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Life of An Entrepreneur: The Good, The Bad, & The Nasty

The Skinny Confidential talks career tips and tricks.

Get ready for long-ass post.

A lot of you guys have e-mail me asking about career advice.

And the truth is I have absolutely no advice when it comes to 9 to 5.

Not that I’m against it.

Actually, I have a deep respect for anyone who works a 9 to 5.

The reason I have no advice is because I’ve never worked 9 to 5.

I’ve always been extremely entrepreneurial.

Ever since I was little it was almost ingrained in me.

Here’s a lil recap ( << I don’t want to bore you guys to tears so I’ll make it short & sweet ):

I grew in a cul-de-sac neighborhood where there were like, one million Girl Scouts. They all went around door to door and sold cookies for Troop #110.

& I’m being dead honest here: I never got it. Like, my brain just does not understand the concept- at all.

Why would I spend my time/effort selling cookies for someone else to make money? Sure, sure, there’s prizes ( yawn ). But seriously, why would I work my ten year old butt off to make the Girl Scout Organization money? Hmm…totes wasn’t interested in the badges either. Basically I wanted to start my own separate organization where I could be the creative one.

Makes sense…right?

Anyway a light bulb went off: I decided to set up my own business at the end of the street. I sold handmade embroidered tiny handkerchiefs made by yours truly. I borrowed $50 bucks for start up costs from my sweet parents & paid them back through chores ( kinda like an allowance on loan- ha! ). All the parents in the neighborhood supported my biz & I pocketed the money. Win/win.

& hey, BTW: I not making this shit up. I mean, an embroidery business? Yes, this is real life.

In the summertime, I switched the biz up to a lemonade stand because ya gotta roll with the seasons. LOL.

So things spiraled from there & I went on to work, work, work. All through high school I hostessed, worked in retail, picked up random catering jobs, modeled, & basically hustled my ass off to do WTF-ever to make my own money.

My goal: I wanted a brand new Lexus in high school and so I made it happen because that’s how I was raised.

To just make it happen.

Ya want it? That’s cute. Go & get it. Figure it out.

Again though, none of these jobs were 9 to 5. They were weird hours. All of them.

Oddly enough, for a long, long time I thought I was lazy…& was super worried about it. My friend’s in high school would talk about becoming the CEO of huge companies & I was bored/confused/feeling like Lazy Larry.

Come to find out…( total ‘aha!!’ moment ) I wasn’t at all lazy, I just didn’t have any interest in working towards someone else’s dream. Furthermore I’ve always had my own specific, OCD way of doing things. I want to be a CEO but of my own baby.

Pretty much I’m not a fan of being told what to do.

Me, 24/7: “oh you want me to fold that shirt next to the other shirts?? That’s nice…but I think it looks way cooler on the mannequin.”

Hey, I’m being honest.

FYI: you can read my post-high school career story here & here ( << this were I found my calling/passions ).

Oh! Also! It certainly helped that both of my parents were entrepreneurs.

They never worked 9 to 5.

Ok so all this sounds totally great right?

Welp. The grass isn’t always greener…

The Skinny Confidential talks career tips and tricks.

I’m going to get real & share the good, the bad, & the nasty about being an entrepreneur:

♡♡♡ The Good:

○ You make your own hours: hallelujah! Ahhh. I love making my hours. Sometime I’m up at 6 am, sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I’m working until 1 am, sometimes I’m sleeping.
○ You beat to your own drum. No boss. You’re the freaking boss. Fun times.
○ Creativity, creativity, creativity…you create WTH you want to create. Your biz, your ideas.
○ You can work wherever/whenever. Perfect for vacations!

♡♡♡ The Bad:

 ○ You make your own hours— this can be difficult because of life’s distraction.
○ You constantly have to practice discipline. Like, constantly.
○ The money goes up…& it goes down. You gotta ride the waves. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it sucks.
○ Working from home isn’t always rainbows & butterflies. You can get caught up in laundry/cleaning/distractions & occasionally there’s a real laziness where you’ll wear those flannel PJ’s way too long…
○ Feeling uninspired blows— sometimes it’s difficult to keep yourself inspired on the reg.

