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Drugstore HAUL! Seriously > ANYTHING

drugstore favorites | by the skinny confidential

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Rite-Aid will be the death of me.

I literally go in for a Smart Water & walk out with new red matte lipstick, cuticle scissors, Flaming Hot Cheetos, leave-in conditioner, polka dot gift wrap, & the latest foundation that promises “the best coverage ever.”

It’s kinda like the drugstore is a playground.

I walk in making a promise to spend $5 dollars, & $45 dollars later I’m perusing the ‘thank you for being a good friend’ cards, #REALNESS.

When I think about it, there’s actually something oddly therapeutic about roaming the aisles looking for nothing, finding everything.

Anyway, let’s talk specifics: firstly, I’ll never be a blogger who doesn’t shop smart. Don’t get me wrong, I love designer items & MAC Cosmetics, BUT NOT EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD needs to be brand name. Some of my best finds are from CVS or a thrift store. In fact, some drugstore brands are way better than the more expensive brands. Nothing wrong with that.

This month I found so many goodies that I had to share. As usual, I’m always looking for PHENOMENAL ( NOT AVERAGE, HAS TO BE AMAZING ) drugstore products so if you have any winning recommendations, leave them below.

Now, let’s talk about eye shadow, shall we?

Here’s the thing: a lot of you have asked me what eye shadow I wear.

Eer, I don’t wear eye shadow. I wear foundation on my lids or a TINY bit of a VERY SPECIFIC, basically invisible eye powder by NYX. It’s kind of iridescence too. See:

Ok so, why no eye shadow?

Well, uhh do you remember the movie Something About Mary?

You know, the one with Cameron Diaz?

I look like that woman in the movie when I wear eye shadow.


I look like the 85 year old lady who tans with aluminum foil reflectors & her tiny dog:

makeup tips | by the skinny confidential

Yes…( love the casual vodka/soda too ).

I look like Magda with eye shadow. No offense to her, but on me it looks very dated, very 1980-ish, & just fucking haggard.

So I gravitate more towards the fresh, bright eyed look.

Also, I’m so not succumbing to the fact that every girl has to wear eye shadow. LIKE WHY? A lot of the time it gives the eyes a heavy look.

I even talked to a MAC makeup artist —& SHHHHH!!!—-she told me that makeup counters are secretly pushing their reps to sell eye shadow more aggressively because the sales are down.


Now if you look fabulous & more like Cameron than Magda in eye shadow, then by all means ROCK IT SISTA.

But I look like Drew Carey’s heavy makeup-ed friend, Mimi, so I’ll pass.

Ok, let’s talk product details.

♡ Products:

Baby Lips in ‘Pink Punch’
NYX Nude Matte Eye Shadow
NYX Butter Gloss in ‘Fortune Cookie’
Nugg Shea Butter Masks
Sally Hansen’s stark white nail polish

♡ Wearing:

Dainty rings
Fake Lashes
CND Top Coat

If you guys are interested in my YouTube videos, PLEASE subscribe— I’m working on building TSC channel so I can bring you MORE than one video a week. And please let me know what you want to see more of!

Ok, I’m off…now if only I could find something that helps with swelling. I’m swelling up like a MEGA balloon over here. My face seems to be getting MORE SWOLLEN instead of less. Ugh. Wish me luck, I look like a hive of bees stung my face. FML.

– lauryn x

+ More makeup tips can be found in The Skinny Confidential Book.

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    1. No eye shadow on in this video! Just primer, foundation, & eye liner on my lids ; ). And of course, eye lashes! It may be the lighting but I’m not wearing eye shadow in any of my videos. x

  1. Amazing finds!! I love baby lips its seriously the best!! I love your videos they are so well done and so YOU! I would love posts/videos on you organize your day and maybe a video on how to approach brands to work with like the steps you took to start reaching out lots of love C

  2. I think my biggest monthly expense is random drugstore shopping! :/ and now that we have Google Shopping Express in SF, I get CVS right to my door without lifting a finger (including makeup!!).

    2 drugstore musts for me: CoverGirl Lashblast in Very Black (kind in the orange tube) – people ask if my lashes are fake!

    Alba Bontanicals (all natural!) Hawaiin Pineapple Enzyme Facial Cleanser (takes off eye makeup too!)

    xx Hope you are on the mend!

    1. Eeek! I’m so jealous you have Google Shopping Express! I use postmates for food but not the drugstore. Thanks for the recommendations

  3. I’m not an everyday eyeshadow fan either, but I love using just a bit of the Too Faced Eye Primer in Champagne, it brightens up my eye area and makes it look like I tried harder than I actually did. #WIN. I’m going to go on a huge NYX binge when I go to the US at the end of the month, so I’m excited to get some new reccomendations!
    xo, Laura

  4. What kind of eyeliner do you use? I love your eye makeup in this video.. could you give some suggestions on eyeliner? Thanks Lauryn!!

    1. Hi Virginia, I’m not really a fan of eyeliner. If I wear it, I’ll wear it SUPER SUPER thin, like invisible, LOL! This is my current favorite:

      Thanks for reading! xx

  5. The face masks sound amazing!!! I also love that they come in portable containers, which is perfect for travel.


  6. Great video and loved your drugstore picks! I am definitely going to try out the Nugg shea butter masks, such a good idea to travel with those. And I’m a huge fan of white nail polish, at a drugstore price? I’m in! Just subscribed to your youtube channel, all of your videos are fantastic!

  7. Drugstore can’t-live-withouts:
    /NYX eye liner pencils in black but also khol, emerald, purple
    /Nivea lip balm in the royal blue tube-game changing moisture
    /Loreal Volume Mascara in blackest black non waterproof in the tube with gold top
    /Colgate 3-day express white toothpaste seriously gives results in no time
    /Any eos product
    /Essie gel setter top coat for at-home gel manicure shine!

    Religiously read your blog, book, and watch your channel, Lauryn! love the grocery and drug store haul posts! Would like to see a short example/tutorial on a TSC Bombshell body plan workout soon!

  8. Haha I love that woman from There’s Something About Mary, too funny. I rarely shop at drugstores, but every so often I find myself doing it while waiting for a prescription and there truly are some great buys. Love these options!

  9. PLeaase please do a post on good deodarants – drug store or not!! what do u use? the secret brands and degree all have aluminum which is sooo eww. help!

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