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essential oils | by the skinny confidential
essential oils | by the skinny confidential
essential oils | by the skinny confidential


BUT REALLY. Are you ready to talk about ESSENTIAL OILS.

I have never gotten so many questions as I have gotten about essential oils via Snapchat & Instagram.

First off, I, Lauryn Evarts am MADLY, OBSESSED, CRAZY, DEEP IN LOVE with essential oils.

But, before I blogged about them, you better bet your ass I did my research.

And wow, GUYS (!!!) they are INSANE.

( By the way, if you think this is sponsored, it’s not. I have never been so obsessed with anything. THESE OILS are MAGIC POTION ).

Sure, I’m like a fucking witch doctor mixing my oils every day but did you know that they’re hundreds of years old with TONS ( AND I MEAN TONS ) of benefits.

essential oils | by the skinny confidential

Before you think I’m crazy, consider the research:

There are three basic ways you can incorporate essential oils into your life:

♡ Aromatically ( my favorite ): I personally like to use a diffuser. You can also rub 2–3 drops of essential oil between your palms and inhale deeply.

♡ Topically: Rub a few drops on the desired area of your body. Use it as massage oil or simply apply it to a specific desired area and rub it in! Make sure you’re not allergic or sensitive to any specific types of oil with your doctor. Always make sure there are instructions on the bottle and follow the label’s dilution instructions. LOVE it this way.

♡ Dietary: Add 1-2 drops to your water, tea, juice, or any beverage! You can also add a few drops to your meals when cooking or use it in smoothies or yogurt. Always make sure there are instructions for internal use. I drop grapefruit oil in TSC Detox Drink every AM ( it’s known to speed the metabolism but more on that later ).

Lately, I’ve been diffusing essential oils from Young Living morning, day, & night. I cannot stop.

By the way, Michael was NOT a believer. In fact, he made fun of me.

NOW? Well, I catch him burning oils all the time now. He loves their vibe, smell, & feel.

Also, there’s an oil for every type of occasion: work, social hour, sleeping, relaxing, working out, you name it, there’s an oil.

If I want to feel relaxed/chill ( stoned? ), there’s an oil for it. If I want to feel energized/awake ( high-ish? ), there’s an oil for it. If I want to feel inspired/motivated ( entrepreneurial? ), there’s an oil for it.

You catch my drift, right? Oils are IT.

essential oils | by the skinny confidential

When I came across essential oils, I knew I was going to be a lifer. I was hooked when I attended an oil party ( you already know this if you follow TSC on Instagram ). After I spent some major time researching, I put them to use.

And….I was hooked.

I Immediately signed up for Young Living Essential Oils. I did my own research & Young Living are the only organic, real oils I found with the kinds I wanted ( I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE VALOR! ). So I became a member, which means I not only get a discount, but I get oils every single month shipped to my house.

You’d think I wouldn’t want oils every month but that’s like saying a crack addict wouldn’t want crack. I go through them FAST.

essential oils | by the skinny confidential

These are ten oils in the Premium Starter Kit:

+ check out all the different uses in the description of each item on the Young Living website.


This South American oil derived from tree sap promotes wellness and can be used with honey in your essential oil-infused tea.


This blend can be used as a dietary supplement, includes Ginger, Anise, Peppermint, Lemongrass and more.

* Frankincense:

Has an earthy, balsamic aroma that is highly revered for its ability to increase feelings of spirituality & inner strength. Helps with headaches.

* Lavender:

Helps relieve nervous tension and pain. It can also help improve circulation. Promotes relaxation & helps you fall asleep.


Has a stimulating aroma, can be used topically after exercise, blend includes Peppermint, Helichrysum, Clove and more.


Supports normal digestion, including the promotion of healthy intestinal function and gastrointestinal system comfort. 


This blend includes Citronella, Lemongrass, Myrtle, etc. Helps freshen the air and eliminate odors. Diffuse or make a spray for your bag.


Includes three types of eucalyptus, so enjoy taking deep breaths for an inspiring and uplifting massage or before exercise.