♡♡♡ The Super Nasty:

○ You make your own hours: double edge sword x 10. It’s harder than it sounds.
○ Seven days a week, 24/7, you’re working. My brain literally doesn’t shut off- I make notes in the middle of the night…let’s just say there’s no clocking out.
○ There’s no salary with benefits; money can be inconsistent & at times, scary.
○ Family members/relationships can suffer because you’re never really shut off. For instance, I’m working like a psycho in bed at 11 PM right now while Michael is trying to watch “Lilyhammer” #annoying.
○ If you miss a day, you can’t blame anyone but yourself.
○ It’s damn scary. ESP when you’re starting out. I worked two jobs while building TSC. One at night & one during the day…it was gnarly. I thank my lucky stars everyday that that chapter is long gone.

Did I miss anything?!

Ok so, what’s your take? Are you a 9 to 5 girl? An entrepreneur? A full time mom? Got a night job?

Tell, tell.

Whatever your ‘work’ is, own it, rock it: & be the best version of yourself!!


  1. Wait, your post just resonated SO much with me! The part about realizing you’re not lazy, you just don’t want to live someone else’s dream & you don’t like to listen to others about how to do things? This is me too! I just started my own blog & it is scary, that’s for sure. But, it feels right & it feels like me & I’m in control. As long as those things are true, the rest isn’t so scary anymore. I’ve followed you from the beginning & have so much respect for what you – keep on being awesome!


  2. I generally work 12 hour shifts 3 days a week, 7p-7a. But I’m the type of nurse that they know they can call in a bind, so I’m always willing to drop what I’m doing to go in and help because I know what it’s like to be there when you have no help. So I have set hours, but I’ve worked all sorts of hours. My job is a passion of mine.

  3. Agh im a 9-5 girl and i hate it, i want to just break out and do my own thing but at 23 i still have NO idea what it is, besides blogging. I mean hey credit to you girl your the reason i started my blog, your the first blog i found, subscribed too and religiously followed for months before i took the step to make a blogspot. I still find the idea of a dot com a little scary but your blog post on how to start a blog is what inspired me. It sounds funny but your the reason i have a blog LOL cheesy at its finest but im working on being an entrepreneur, i think i just have a little too much self doubt regarding my blog, sothank you and congrats on your success!

    1. Hey!! Love this! Working on it counts- I’m proud of you- baby steps!!! You seem like you have a clear direction. XO

    2. Same here! I just graduated from college last May and have been working from (worse) 7-5 every day since! Oh yeah – It sucks. The worse part is that I’m not even working in my chosen field (psychology), so last week I decided to redirect myself and focus on my career goals again. Needless to say, I won’t be working 7-5 starting next week 😉 I also started a blog a few months ago and have been so inspired by TSC in the past. Thank you!

  4. Lovvvvvvvvve this.
    Am freaking just like you EXCEPT… I did the girl scout thing for ONE year. 1991. I just had to be the best, so I sold the most cookies and quit after the sales rankings were announced. 😉
    Brain never shuts off!
    Money fluctuates!
    But not having ANY obligation as a white sheep lining up at the corporate office? OMG it is divine.
    Thanks for a fab post.

  5. Ugh, I can totally, TOTALLY relate to all of this. every little bit! I definitely have the entrepreneur engrained in me!!! Been working since I could work (age 14), and even started my own eBay business in high school, earning me enough to quit my grocery store cashiering job 😉 I’ve been freelancing for over 3 years now and totally get the money piece. It really can be unpredictable and scary at times, but it’s so rewarding. I love being able to stay home with my dogs and create my own schedule and do what I love!!!! It’s been really difficult at times. I have lost my way and been uninspired from time to time, but it always comes back! Love this post, I literally could have written it!

  6. This is sssoo relatable! I’ve always had a creative/entrepreneurial spirit within me. I painted rocks from my back yard and went door to door (which is a long distance in the middle of nowhere where I lived) trying to sell them to neighbors and strangers. I’m currently a 6:30-3:30 worker, and as someone who doesn’t love mornings, thats a tough break. I love the paycheck, and the opportunities and things that paycheck provides me with, but I spend my hours at work anxiously waiting to head home and put my ideas into motion. I’m finding it hard to balance trying to start a business/blog/brand along with all of my other obligations. At the end of the day, I just want to do what I love and what makes me happy, and, i’m sure that eventually, after a LOT of hard work, it will turn into an opportunity for me to quit my day job. Congrats to you on all of your accomplishments, and being your own amazing boss. You seriously inspire me!

