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How I Edit My Instagram ( I TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY GUYS. HA! )

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

Lauryn_Pack_instagram (1)

Let’s face it, the question “what filter do you use?” is seriously like a frequently talked about topic.

I feel like I’ll be out for cocktails with my friends & we’re discussing the filter topic as if it’s a politician running for office…”ohhhh I use VSCO because it’s wayyyyy better than Camera+.” “You do? I’m so over VSCO, everyone’s using it.” “OMG, I’m obsessed with Valencia’s Instagram filter.” “EWWW, you are?! Nasty-ass. No one uses Instagram filters anymore!!”

Am I right about this? Or do I just sound like a bat-shit psycho? Probably a little of both?

Personally, I take my Instagram filters as serious as a heart attack.

( insert six million laughing/crying Emojis here ).

& obviously today I’m talking filters…so drumroll please…

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

Veryyyyy excited to announce a secret project I’ve been working on where I designed 3 photo filters that fully showcases The Skinny Confidential’s brand. A lot of you have asked photography & filter questions via Instagram but I’ve been tight-lipped while scheming/planning/perfecting my three filters ( I’M NERVOUS ABOUT THIS LAUNCH BECAUSE I REALLLLLLY WANTED THEM PERFECT, GUYS ).

I wanted my filters to make YOU GUYS LOOK AMAZING. I wanted them to be TSC-esque. I wanted them to be original. And I wanted you guys to fucking love them.

So let’s hope ya do.


1.) The Tennis Club
2.) Lemonade Stand
3.) Skinny Chic

Each one has it’s own vibes & of course, they’re the top three filters I use on my Insta, duh.

Let’s talk about each one:

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

The Skinny Confidential talks Phuket, Thailand.

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

♡ The Tennis Club ^^^:

This one is like a filter you would use on a bright day. Think: you’re at the tennis club sipping summer water AKA rosé while rocking a super short tennis skirt listening to The Girl From Ipanema & flirting heavily with the ball boy. This filter is so summer-ish & will totally whiten your whites ( eyes, shirts, sky, etc. ). I’m obsessed with using this filter for lifestyle shots, fitness pics, cutie dog shots, & any type of outside photos. This filter looks like you’re on vacay 24/7, where ever you are.

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

♡ Lemonade Stand ^^^:

Eek! One of my favs! It’s inspired by the vodka lemonade stand at the Parker in Palm Springs. The colors in Palm Springs are super vibrant & ohhhhh so bright so this filter is great for a selfie, depending on what mood you’re going for. I also like using ‘Lemonade Stand’ for food & juice pics ( or the occasional boozy snow cone )!

The Skinny Confidential takes New York City with Skinnygirl.

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

The Skinny Confidential talks Phuket, Thailand.

♡ Skinny Chic ^^^:

This badass filter is a bit more dramatic. I didn’t want to take away from the bright/light vibe of TSC so I kept that but I added a little mystery with a vintage feel. I use this filter if I’m taking a picture of my date night heels, posting a pic of dark red lips, &/or out on a date night. It’s sassy, intense, & kinda sexy ( so if you’re looking for sultry vibes for your selfie, I gotcha covered, BB’s ).


Naturally all my filters are SKIN FRIENDLY. I WASN’T ABOUT TO DESIGN SOME SICK-ASS FILTER THAT MAKES YOUR SKIN LOOK BAD. Come on, you guys know me too well, flawless skin was a must!

Anyway, to download The Skinny Confidential Package, download Looksee in The App Store ( while you’re at it check out TSC free app too! ). Simply tap the ‘Store’ icon that’s a red/blue/green circle & my package is under ‘Fashion Looks.’ If you want you can also just search ‘skinny’ right from the main store screen.

To use the app, just choose the photo you want to add the filter to, takes like 3.5 seconds guys.

Having a cool Instagram aesthetic is so much more fun to follow. Especially if you have the perfect filter right at your finger tips ( hooray! No more editing for 10-20 minutes, lol— this is real life— seen it AND been there ). Keep it easy, pretty, & simple!!

Let me know what you guys think about the filters, but really though: give me your unfiltered opinions, k?

Also, hashtag your TSC filtered photos using #theskinnyconfidential & I’ll check them out.

See you on Insta! lauryn x

ps. & fyi: Looksee has been named the Best New Photo Editing App by Apple themselves…ok, ready, set, filter!


The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.


  1. Aaaaaand straight to the app store I go haha! In LOVE with these filters, they’re so perfect!

    Angela, The Sunday Chapter xx

  2. These are so perfect for producing clean, bright pictures! they definitely all fit the Instagram aesthetic I’m after. Love how bright it makes white space! Thanks, Lauryn!!!

    1. The pants are sold out but here’s the exact material and brand in a jumpsuit (I just bought this one too!):

  3. Thank you for the tips!! Also, is the camera you link on Amazon the camera you use?? I’m searching for a good point and shoot that I can throw in my purse (that also has wifi capabilities) but there’s soooo many options out there! Any tips on that??

    1. The Instagram camera I like is this one:

      It’s also at the bottom of the post!! : )

    1. We are looking for a great Android developer and hopefully will be releasing in the next couple months 🙂

  4. Got the app and The Skinny Confidential package! Hopefully you’ll repost some if we tag you 😉


  5. you are a freakin’ goddess. THANK YOU for these, i’ve been thinking about how to brand myself on instagram for weeks and it’s definitely been taking up too much of my time. love the lemonade stand filter – can’t wait to use ’em! 🙂

  6. These are awesome! I can´t wait to download them and use them!!! Congrats on another project!


  7. Aghh Lauryn! They are amazing! Just bought it on Looksee.. But I’m apparently an idiot and can’t figure out how I get the filter on one of my pics and then on my Insta?! Halp!! Lol

  8. THESE!!!! are seriously THE.BEST.FILTERS.EVER!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am another one who spends like 30 minutes on an insta post so you are not alone, and I am LOVINGGG skinny chic! It’s so perfect! Thank you so much – 99 cents well spent! x

  9. Can anyone help me out? I purchased it on looksee but I can’t find it when I pull up my pics. and when I go back to the pack it asks me if I want to buy it again. I am probably just missing something obvious and am being a total newb but would appreciate any help. Thanks!

  10. LOVE these! I need to up my photo game badly and short of getting a new camera (which is on my list along with a whole new computer…), this will be a serious help! Thank you!

    <3 Haley @

  11. Oh my goodness, all three are amazing but for photo photography lemonade stand might take the cake! As far as phone editing apps go though, I love Afterlight!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  12. I seriously love these filters – I downloaded them over the weekend and all of a sudden my pics have transformed. Like WTF – where have these been all my life?! Makes me want to erase my insta account and start over so all my pics look this bangin. Thanks for these Lauryn!

    xo Annie |

  13. I have been wanting a new look for my Instagram for a while now, and am so excited to try these! Love how there is a different filter to go with different settings:)

  14. Hey girl, you inspired me to start my own blog/website/career goals… etc ! I have had a nikon d60 for years but im finding its a bit too excessive for me nowadays.

    Could you give me some insight on what camera you use for your site photographs?

    Much luv;)

  15. Hello! Will the looksee app be available in Canada anytime soon? Would love to download! Thanks 🙂

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