Stress Away:

This blend of Vanilla, Lime and Coconut encourages relaxation, reduces nervous tension and relieves daily stress.


When used as a dietary supplement, supports healthy immune function, includes Cinnamon Bark, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Rosemary.


essential oils | by the skinny confidential

essential oils | by the skinny confidential



My other favorites outside of the Premium Starter Kit:

Brain Power:

This inspiring, uplifting fragrance is great for the home, office, or on the go! I like to diffuse it during the day to get into work mode!

Deep Relief:

Energizing blend of Peppermint, Helichrysum, Wintergreen and more. Use it topically after a hard workout. The aroma is so uplifting.


This blend of Bergamot, Coriander, Geranium, Ylang Ylang and more inspires a romantic, joyful, comforting environment. Diffuse or use topically.


I love the smell of citrus oils. This one is so bright and can be used as a supplement to support a healthy lifestyle, add to food or water.

Tea Tree oil:

Applied topically helps maintain healthy-looking scalp/hair, and can reduce the appearance of blemishes. Also apply to feet/toenails.


This is a supplement that helps support healthy thyroid function.


This blend of Blue Tansy, Frankincense, Spruce and Rosewood promotes courage. Also found to support energy alignment in the body.

White Angelica:

Promotes emotional well-being, connection with spirit, and protection from negative energy. May also enhance appearance of skin. Includes Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Melissa, Rose, and more.

*** Out of these, my favorite, cannot live without is: Frankincense, Valor, & Lavender.

Valor is especially important to me because I actually have used it on my face throughout the entire jaw surgery. To be honest, the jaw surgery I had was SO gnarly & I was so fucking swollen. So Valor has really helped with swelling. I’ve used it topically & in my diffuser.

I am almost emotional about how much it’s helped me. I think I’ll do a full separate post on it because I’m very much in love.

Ultimately I ENCOURAGE YOU guys. SERIOUSLY. I encourage you guys to do research on any ailment, personal problem, &/or issue, etc. to see if any of these oils are geared to helping your specific problem. You would be surprised. Some can really help! Check out the oil dictionary for more info.

What do you guys think? Are you into essential oils? Do you already use them in your daily routine either for cooking or simply for aromatherapy? Or does this seem weird/voo-doo?

Chat soon,

lauryn, x

+ mustard yellow top.

{ essential oils are perfect for a winding down & chilling out

{ PC }

essential oils | by the skinny confidential

  1. Essential oils are completely cleansing & a huge part of my nighttime routine – I love to put a couple drops of lavender on my pillow before I lay down to sleep! My fave way to diffuse them? In one of these cuties – !!!

    Check it out, so modern chic. Ha!

    Nicola, xo

  2. This might sound silly, but I want the oils because their packaging! SO CUTE. I think you just helped me figure out what I want for Christmas though. I had already bought my Fiance’s gift (I know, crazy early) and he was asking me what I wanted and I had NO IDEA. But I definitely see an oil diffuser in my near future. Do you suggest the one you have?

    1. Hi Dianna! Not silly at all. They look so cute on my shelves. Plus, my friends love checking them out and smelling all the different oils around the house :)) Thanks for reading! For a diffuser, I use the Young Living diffuser which you can purchase on the Young Living website. Link is above in the post! Thanks for reading

  3. I love essential oils too, eucalyptus is my favorite when I have a head cold or respiratory problems. Side topic: have you ever written a post on hair removal?

    1. Hi Clare! I LOVE eucalyptus. It’s so calming. I haven’t done a post on hair removal, but I have posted about my friend Michelle who shaves her face:

      Thanks for reading! xx

  4. This post could not have come at a better time-my new essential oils are coming today!

    I’m obsessed with adding a drop of lemon or lavender essential oil in my water- it’s such a game changer!