  7. Perfect words, spot on!
    I am like you, same mindset, entrepreneur-parents. But unlike you I tried to get along in the 9 to 5 world, a world clearly not made me for me. The result was, I was miserable and it took me a long time to find out why. I used to feel that something was “wrong” with me because I was unsatisfied with a highly paid and prestigious job. Just the way you thought you were lazy. But in the end it all makes sense and I know that nothing is wrong with me, I just work differently.
    Now I am dealing with the good and bad of being on my own. And everything on your list is of course true 😉 But oh so worth it.

  8. I’m a 9-5 intern at the moment but I’m not really sure it’s for me. The ultimate dream is working from home! I’m pretty good at motivating myself, at uni I’m working, studying or in classes from 8-22 7 days a week pretty much. Would love to be an entrepeneur, it intimidated me as an idea when I was younger but now I really want it. I just haven’t found my thing yet but one day I will. xxx
    La Lingua : Food, Life, Love, Travel, Friends, Italy

  9. LOVE this post!! 🙂

    Right now I’m a 9-5 girl (or 7-3:30 to be exact) but the thought of being an entrepreneur/my own boss sounds amazingggg! It also sounds terrifying not knowing your yearly salary but I’m sure it’s so worth it in the end!

  10. I LOVE this! I’m just starting to take my career in a more personal direction after my husband advised me it was “time to stop letting other people profit from your talents”. Good advice, but it’s been a little scary at the same time.
    I also love that your first business was selling embroidered handkerchiefs, mostly because my first creative endeavor was of the handkerchief kind. I got mind from random antique stores that my grandma would drag me to.
    Great post and very motivating!!!

  11. Ah loved this. Seriously needed this too! I am a fresh college grad as of December and sorta feeling lost because I chose to not take a 9-5 to follow my own dreams. Am I struggling with money? Yes. Am I constantly working? Yes. But to hear someone else write about the same reasons I am doing this is reassuring.

  12. Thank you so much for this post!! I am an entrepreneur and you put into words exactly how I feel! it’s so hard but worth it.

  13. This is a great post! I was first a teacher then did accounting 9-5. Both were always very hard b/c of the rules imposed. Now I am home full time with my kids and searching for a creative outlet. Your blog and business plan are my total inspiration. I read about how you planned extensively first and gathered all of the details prior to launching the blog. Since I am kind of cocooned up at home I am using the opportunity to do the same. Then I plan to get my cosmetology license, trademark my name and then contact you so I can start my blog with Blog-Doo! Reading your method of starting up a business gave me a totally different outlook on my time now. Instead of feeling frustrated I am putting all my energy into planning and having fun with my kids while they are babies. I am also a perfectionist so rolling out a blog that is totally thought out is my jam! Thanks for all that you do–love your positive outlook. Your blog is a ray of California sunshine while I am here in gray old NY!

  14. I’m currently a 9-5er, putting my husband through school, but I’d like to be an entrepreneur one day.

  15. I feel ya girl! I’m also a blogger but have a 9-5er at the moment. I have gotten into real estate investing too to create more passive income which has been helpful. I’m SO not the type of person who wants to work at a full time job for the rest of her life either. I plan on ending my job before the year is over, moving towards the ocean and living a life for ME. Congrats on your success and keep your head up during those rough times! <3

  16. I’m so glad that you wrote this, I have been working a 9-5 well, 8:30 to 5:30 anyways for about 2 years now and I have become very depressed. I lately got out of my funk about a couple months ago and decided to re-brand and start over a blog and YouTube that I abandoned due to depression. A fresh start, a new name and a new style. It’s not exactly up to where I can make a living just yet, but I’m hoping I can get there. Everything that you said in your post is me, except I feel that I have just came to my Aha! Moment a little later in life. I trust that I can build it up to where yours has become, but until then I’m working 8:30 to 5:30 and now on the weekends. It will be well worth it in the end though because you are living proof of that. Thank you.

  17. Currently working the 9 to 5… but not so much your average job. I’m a mechanical engineer working for an all electric bus company (super small but growing!). I’m super passionate about what I do… And I get to be creative in my job everyday. Can’t imagine doing anything else 🙂 Worked my tush off to get here, the engineering world doesn’t exactly welcome females with open arms… but it was worth it.

