young living eo 2 weeks ago for thyroid auto immune disease(scared frankincense)and it’s been good so far though a lil expensive. This post is so reassuring!

  3. uh!!! DAX has my heart. And Faye is amazing. I have started using lavender oil to fall asleep and using a mix called “Happy” on my yoga students when in savasana. I am looking to invest in one of the steamer machines, but they are expensive. AND i WANT LIKE THREE. One for office, home, a mini for travel and maybe one for my car. LOL

  4. While I don’t personally notice a huge difference with EOs, I still use them DAILY because I truly believe in them. But I must say, I’m a little jealous of people who actually NOTICE the benefits of them 😛

  5. Yay I love this post!! I love YL and it’s all I have been using too because of their seed to seal promise! I add a drop of frankincense and a drop of lavender to some grapeseed oil and use that as my moisturizer! I see a huge difference when I use it vs when I forget to use it

    I love diffusing Lavender + cedarwood at night. It KNOCKS ME OUT!!

    I also love the roll ons Tranquil (which also relaxes me & puts me to sleep immediately) and Deep relief (my 1st oil that got me hooked. So amazing for any aches, pains, headaches, sore muscles!)

  6. Thanks for doing this post! I love essential oils and loved hearing all of your favorite oils and uses! Also love your diffuser! Where did you get it/what brand is it?

  7. I am a great believer in the power of the oils and I wonder if you could offer some of your healing wisdom to me.

    On Easter Sunday I fell and broke my wrist in three places. As I am a senior, I know that my bones are compromised in their healing, but I want to do all that I can with nutrition and supplements and the wonderful essential oils.
    if you could suggest something now, I would be very grateful. Also, would apricot work as the carrier oil?

    Thank-you for your help,

  8. Love this post! It helped me with some information I needed for an essential oils video I made for YouTube and, which is a website that promotes sleep and reviews mattresses.

  9. Are all of these oils safe to use for someone who has lung problems ? Like, will I be able to breathe normally 🙂

  10. What are you thoughts on ingesting oils? I know Young Living makes oils that can be ingested. My nutritionist suggested adding a few drops of grapefruit and lemon to water — but I’m a little skeptical because I’ve read they can erode the stomach.

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