    1. Hi Anna! YAY! So glad to hear from a fellow oils witch doctor :)) I love mixing them up. Thanks for reading

  5. AHH! I was waiting for you to do a post on this, I was never sure which oils to buy.

    xx. The Coastal Confidence

    1. Hi Aubrey, did this post help? Which oils are you thinking of buying now?? Grab Valor, its my favorite!! xx

    1. Hi Dani! Which oils are you going to try? Will you let me know what you think? I’m completely obsessed so I love hearing how they affect other people. xx

  6. Interesting! I’ve heard a TON about Essential Oils but haven’t really looked into it beyond what I see on Facebook haha. This is a great post for those who are new to it!

    1. Hi Michelle, thank you for reading! Are you going to try?? I literally have 7 diffusers around my house LOL!!

  7. Lauryn, I feel like you are the only blogger who actually writes about things that are relevant to my daily life. It’s not all Chanel and Versace (although we do love those two.) You’re a guru, girl. Definitely going to try these oils. Keep it comin’.

  8. I legit can’t sleep without topically applying lavender oil…but your diffuser looks amazing, totally need one.
    My mom got me hooked on aromatherapy when I was in elementary school, so the subscription sounds like what I need on my christmas list or post first term treat list.

    1. Hi MacKenzie, I completely agree!!! You need oils on your list. I’m obsessed. I’m totally getting all my friends hooked on oils. Which oils does your mom use?? Thanks for reading. xx

  9. You sold me!!!! I enjoy reading your blog because you are real and always have great information. Thank you so much

    1. Of course Heidi! Are you going to try them?? LMK!! I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of oils. I am SO obsessed. xx

  10. I love essential oils! I was introduced to it by a nurse whose hospital uses essential oils in their cancer department.

    There was an older gentleman who had cancer and the treatments weren’t working. They got to the point where they were just trying to let him live comfortably. His daughter asked if she could try essential oils and they said “why not, it couldn’t hurt”. After a few weeks he started to improve! I don’t think he was cured, but they saw such an improvement that the cancer department decided to introduce it as an additional therapy! This is a very close friend of mine, so I know the story is true!

    Do your research, but most importantly give it a try and you’ll be hooked!

    1. Hi Jessi, WOW. That story of your family friend is amazing. I truly believe in essential oils, they are so calming and I just love the feeling I get from them. I believe! Thanks for reading

  11. I’ve been interested in finding out more for a long time, but felt like the information I found was sales-y and not what I was interested in knowing (i.e., what oils to use when, diffuser or not, etc) so this is PERFECT. I’m going to check out all the information you’d laid out. Thank you, Lauryn!

  12. Thanks for this post, Lauryn. I’m OBSESSED with the Thieves foaming hand soap. If you haven’t tried it, you will LOVE it! I can’t stop smelling my hands after I wash. 🙂

  13. These are literally my favorite! I was waiting for you to do a post on them. I bought the starter kit but started replacing the oils when I ran out from stores like Plum Market or Whole Foods. They both have a great selection of organic oils just for a little bit less $. BUT, if you are just beginning it helps to get the starter park to find which ones work best for you.

    1. Hi Shannon! I definitely agree. I found it was easier to use the membership than buy oils at the store. What do you think? Which is easier??

  14. I literally got my young living oils diffuser today ! What is your favorite oil to diffuse?

    1. Hi Patty, ahh that’s such a hard question. I feel like I love different oils for different moods/settings. I am REALLY loving Lavender and Valor post surgery. Although I want to get into some more energizing oils now that my swelling is going away and I’m feeling back in my routine. What are your favs?? xx

  15. Yessss I’ve been wanting to try essential oils so I can add it to my witch kit!

    I loled at ‘if you want to feel chilled (stoned?) there’s an oil for that.

    I need to give a few of these a try, I want to also see what sort of benefits there are!


    1. Hi Krista! LOL!! They just give me such a zen feeling. Maybe its the vapor coming out of the diffuser, it looks like smoke LOL! Thanks for reading :)) xx

  16. I am also OBSESSED with essential oils! They are seriously the best. There is a company called Saje that makes amazing blends too. They have one called “immune” that is seriously the best. I practically bathe in it LOL!