  18. This is absolutely the inspiration I needed this morning! I went from valedictorian, future doctor in college to working in retail, blogging, and freelance work. At first I crumbled under the weight of everyone’s expectations (and let’s be honest, disappointment) that I no longer wanted to pursue a medical career…but I became so disenchanted with the whole industry!

    You described everything perfectly….the financial waves can be anxiety-inducing, and when I see my very professional friends and I’ve spent the day in yoga pants, I second guess myself. Thanks for sharing!

    Suppose Anything Goes

  19. Currently a shift working office girl BUT soon to be my very own boss. So freakin excited and a little bit scared! My PT and nutritionist course will be finished on 4th of May and after that I work super hard on getting clients and on my blog and various things. A big truly exciting adventure to come 🙂

  20. For the past five years, I have been working professionally in the film industry of the SouthEast. Though the experience is so worth it and I am never happier than when I am on set, I am fast approaching 30. Do I want to settle down? Have I tried my hardest? When is enough, enough?
    All these years, I have been barley making it, have no insurance, failed relationships, lived in my car- struggled for my art.
    I am at a crossroads in life.
    Do I continue with my dream job for little or no pay and no guarantee or is it time to settle down with a 9-5?
    How does one answer this huge life altering question?
    Sorry for the long comment, the past few months this is all I have been thinking about and your post has my brain spinning once again.

  21. Your post came just at the right time! I am a Realtor and co-founder of ValleyGirls Residential Team ( my bestie is my Partner). We killed it lasted year but I still constantly worry because of the dependence we have on the market . I will say having a partner is the best decision I have made as it’s kept me motivated and where I am weak she is strong and vice versa- plus it’s way more fun to go to all the industry conventions, happy hours and open houses with a friend. I take more chances because I know I have backup. I can also bitch/vent about things and she knows EXACTLY where I’m coming from. Love your post- thank you for the inspiration, it’s nice to know we are not alone!

  22. I never did well with the 9-5 grind, I dont like having someone look over my shoulder and constantly monitor what i’m doing, but sometimes you just gotta go with the flow. I worked one year as 9-5 inside sales rep, lots of calls, super boring, but whenever any opportunity arose for me to travel I took it, I went wherever I needed to go to make a sale, whenever. Luckily I have a boss that has supported me saying things like- if you think you going will close the deal just do it. Then after one year I got promoted to North American Sales Rep. Now I travel, work whatever hours I need to in order to do my job well, basically have a pretty flexible lifestyle. I LOVE IT.

    The point is, I had to accept a job that kind of sucked, show I had the potential to be more and then work. my. ass. off. Now I have a job I love because of it 🙂

  23. What a great post, Lauryn! I love how you really put all of that out there for us. You’re my inspiration – for real. I hope to make it to your point in the future. Right now, juggling the 9-5 + blogging outside of that window. Thanks for keeping me motivated and pointed in the right direction when things get crazy! xxx

  24. This post…wow! Nail on the head. I’m a musician/piano teacher… self-employed and run my own piano studio. I couldn’t do it if I wasn’t totally invested and passionate about it. A couple years ago, I was so worried how others viewed me – lazy, only works part-time, etc. Now, I don’t care. I can’t care! My job has busy times and easy times like everyone else. Just because I’m home during the day doesn’t mean I’m not working. There’s a ton of practicing and planning that has to happen before I can go do the part of my job that’s in the public eye.

    Thanks for the amazing post!! I know it’s cliche, but it’s a labor of love, right?!

  25. Hi Lauryn,

    You are so right, there are goods and bads to being your own boss.

    I worked in the corporate world for eight years in public relations and communications at big companies and agencies. First of all, that’s not 9 to 5 either. It’s more like 8 to 6, then some events, maybe some work travel, and answering calls and emails late at night and on the weekends too. And, even though I was good at it, it never made me happy. I had a feeling in my gut from very early on that I was meant for something different … some nontraditional if you will.

    Just a couple of weeks ago I walked away from the safety of a PR job salary. Now, I’m focused on writing and fitness and the things I love. It’s totally up to me now to make it happen. So very scary, but I’m hopeful that it’s what I’m supposed to do.

    It’s great to see people out there like you succeeding. Keep it up!


  26. This post was so perfect! It’s exactly how I feel. It’s scary and terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  27. I absolutely love the pictures you make. How are up able to custom design such great photos (deff showing the entrepreneur in you)!

