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Edgy, Unique, & FAR From Basic Fitness Wear

Edgy, Unique, & FAR From Basic Fitness Wear | by the skinny confidential

Anybody else over the same old fitness wear you see literally everyone wearing…every day?

Let’s be real though… I love my old Lululemon leggings from 3+ years ago. They’re still in great shape! You know the ones, with the color blocked waist line, see through butt, & awkwardly long leg length?? I feel like it’s time to put them aside though.

From now on, let’s shop for edgy, unique, & FAR from basic fitness wear, shall we? OK:

Open Side Leggings:

How cool are these? These leggings allow you to show a little skin while getting your sweat on. You could seriously wear these out & about to run errands too! I’m sure they’d look great during yoga, & would keep you cooler during hot yoga than regular leggings.

White Tank & RAD Leggings:

This tank is super feminine & just plain white, but the design adds a little something extra. It definitely has a unique flair to it. I dig it. This outfit is seriously FIRE when paired with these geometric print leggings.

Mesh V Center Bra:

This sports bra screams sex appeal. It’s super edgy & almost has a rocker vibe to it. Wear it underneath a tank top and show off the mesh center. SO cool.

Criss Cross Sports Bra:

This sports bra is insane. It’s perfect for showing off those shoulders while you’re working out, running errands, or lounging around.

Mesh White Vest:

This vest is another summer friendly activewear item, & it definitely gives off an edgy vibe. This is perfect for hiking with friends ( reflects the sun too— huge plus!! ), playing sports, running, or any activity really.

So where is your favorite place to shop for unique fitness wear?

I’ve been looking for inspiration on Pinterest, will update you with more when I find some more cool pieces.


  1. wow that is a smart way to market a clothing fashion with workout clothes makes now you can look nice and workout comfortable.

  2. I was looking such a unique legging, which no can have even saw yet. The open side legging is like that and I’m sure it will be different.

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