  17. Hello! I just about joined the membership but is the Thyroid one you mentioned an oil ? It looked like a capsule or something different on the site? I may just be confused thank you !

    1. Hi Lauren, are you under the “oils” section? Email if you’re having trouble. Thanks for reading! xx

  18. I LOVE EO’s.. I have done a lot of research as well and found some very interesting articles. I suggest reading from this blog.

    I can attest that Rocky Mountain Oils are very very very good and their customer service is top rated.. They’re the only company I will buy from to use for health, but for diffusing just to make my house smell good I will use my health food store EO’s.. Just my 2 cents!

  19. Hi Lauryn, this comment doesn’t have anything to do with the topic… I LOVE your blog and was wondering if you ever done, or planing on doing, a post on mood swings/birth control?
    I recently went off my birth control in hope it would improve my mood, but I’m not sure it’s working… You always seems so positive, what do you do to keep your positive attitude?
    In Sweden natural birth control via apps and algorithms have been introduced (which is great since it’s non hormonal) but it’s not approved as a secure birth control yet.
    You are always so well informed, what birth control are you using?

  20. I went to a Young Living party and while I initially thought it was voodoo bullshit, as soon as the combo of Valor, Panaway and peppermint oil cured my stiff neck, I was sold. I actually screeched in fear and disbelief! After I went off the pill and developed severe pizza face, washing my face with a couple drops of tea tree, 3 parts castor oil and 1 part jojoba saved my sanity (and vanity). I was on the reward program for a while so I ended up with a ton of oils: grapefruit, cedar wood (yum!), orange, Christmas Spirit, rosemary, eucalyptus, the toothpaste (wouldn’t recommend to be honest). Try diffusing lemon, rosemary and peppermint oil – smells like a spa! A word of caution though: I was drinking lemon oil in my water for a couple months and started to feel pain in my kidneys, and my digestion tract got really messed. Googled it and others have also had this problem. While I obviously cannot say it was the oils for sure, it was the only thing I did differently during that time and I was advised by my naturopath to never ingest them again due to their potency. Please be careful, wouldn’t want the same thing to happen to you!

  21. I am just now starting to get into this essential oil thing and I just bought a new diffuser, These oil diffuser blends sounds absolutely lovely, this is just what I’ve been searching for to spiff up the holiday seasons. Thak for sharing!

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    Look forward to hearing from you soon.



  23. Essential oils are totally purifying and a tremendous piece of my evening time routine – I want to put a few drops of lavender on my cushion before I set down to rest! My fave approach to diffuse them?

  24. LOVE essential oils! Great post, thank you. I was wondering when you did your research if you came across Doterra, and what you thought about that brand?

  25. I really love diffusing essential oils. I diffuse them to help me relax, make my home smell great, help my boys focus when doing their homework, and help to purify and protect my home. I thnk they really work, they save us money and they rock my world. I am interested in learning how they work and and how people use them

  26. Hello, I always have an allergic reaction when i add lavender (only one I’ve tried) in diy beauty products. But I’m okay adding to my temples or bath. It has to be the lavender as im not allergic to coconut oil, jojoba, shae or castor. Any thoughts?

  27. We bought our YL Defuser and now are getting two more, one for our home, one for our office. Eucalyptus Lavender is an endorphin spark! Great informative post. Thanks

  28. I was looking for a website like this. I needed to understand what is essential oil? how to use it? Is it safe for baby? Now I have found all my answer. This is a great article. Thanks for sharing.

  29. You got obsessed with something GOOD and I love using oils and YL everyday of my life. It’s been the best!
    Keep sharing! They are wonderful.

  30. I am also in love with essential oils. I am hooked on it. It gives remedies for a lot of problems. And it is very effective. EEsentials are perfect. Great post!

    1. I like to use essential oils but in this post, you told about the new collection of essential oils which as you said will be very useful for our skin. Yes, i will use it to make my skin more smooth and beautiful.

  31. Lavender is my favorite. I’m going to get a diffuser soon and have it on 24/7. Haha. Seriously, I can’t get enough of lavender.

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