  28. Unfortunately, I’m a 9-5 girl, well more like 8 am-8pm and though it sometimes sucks, I know that what I want to do is help people and I have to do this now to get there. Ultimately, I would love to start a non-profit and work from home, but come on a non-profit won’t pay the bills! So, for now it’s the daily grind and hopefully I’ll eventually be able to do what you do and go it alone 🙂

  29. Lauryn you are awesome. I love how authentic you are!! I am a “40hr a weeker” but my hours are ALL over the place… and I looove it. I cannot stay motivated from home so luckily my job allows me to have a flexible schedule and get out of the house to do work.

    p.s. bought your book the very first day it was avail at the bookstore… read it all in 2 hours… and was depressed it was over. when’s the next one coming out?? 😉

  30. I love love love this post (as I sit here stalking your blog at my own 9-5). However, I have always had the same mindset as you and this is just my job until I can make my blog (and hopefully social media business) full time! Thank you for sharing this, it has inspired me to start grinding again!

  31. This post couldn’t have come at such a better time for me. I recently got laid off from working 9-5 at a corporate company for 8 years. I am currently pursuing my own business and the realization that I do not want to work for someone else completely hit me over the head! It’s like I just want to be selfish for a little while, and do things that I actually want to do, for myself. Work hard and put money into my pocket and not some big corporation’s pocket. I wake up scared everyday too, but at the same time, I have never been happier!! Its like the world opens up to you when you realize that you can do anything!
    Anyway, I love your blog so much and everything you do is so inspirational!! Keep it up!!

  32. Coming from someone who wants to make a living out of being an entrepreneur, I LOVED this post.

    Don’t forget to check out my lifestyle blog: http://thefitpalette.wordpress… and instagram @thefitpalette

  33. Thank you for this post! As a girl doing the whole 9 to 5 her whole working life, I’m over it! I’ve always had entrepreneurial dreams as well. When people would ask me what I wanted to do I would say own my own businesses. Yes businesses, plural. I want a few. Call me crazy. But I love it. So I’ve started to work on them. Your post has given me some good insights and encouragement! Thanks so much!!

  34. Wow this was just the boost of confidence I needed. I’m currently in college and I basically have no clue what my next step is. A lot of the people that surround me are studying law or other very specific professions and so their future is pretty obvious to them. Like you my parents are both entrepreneurs and I think it might be genetic aha. I admire them and I really want to pursue a similar career: to do what I love, on my own terms, and to work my ass off all the time because it’s my project and my dream. I hope I will never end up in a 9-5 and unfulfilled. Your blog has inspired me to start a creative outlet of my own and I might just hustle my way to creating a great blog one day 🙂

    Ps I totally did the lemonade stand biz when I was younger too. As well as selling toys to neighbors (lol).

  35. You seriously inspire the fuck out of me! Just wanted to let you know, its been exactly one year ago today that I started reading your blog religiously! Keep it up! Can’t wait to buy your book, you’ve come so far

  36. Thanks Lauryn for this interesting post!
    I’m a simply french teacher not an entrepreneur but i’ll love it!
    A french girl

    1. Very cool!! You inspire me- French is such a beautiful language. Everyone is different. As long as you’re doing what you’re passionate about, you’re all good babe. xx.

  37. The hardest thing for me was the scheduling, now I set aside 2-3 hours 5 days a week away from my home and WORK that is all I do, WORK, knock out emails, make phone calls do whatever it is I have to do and then I go home feeling way more in control of my business and great about accomplishing what I needed to get done. Before, I tried to do everything at home and I was constantly finding other things to do, laundry, clean anything to get me away from sitting around and working. Leaving my home and creating a new work environment was the best decision I ever made! Thanks for sharing this post great tips and keep on hustling girlfriend xo C

  38. I just have to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making this post. You just helped me have a major AHA moment! This post just inspired and motivated me sooo much. I as well,have been thinking that i’m lazy or something is wrong with me because all these people i went to high-school with have their 9 to 5’s and office jobs and shit and i’m just like hey uhhh that doesn’t interest me so idk wtf to do! but reading this post just helped me clarify exactly what I need to do! I’m not lazy, i’m just creative and wanna do my own thing, I have so many interests in live (I get bored very easily, doing the same thing over and over) so now I just need to narrow down and plan and just do what I need to do, Thank you so much again Lauryn, you are truely an inspiration!

