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Erica Stolman Dowdy on The Successful Stoner Club, Microdosing & Launching a Brand with Her Mom

Erica Stolman Dowdy on The Successful Stoner Club, Microdosing & Launching a Brand with Her Mom

My best friend Erica is back on the blog today.

Erica & I met when we were 12 years old. It’s just wild because we are still best friends, bloggers, & own our company blog-doo together and have both really extended our brands.

We have one of those friendships where we don’t have to talk every minute, but when we do, there’s a million things to talk about.

Erica is a low maintenance friend ( I hope I am too ), & we share so much history that the relationship is effortless while also being stimulating. There’s always so much to talk about between business, personal, fashion, beauty… you get it.

Erica is creative, funny, talented, smart, & always on the pulse. She’s been on The Skinny Confidential TONS of times, so if you want to stalk some vintageness check her out here, here, here, here, & on the podcast here & here.

For today’s post I asked Erica to come on to talk about The Successful Stoner Club, microdosing & launching a brand with her mom, Fashionkush. In this post you’ll learn about how Erica’s whole family loves microdosing, her fave picks from the Fashionkush line & tips if you’re launching a brand for the first time.

Without further ado, let’s welcome Erica back the blog.

Erica Stolman Dowdy on The Successful Stoner Club, Microdosing & Launching a Brand with Her Mom

Re-introduce yourself to The Skinny Confidential audience even though they’ve met you 12987 times. 

Erica Stolman Dowdy: HI! My name is Erica Stolman Dowdy ( Lauryn & I have been best friend since we were 13!!! ). I am the founder of the blog/brand, Fashionlush & co-founder of my newest baby, Fashionkush. We also have our blog design company blog-doo OF COURSE.

Lauryn & I started blog-doo about 5 years ago & have designed hundreds of beautiful blogs & websites for top bloggers, reality tv stars, social media influencers, & more.

I got married last June & live in San Diego with my husband ( Zack ) & two adorable dogs ( Howard the Mini Schnauzer & Ruby Tuesday the Frenchie ). I spend my free time decorating my house or window shopping on Zillow, smoking a joint with my mom, or playing chess/hanging out with my husband. 

Erica Stolman Dowdy on TSC Erica Stolman Dowdy on TSC Erica Stolman Dowdy interview on TSC keep your standards as high as you are hoodie

OMG you launched @fashionkush with your mom, Linda. Give us the scoop! What was the whole process of launching like?

ESD: Everyone really gets a kick out of the fact my mom is my business partner in Fashionkush, but honestly- I didn’t see it any other way. Linda, my mother, is a real GEM. We hang out all the time, have a shared love of the plant, &… well, Fashionkush was all her idea. 

We were smoking a joint talking about the next move for me & Fashionlush. She blurted out Fashionkush, a weed company & well… It was genius. We would create a small business centered around creating chic cannabis accessories & soft goods for the successful stoner. We started planning that day, & within 3 months, we were live & ready to go. 

As far as the process, well…. A wise woman once said “start now, adjust later.” That wise woman was Lauryn & honestly, that’s what we did. We are still learning, still adjusting, evolving, learning as we go & are just forever grateful that the products we create have resonated so well with our audience!

What is your favorite Fashionkush item? I’m obsessed with my tote bag.

ESD: I don’t have kids, but I do have Fashionkush & you’re asking me to pick a favorite child right now. I love the tote bag, I really love the entire Successful Stoner Collection. It’s just such a vibe.

I also really love our Chill Pill pipe, the OG Martha Tee, Angel Number drop.

Told ya, couldn’t decide on just one 😉 

Fashionkush items Pink Marlboro Joint Tin joint holder and pipe Erica Stolman Dowdy fashionkush The Femme Pipe Chill Pill FashionKush

What’s your advice for an entrepreneur launching a brand for the first time? 

ESD: My best advice would be the advice given to me above- LAUNCH NOW. I think the critical mistake that is so often made, that I have made TIME & TIME AGAIN is waiting. Waiting for it to be perfect, waiting for the right time, waiting until…. Someone else does it. The time has passed. You lost your spark. DON’T WAIT, just do. Trust your intuition & make moves. 

You will learn & you will pivot as you go. 

Also, don’t look around you. FOCUS ON YOU & your goals. Comparing yourself to others, in my personal opinion, is truly the thief of success. 

♡ What is The Successful Stoner club?

ESD: The Successful Stoner Club is a collection we launched for Fashionkush, but more so- it’s our customer base & it’s the mission behind Fashionkush. To take the stigma out of being a stoner. There is so much negative connotation with the word stoner & with consuming cannabis in general. We make clothes & accessories you are going to be proud to show off, because there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to plant medicine. 

We have a ton of CUTE Successful Stoner Club merch ( cozy sweats, trucker hat, keychain, tote bag, rolling tray, & much more!! ) & each order comes with an official SSC club card. 

I know you’ve been microdosing lately. Tell us everything…

ESD: WHERE TO BEGIN. I am *obsessed* with microdosing & have been doing it for almost a year now. GAME CHANGER. 

My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s & with that came some mood changes, I heard microdose helped & I also know mushrooms are magical & can help with cognition ( Lion’s Mane, in particular ). 

I reached out to a friend who did it, & within a few days I had a 60 day supply for my dad. We got him on what’s called ‘The Stamets Stack’ which includes Niacin, Lion’s Mane, & Psilocybin ( aka magic mushrooms ). My dad is a total hippie type, so he was down. Within a week, we saw improvements in his mood. 

I got myself some the following week. Then my mom got herself some. Now we all microdose. 

I struggle with anxiety & this has helped me more than anything else I have tried. I also have a hard time focusing, which is likely due to my anxiety, yet when I take my microdose capsules, my focus is SPECTACULAR. The best way I can describe this is that it’s like Adderall ( I was prescribed this awful pill in college ) MINUS all the awful parts. It’s like it puts the blinders on for me & I am able to laser focus. 

microdosing tips Erica Stolman Dowdy on The Successful Stoner Club, Microdosing & Launching a Brand with Her Mom Fashionkush accessories Fashionkush clothing

What’s a book, podcast or resource you recommend on microdosing or weed? 

ESD: There is only one thing you need to do & that is watch Fantastic Fungi. It is literally a mind blowing watch & Paul Stamets is a mushroom GOD. I could watch it 100x & I don’t typically love a documentary so that’s saying a lot. 20/10 recommend. 

Where can everyone find you? Pimp yourself out! 

ESD: FIND ME: @Fashionlush on Instagram & check out the blog at

FIND FASHIONKUSH: @Fashionkush on Instagram & you can shop at

Be sure to pick up some Fashionkush goodies. I’m obsessed with the rolling tray & lighter. I don’t smoke, but love to use the lighter for candles and the tray for keys, jewelry, lip balm, you get it.

x, lauryn

+ check out our high school q&a on

++ for more on microdosing, listen to this podcast with the founder of Four Sigmatic.


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