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Easy Arm Exercises

Lauryn Evarts, weight loss blogger with skinny tips and tricks

[ Press-ups ]

My girlfriend, Stefanie requested easy arm workouts that are accessible from home. The truth is, with ten minutes of arm sculpting a day, your arms will become lean/strong. These are four workouts I do almost every day to prevent under arm “jiggle”. My trainer, Chris was kind enough to take these pictures while keeping a close eye on my form.

+ Press-ups: take 3 to 5 pound weights [ if weights are not available, canned food substitutes well for weights! ], come down by the sides and then press up in to an “O” shape [ 25 reps, 3 sets ].

+ Tricep dips: bring the palms of the hands on an elevated surface [ a chair works ]. Come down to ninety degrees with the elbows and press back up. Try to hold it for two seconds when down [ 20 reps, 3 sets ].

+ Resistance band pulls: wrap a resistance band around a pole. Bring the arms to ninety degrees and the pull straight [ 20 reps, 3 sets ].

+ Straight arm pull backs: place the resistance band around the feet. Hinge from the waist & bend in the knees. Pull straight back, pinching through the scapula. Make sure the arms are straight when pulling back [ 20 reps, 3 sets ].

Take ten minutes out of your day & change the shape of your arms. No excuses!

Lauryn Evarts, weight loss blogger with skinny tips and tricks

[ Tricep dips ]

Lauryn Evarts, weight loss blogger with skinny tips and tricks

[ Pulls with the resistance band ]

Lauryn Evarts, weight loss blogger with skinny tips and tricks

[ Straight arm pull backs ]

  1. Love exercise posts like this!! You should do a butt one next… I’m trying to tone mine FAST for the quickly approaching bathing suit season 🙂

  2. Thanks Lauryn! So helpful! I just actually bought a resistance band and finally know what to do with it! Bye bye bat wings! 😉 xoxo

  3. Agreed! Let’s get one for the booty 🙂 This is a great quick workout for the arms and I can’t wait to incorporate it into my workouts! Your arms look insane 🙂

  4. Love this post! I will definitely start doing this!! I agree with all the other comments….butt exercises please!!!

  5. I just found your site and I love all of your suggestions! But if we don’t have resistance bands, how can we modify those exercises?

  6. Ooh thank you 🙂 your arms are great and inspiring hope to get there, I have the same question as Elise and how long till we could notice the results?

    Thank you

    1. You’ll notice results in a month, if you do this four times a week! XO.

  7. I was browsing pinterest and saw your picture, i feel like i’ve met someone one famous 🙂
    your blog is awesome girl! Goodness you have an amazing body, I just may have to be a regular follower so i can get rid of a few pounds before i return back to San Diego. x

    1. Wow! Thanks Brie : )). I am glad you’re following along! Tell Julian hi! xoxo

  8. Being fidgety can help you lose weight – really! Keep yourself moving even when you are sitting. Try tapping your foot; doing muscle exercises – tense different muscles and hold for a few seconds, then release and repeat; or drumming your fingers. If anyone asks what you’re doing, just tell them. You might start a trend! You can also do these exercises to tone stomach rather than weight loss.

  9. I loved these work outs!!!! T was like a week later that i could feel like my arms are tightening up and toned. i finally felt good enough to start wearing tank tops now without being scared!!!!!

  10. I really enjoy your website and get a lot of entertainment and good Knowledge from it I wanted to share some recent arm exercises that me and my staff have been doing with positive results would love to share it to your subscribers if you will let me if not thanks anyway you guys are great keep up the good

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