  39. I love this post, Lauryn. so inspiring, big up 🙂
    Sounds much like me, ha ha 😀 I used to have my own company and Im definitely gonna have another one in future. Im freaking out when I think that after graduating from school I should work in office for someone else. Not my thing.

  40. I love this post! I’m a new full time mom (9 week olds ain’t easy) and have always been a dreaming entrepreneur. Recently (thanks to new-mommy status) have had some serious great ideas for the children’s industry but it’s hard to not beat yourself down whenever you hear of failed small businesses (which, let’s be honest, is ALMOST all of them). The success stories are a rarity. So pretty much I needed to read this right now! Just gotta give it all you got. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  41. Hits so close to home! I currently run/own my own consulting company and am just starting to get used to the highs and lows but Im not one to work for anyone either! Also just in the process of opening up a clothing boutique with my beautiful sista as another venture. Just found your blog not to long ago and I love it! Cheers xo

  42. I know all about wearing your PJ’s for way too long. And then I go out in them to walk the dog and I’m pretty sure my neighbors think I’m legit crazy.

    Thank you for sharing this. It’s incredibly inspirational to hear how hard you’ve worked for what you have. Congrats on all of your success!!! Clearly, you deserve it all 🙂

  43. I love this post. I’m a student in my last semester. I have already got a job in an IT firm. Sounds good. But I don’t want to stick around forever. I am looking for that one thing I’m supremely passionate about.

  44. Wooo- love this post! As part entrepreneurs/part 9-5 ers, we totally feel you. We’re in the process of working our butts off to get rid of the 9-5 part and this post was super inspiring! Thanks Lauryn! Xo

  45. Thanks so much for posting this and bring so honest! I am trying to make YouTube/blogging my career while working a 9 to 5. And as much as I love it, it gets really frustrating sometimes! But I love the quote you posted, living your life a few years this way so I can live the rest of my life a different way! Love your blog!

  46. Thank you for posting this, Lauryn!

    I’m currently a 9 to 5 girl and hate it. I never thought I would end up in a cubicle like a caged animal! But I was always confused what I wanted to do and kind of just settled (THE WORST!).

    Thankfully, I found my calling and am working 9 to 5, while going to school to be a health coach! Though it’s a lot and some days I am overwhelmed and exhausted, I know it’s all worth it in the end and my excitement and passion is what will drive me forward! And all the time I have to give to work, school, working out, and balancing my life is just practice for when I start my own business!

  47. I’m 31 and spent almost the whole of my 20’s freelancing. Starving and not starving. I took a 9-5 almost two years ago and it saved my sanity at the time. The stability help put me back on track but it’s not the life everyone wants to lead. You absolutely nailed it. When you’re an entrepreneur life isn’t smooth sailing all the time. It’s like getting on a boat and hitting storms but watching beautiful sunsets. It’s dealing with HOT weather but then catching the breeze when it blows by. But truly it’s FREEDOM. Irreplaceable lifestyle 🙂
    First time reader,


  48. I’m totally an entrepreneur, I dont last longer than 2 months working for someone else! Making my own hours and own dreams come true!

  49. A great post! I work part-time at the Art Institute right now. I will be moving to full-time shortly to further help my husband finish school and so that I can get a Graphic Design degree myself. 🙂 I started Little House of Crafting a little over a year ago and wouldn’t trade it for the world! I enjoy working in the office to keep me from going crazy at home. I made my creative time into a business and am excited to see where it goes.

  50. This is exactly how it is. I totally agree with the sentiment: want it too, then go and get it just like I did and you can have it too. I constantly feel guilty because I’m that kind of lazy who can only work in a creative working environment. This makes looking for a job hell when in need. But whenever I have the job I constantly feel lucky to be able to afford the luxury of doing only what I want. I’m very good at living on no money. That’s the worst part, too as I have grand goals, but the money is always scarce. That’s the current price I pay for being happy and healthy being my top priority. So at the moment, I’m hafway: I still work for others but only take jobs I love and I have to find a balance where this gets me the money necessary to realize my grandest goals, too.

  51. I work as a part-time college instructor while I try to work my way into a full-time teaching position. It’s a lot like what you’re talking about – I have a flexible schedule, I work from home some of the time, and there are a LOT of misconceptions about what I really do for a living. While I only get paid for the 21 hours each week I’m in a classroom, the reality is that I’m putting in around 50 hours each week with grading, planning, meetings, and traveling (I work between two different schools).

