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But you know that if you read The Skinny Confidential religiously right?

Spending an extra ten minutes a day on your skin makes all the difference in the long-term. And to be real, I think nice skin is the main ingredient to youth.

Well that & a good concealer ( this one is LIFE ).

As you know, I’m all about prevention ( hello Botox ! ). Prevention is something I practice every day. Preventative beauty is smart beauty.

Anyway, every day I do my typical routine: apply oils, serums & sometimes masks. Facial massage is always happening. These things make a big fucking difference! From facial massage to lymphatic drainage to applying caffeinated sunscreen, I’m kind of a nut. But trust me, once you start taking care of your skin, you can’t go back.

I mean the bloating goes down, your face feels tighter, it’s glow-y, & you lead with your skin instead of makeup or hair…which I’m very much about.

…which brings me to Egyptian Magic Cream. Egyptian Magic Cream is like the cream version of the Aztec Clay Mask. They’re both made with quality ingredients, priced for babes on a budget ( LIKE WHATTTTT UP $16 ) & they’re efficient.

Let’s dissect the magic cream:


Egyptian Magic Cream Uses

used twice a day, this cream moisturizes & smooths your skin while fighting signs of aging. Get excited because you can also use it for dry lips, cracked hands & more. I’ve been testing this out & liking it.  

heals scarring
recommended by plastic surgeons to their patients for healing plastic surgery scars, this cream is ideal for recent scars and skin discolorations. not recommended for older scars. 

eczema & psoriasis
a natural alternative to commercial treatment creams, this balm has helped people find relief when used twice daily. 

hair conditioner
replenish natural oils, tame frizz, add shine & condition split ends with this balm. use regularly or as a deep conditioning treatment. 

makeup primer
create a dewy & glowing makeup look by using this as a primer. either apply to entire face or to highlight features like cheekbones, eyelids & eyebrows. You can even mix in illuminators to make it a highlighter for contouring. 

hydrating face mask 
skin feeling dry, dull or tight? apply a layer and leave on the skin for 30 minutes. remove with a hot cloth. use it on a plane to stay fresh when you land. 


Egyptian Magic Ingredients

Olive Oil
packed with anti-aging antioxidants, it’s incredibly hydrating.

creates a protective barrier on the skin to protect & attract water.

moisturizing to create a glow, antibacterial to prevent acne & full of antioxidants to help with aging.

Bee Pollen
contains enzymes & minerals to promote glowing skin.

Royal Jelly
helps reduce wrinkles and heals acne, scars, cuts, and wounds.

Bee Propolis
anti-inflammatory & antibacterial to protect you from acne.

Where To Buy

++ You can find Egyptian Magic Cream at Target, Walgreens or my favorite place, Amazon. BUT before you buy, make sure you check read below because you can get it for FREE. That’s right, FREE!

As you can see there’s a bazillion ways to use this balm- it really is magical. Another amazing thing about this balm? Not only can you pronounce each ingredient but you can actually eat each ingredient if you wanted. Like I’m getting out my fork & knife.

Bee pollen is a part of my magic seed mix that I use for my energy in a spoon & I discovered royal jelly after jaw surgery. It’s loaded with vitamins & is anti-inflammatory. Kate Hudson AND Cameron Diaz swear by it too.

Kate Hudson said in an interview: “I slather Egyptian Magic Cream all over my face before overnight flights to keep my skin hydrated.”

Madonna has even said she “doesn’t leave home without it.”


The reason I love this is because it’s affordable. None of this is sponsored, I just think this is a quality cream, priced right.

Have you tried? Thoughts?

ALSOOOOOOOO if you listen to TSC HIM & HER PODCAST you know this cream is avail at Thrive Market ( which is where I got mine ). Thrive Market is offering ALL TSC readers $60 dollars in FREE groceries with FREE shipping. Get your $60 dollars in groceries HERE. You should know there’s a beauty, health, & gluten-free section too. If you get your groceries make SURE to snag some of this magic cream on their site.

I’m about it.

Happy Friday!

x, lauryn

+ BE SURE to listen to skin care expert, Renee on our SKIN IS IN Podcast.

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  1. Oh my gosh. This has so many amazing uses. I have to try this out. So excited to see its magic for myself. Yasss.
    xo, Meghan |

  2. Hi Lauryn, new to your blog and love it so far. Just wondering though, do you receive any money if we buy the products that you recommend?


    1. Thank you for the support! I get compensation in affiliates ( a small amount when people purchase ) and occasionally sponsored posts ( when it’s the right fit ). You can read the TERMS & CONDITIONS page on TSC too : ). XO

    1. It works like this….$20 off your first three orders over $49 + free shipping

  3. I’ve been using it for a month now. And I LOVE it! Honestly, I don’t leave the house without it. And my kids have been using it too for their eczema and I’ve noticed a big improvement in their skin. Going tomorrow to buy them some so they can keep their fingers out of mine. Lol

  4. You have TOTALLY saved my skin by recommending this product, like no joke. Within like 4 days it has helped smooth out my skin and even out my skin tone and taken away any redness before I apply makeup. I am SO happy I tried this. Thank you thank you thank you!!! xx

  5. Hey girl! It’s so funny that you posted this when you did. I tried it last year after seeing Eden Sassoon used it. I think I was using too much because it didn’t lay on my skin right.

    I bought some again a few weeks ago and now I love it! I use it after my ice roller and serum massage (thanks to you!).

    I was going to buy the Egyptian Magic from Amazon, but a lot of the reviews say it’s counterfeit. I’m just saying I’d play it safe and buy it at Whole Foods.

    Thanks for the post!!!

  6. I burned the shit out of my left hand (three of my fingers & all down my middle finger) on my oven door. I thought “I guess I’ll never have a cute engagement ring picture. I have a scarred witch hand now.” but then I used my Egyptian Magic. NO SCARS. Literal magic.

  7. I’ve had this cream sitting in my medicine cabinet for ages & have yet to try it. Reading this, I’m totally regretting that decision! I’m going to try it tonight & can’t wait to keep going with it 🙂

  8. All the tips are really important for all of us. I hope that their all facility is also important for me. When I read this content I am very excited and read everything. I also follow this tips you can also follow this content.

  9. Having clean, beautiful, and healthy skin is certainly every woman’s dream. Reasonable indeed, because the skin is cleanly groomed will greatly support the appearance and increase the confidence.

    Many are willing to perform routine maintenance from the natural to a spend hundreds of millions. Problem budget is certainly a constraint for some people.

  10. I’ve had this cream sitting in my medicine cabinet for ages & have yet to try it. Reading this, I’m totally regretting that decision! I’m going to try it tonight & can’t wait to keep going with it ?

  11. I bought this on the plane to use on my feet. It does not work for me and other foot creams are much better.

  12. Hi I have heard slot about Egyptian cream,am in Cameroon , Douala,I need it urgently, please where can I get it

  13. I have used this product for years! I absolutely love it. It keeps my skin so soft and smooth. I also feel like it has kept wrinkles at bay. I’m in my mid-thirties and I have significantly less wrinkles than my friends. Love this stuff!!

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