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For The Busy, Wannabe Chef…I Got Ya Covered

HOW TO BE A LAZY CHEF | by the skinny confidential

I am basically a chef.

Well not really at all but hey, there’s nothing better than make-believe.

Actually let’s back up. I never thought of myself as a cook. I’m more of a let’s make something healthy but let’s do it as quick as humanly possible & who cares if it looks pretty kinda-gal, you know?

…To be real REAL, I actually joke that I lied when I got married in my vows. Is that bad? I said I would learn to cook……& here we are.

It’s cricket-y, to say the least.

I mean technically you could call my online brown box food ordering-habit cooking, right? It’s close, no? I feel like they’re sort of similar. You know, ordering the ingredients online perfectly pre-packaged to cook in the kitchen. Like you actually have to put it together so ya…

Technically it’s all still chef-like work. That’s neither here nor there because regardless, I feel as if I could still throw on an apron. CHEF LIFE.

HOW TO BE A LAZY CHEF | by the skinny confidentialHOW TO BE A LAZY CHEF | by the skinny confidentialHOW TO BE A LAZY CHEF | by the skinny confidential

ANYWAY. I’ve talked a lot about ordering food online on all my platforms. You know I like to keep it efficient, effortless, & organized so let’s face it, when you get everything delivered right to doorstep, pre-measured out, ready to cook, it’s heaven.

What’s even cooler though is this: so many of you have asked about certified gluten-free options and after some research, I’ve found it’s VERY difficult to find a company that caters to your dietary needs.


Green Chef is this super clean-eating meal plan system. Here’s what sold me personally: organic ingredients with no GMOs, synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, or steroids. They have simple-ass recipe cards ( with photos which is just SO HELPFUL ) that include VERY EASY step-by-step instructions & extremely chef-ish tips. Their packaging is also recyclable & compostable which is a real plus. They were also the first meal kit service to get officially certified as gluten-free by the Gluten Intolerance Group ( AKA they did their homework ).

SO! This one’s for the girl who’s always running late…but she’s gluten-free. You will like this whole thing, I’m telling you.

There were three choices in meals in my box but my first pick was for sure the curry veggie flatbread. I also like how it came with a little side salad too- so when Michael walks in for dinner it makes the whole “see-I-just-cooked situation” believable, you know?

Oh & if you have no diet restrictions, no worries. They have 7 meal plans including omnivore, carnivore ( all hormone-free & humanely raised, ), vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo, vegan, and family plans. Whatever floats your boat here. SEE HERE FOR OPTIONS:

HOW TO BE A LAZY CHEF | by the skinny confidentialHOW TO BE A LAZY CHEF | by the skinny confidentialHOW TO BE A LAZY CHEF | by the skinny confidential

I am actually going to try the vegetarian meal plan next time because I have been so off meat lately. Something about it is just turning me off. I haven’t had a drop of meat since Greece. My stomach feels flatter & I for sure have more energy. Has anyone else tried the vegetarian thing? You know I’m always mixing up my diet to try new things- human guinea pig over here.

Wait, maybe that isn’t called vegetarian because I’m still eating fish. This is pescetarian right? Anyway, I’m off meat & on fish, veggies, fruits, & gluten-free when I can. You get it.

Regardless of your diet you can do whatever works for you with Green Chef which is really different from a lot of the meal delivery plans out there. Especially if you want the whole restaurant quality meal thing but you don’t want to spend 2394732048 hours in the kitchen.

Quick & easy- just how I like it.

HOW TO BE A LAZY CHEF | by the skinny confidential
HOW TO BE A LAZY CHEF | by the skinny confidential
HOW TO BE A LAZY CHEF | by the skinny confidential

BY THE WAY, since we’re on the subject: if you have any 5 second recipes…PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE share them with me. I get stuck on a few go-to’s because routine works well. It’s either zoodles, mini GG pizzas, lentil pasta, fish, sushi, or pre-delivered meal plans.

Michael certainly didn’t get his dream of having a chef for a wife.

Sorry babe.

Just eat that delish curry veggie flatbread & I’ll feel like we’re good though.

CHEERS & love you! x lauryn

+ scoop this link for $40 off your first order ( valid until 12/31/17 ) & try the veggie options- so good! The tee shirt is Rolling Roses Boutique.

++ this post is in collaboration with Green Chef. As always all opinions are my own.

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HOW TO BE A LAZY CHEF | by the skinny confidential

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  1. I love this. My boyfriend always talks about trying all of the food things when we have our own place, and this is definitely one to add to this list.
    xo, Meghan |

  2. Hiii! I started transitioning to high raw vegan a cpl months ago, and it’s AMAZING! (Meaning high carb, low fat). Yeppp carbbbss, but healthy carbs. I can cook, but I don’t like too. I wanted to eat healthier without all the fuss, and let me tell u this is it for the girl on the go! You eat as many organic fruits n veggies as u want… yeah endless. You end up dropping weight slowly and getting to your optimal weight and stopping! YAYYY! Yes you can eat cooked foods, and yes you don’t have to deprive yourself. I’m STILL not 100% vegan, and I eat pizza, or my kids leftover Halloween candy when I feel like it. And I’ve NEVER felt better! The best part about it is, after a certain amount of time you won’t crave this bad foods once you’re away from them for so long. Your palette WILL change too, and fruits n veggies will taste 10 times better! And the bad stuff will taste …BAD! So it’s not even hard if you dedicate yourself for about a month! Sooo worth it. You don’t have to take criticism vc you’re not 100% vegan, vegetarian, paleo, etc. DO YOUR OWN THING, so what works for you. Eating healthier is eating healthier, but if you go hard for awhile it won’t be a struggle. I PROMISE… at least going high raw vegan. I have so much more energy, nvr feel bloated, and don’t regret it one bit. Your diet DOESN’T need to be defined by someone else. Finds what you think you’ll like, and can stick to and TRY IT!

    1. LOVE your story Monique! Sounds like you’re killing it and feeling amazing. You are definitely right about your tastes changing and sticking to what works for YOU. x

  3. Hey lady
    Sooo… It’s something I’ve always wanted to try, the whole order food and deliver thing…but I don’t have extra money just lying around to subscribe to that sort of thing right now!
    So at the moment a good alternative to easy cooking I’ve used for the last few years when I’m short on time and energy and resources ha is this website…well, er, uhm…I actually downloaded the app initially and that how I introduced myself to this awesome idea, but it’s called slender seven…look them up.
    All recipes with only seven ingedients!

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