    Do I wonder what a 9-5 job would be like? Sure – the idea of taking a sick day sounds amazing to me, and so does a steady paycheck (mine changes each semester/term…often drastically). I’d love to have vacation days, a decent retirement plan, and better health insurance.

    But I love what I do, and it would be hard to trade it in for a more traditional job.

    Glad to hear many of us out there are still hustling whatever way we can. 🙂

  52. Lauryn, thank you for this post!! I recently walked away from my 9-5 job to start my own business as a health and wellness coach, and I agree 100% that working for yourself is both exhilerating and terrifying at the same time! I never considered myself the “entrepreneur type”, but once I had a clear vision of what I wanted my life to look like (both personally and professionally) I knew I had to take the leap.

    Congrats on all of your accomplishments – you are such a great example of a successful female wellness entrepreneur! Keep killin it. 😉

  53. I left the 9 to 5, about 2 years ago. All the “Good” you list is great at first. Super great. I mean, how many days did I loathe that I couldn’t hike before work when I wanted, or take a long lunch if I needed? Didn’t my boss know that I NEED those opportunities to be more productive?! I started my own business 2 years ago and the ‘Good” was good…for a while…I could walk to the coffee shop and start at 10, 11, maybe 11:30, get in a beautiful outdoor walk to invigorate the senses….then the “Bad” sets in….then the “Nasty”….I don’t shut off – my brain is always on. ALWAYS. Some days I can’t get creative and get really down if I don’t feel “productive enough.” I worry constantly. I think there is also the feeling of never doing or being “enough” as competition is FIERCE. It has lead to increased anxiety for sure (I am in my early thirties). I try to remind myself of the “Good” list and more importantly that I don’t have to be “ALL” or better than the competition, but just be helpful and useful to my clients. Having a super supportive team behind you (for me, that is my awesome hubby) that can be your cheerleader is really important as well when you step out on your own. A good support systems is crucial for anyone thinking about being an entrepreneur. Bonus of today: I did get a yoga class in to get me in the mood to write…..however now it’s 4:30pm and I haven’t changed my clothes yet. LOL. Whatever…..

  54. As a potential entrepreneur this is incredibly refreshing to hear. That when I do make the leap with the budding jewellery business (that’s really more of a side project) during/when I come out of art school, I can kind of know what I’m in for which is reassuring.

  55. Wow, this is such a great, eye-opening post. I am going to have to bookmark it and read all the comments over the weekend!

    I am a 9-5 girl (actually 9-7 since I am in Mexico), and I am pretty happy. I like you, never imagined myself in a job like the one I hold now. It´s actually not that bad, very secure, but the one thing I struggle with is restricted vacation time.


  56. I LOVE that you posted this. I am currently working a 9-5 (I WISH, more like 6-4 or 5).. and I hate it. It’s in the field that I went to college for and I no longer have a passion for it. I want to blog and become a health coach/fitness instructor. And I WILL do it. But it’s always nice to be reminded that it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. Especially in the beginning.

  57. I agree with everthing you have mentioned. But like with everything it def has its pros and cons just like working for someone else, but I’ll take working for myself over it anytime:)

    Frances O

  58. How am I just seeing this? Because I’m sitting here with big thoughts and big plans in my head wondering how the heck I’m going to make them real. Guess it’s time to hustle? **

  59. I love this! I came here looking for the pancake recipe and came across this one! I’m a mom to two kids, 6 yr old boy and a 4yr. old girl. Right now I’m a Direct sale consultant for a jewelry company (Origami Owl) and a skin care one (BeautiControl). I know two companies. I love to be busy! But I’ve always been an entrepreneur. When in middle school I sold fruits. My sister, cousin & I would collect them. I priced them and collected the money we made and split in among us. I was the CEO! Later in college I started making beads and macrame jewelry, hemp belts and hemp hair braids. I’m crafty. So my dream is to have my own handmade Bazzar Store. I already have the name! I just need to be brave and do it! ¡Exito! I wish you the best!

  60. I love, love this post. I’m completely new to the blogging world. I have been an 8-5 girl since leaving college and I’ve ALWAYS hated it, could never find a job or career I was happy in. I’ve cried, I’ve been depressed and super sad. I asked myself over and over and over again….what is it you want? What makes you happy? Then one night, while in my bathroom I saw the light! Start your own website and make it about your life’s passion. So that’s what I’ve attempted to do and so far the start was good. Got a domain name, found a good/pretty theme to build from. NOW…….I’m stuck. Any good advice for someone who isn’t tech savvy and has no idea how to get her content on her pages and make them user friendly??

