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HOLIDAY HAIR: An Update On The Hollywood Glam Wave

Ok, ok so I’m not the best in the world at doing my own hair but I feel like that’s VERY relatable?

I mean not a lot of us are doing a bridal up-do on a Sunday. We can’t all do bouncy Victoria Secret waves with a flick of the wrist. And we’re sure as hell not all good at flower crown braids. That shit requires some TALENTTTT.


This tutorial I filmed yesterday is easy. It’s quick. It’s styled with LumaBella products that are efficient & won’t damage your hair. & ( I THINK ) it’s relatable. Like anyone can do this. You could teach your toddler to do it on you, really. Simple.

Want to see? K:


The straightener I used has these ceramic plates that are infused with keratin micro-conditioners. AND THIS MAKES YOUR HAIR ALL SHINY! YOU CAN SEE from the video I didn’t even have to use shine spray because of how shiny the straightener makes your hair. You should also know there was no oiliness. In fact, my hair is still shiny today ( #DAYOLD style for the win ).

I HATE heat on my hair so I’m very specific. Whenever I blow-dry my hair I ALWAYS rough dry it up to 80%. Then I’ll do the whole round brush thing. But really, I much rather prefer a rough dry to a round brush on my hair for 20 minutes. As far as the straightening situation goes, whatever you do: make sure you’re using one like I’m using that has an embedded heat sensor on it. Basically you want one that detects damaged/dry pieces of the hair & automatically adjusts accordingly. AKA doesn’t overheat the hair.

Definitely scope the products I used because they are ALL VERY MUCH TSC-approved.


LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch Styler

LumaBella Pure Power Dryer

Kristin Ess The One Signature shampoo

Kristin Ess Strand Strengthening Reconstructive Moisture Mask

Sam Glamm extensions

DryBar Detox Dry Shampoo

Kristin Ess Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray

Rat tail comb

Alligator clips

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Please let me know what hair tutorials you guys want to see next- I am into the quick, easy hair looks.

Ok I have to go bake! I’m very happy about my day old, fleeky holiday hair while I cook TSC Brussels sprouts, pumpkin roll, & this skinny crumble. What are you guys making for Thanksgiving? Anything fun?

I hope you all have the best day tomorrow- I will be in a full tryptophan coma by 5 pm.

For now you can find me cooking in the kitchen with a whiskey apple cider blasting Christmas music watching The Grinch. You know I keep it FESTIVE.

X lauryn

SHOP THE OUTFIT: dress ( I LOVE this dress ) | black nail polish

+ this post is in collaboration with LumaBella. As always all opinions are my own.

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{ photos| thank you to You & Yours Distillery for the cocktails & location! }



  1. “Basically you want one that detects damaged/dry pieces of the hair & automatically adjusts accordingly”


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