  61. I’ve been floating around your blog for a few hours now (not my first time, just getting into reading past posts!). I honestly think it’s because I needed to find & read this post tonight.I’m in the process of finishing up a graduate certificate (I already have a BA… welp) and I’m only JUST realizing what you realized so young; that I’m really not into working towards someone ELSES dream. I’ve always known that I have some issues with authority/rules/doing things anyway but my own… but at 25 I’m realizing that I want nothing more than to build my own empire.

  62. This resonates with me SO much. Both my parents are entrepreneurs as well, so it’s in my blood. I even had a super successful fairy doll business from ages 11-14. I made enough money to support all of my shopping habits in high school and buy an iphone. But sadly, I got caught up in the idea that grades and getting into a top school were more important, and “You can’t make money being creative as an adult”, “Not unless you want to be a starving artist”. Now i’m finally starting to get my spark back after 3 years at a really good school, dying and killing my immune system to get into a good graduate school for psychology, and then a Ph.D program, all for what, so I can be in a triple figure debt and 30 by the time I finally can open my own therapy practice. Nuh-Uh. Not worth it. Especially with all of the meds I’m on for focus and relaxing. My ADHD brain is my creative machine, and I hate taking drugs to shut it off so I can read a textbook for 5 hours straight!

    So I’m finishing up the B.A. in psych and getting my own blog up and running this semester. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll have something workable and decent business that i’ve created by this time next year!.

  63. Nice! Everything is just…perfect! Love the quote…I’m actually trying to be entrepreneur as well. So work hard work smart and let’s enjoy it.

  64. Yay! You totally nailed it with the career and entrepreneur like mindset tips. Love love love it!!!

  65. Hey Lauryn,

    I really love this article. I am in a similar boat as you were many years ago. I, unfortunately, do have a 9-5. I hate it. I always knew I didnt want to be a corporate gal and somehow got sucked into it bc of my parent’s influence. I’ve started my own blog, called The Arta Facts, which I absolutely love. But now I am in the weird limbo where I’m not making money yet, so I can’t quit my job, but I want to quit so badly to spend all my time on making The Arta Facts awesome. How did you deal with your transitional period and what are tips you have for actually making money blogging?

    Thank you! You’re a true inspiration 🙂 <3

  66. I’m impressed, I must say. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s both educative and
    engaging, and without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head.

    The problem is something which not enough men and women are speaking intelligently
    about. I’m very happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something
    relating to this.

  67. Of Course life of being an entrepreneur is not that easy, they need top suffer from different initial stage hurdles. That is why there are different kind of entrepreneur development institute are came into presence. iCreate is one among them, who are working for the development of the entrepreneurs. For more information visit

  68. This is an old post but I just had to say I love coming back to this post as a refresher.

    I am currently still finding what I want to do and your story is so inspiring to me.

    Branding is something I am extremely interested in and so whenever I read a book/ article I always refer back to TSC so I can be like ooooohhhhhh look Lauryn’s brand is always so on point!

  69. I was working a 9to5 as a teacher assistant, and im a mom of 2 and a wife in my early 30’s. Plus i have 2 dogs. I wad recently layed off from work and took it as a sign of an opportunity to put my fulltime focus into my book writing, website blogging and youtube. Its rough and alot of work but i would rather be my own boss writing and dping what i love while being here for my family than to be told when i can take time off or how much i can be paid.

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  71. I just discovered your podcast a week or two ago and I listen to it while I’m trying to get through my work night (11:30pm-7:00am) and then when I get home I sit down and immediately start writing in my blog all the things I thought about while being inspired by listening to you and Michael talk about business. I post around 1:00pm every day and my page is really taking off already. Love it! Thank you so much for the inspiration. <3

  72. There are so many great things about being an entrepreneur. You feel alive all the time, you control your own destiny and you get to see first-hand the tangible difference you’re making to the people and to the world around you. Thank you for sharing your ideas!

  73. This is such a helpful post Lauryn! I’ve had my blog for about 4 months now and am loving it. I’d like to make it a full time career one day so it’s nice to hear your no nonsense chat about what it’s actually like! Thank you 🙂

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