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Drugstore Beauty Finds That Kick Ass

The Skinny Confidential talks beauty.
Today I’m sharing drugstore finds!!

Honestly I’m kind of obsessed with CVS & Rite-Aid.

I will roam through the aisles, looking for nothing, finding everything— you know?

These are some finds that I SWEAR by. None of this is sponsored, just realness:

♡ Products used:

Great Lash Clear Mascara ( AKA the best primer on earth…more here )
Revlon’s ‘Black Cherry’ Lipstick
Bioré Strips
Miracle Blur (AKA Facetune in a tube)
Light Concealer in Lipstick Tube
100% Grapeseed Oil x Vitamin E

♡ Other:

* floral top
* white nail polish
* lipstick holder
* Chanel book

Out of all these I’m especially in love with the Miracle Blur. It really fills in lines & just works for a good selfie, ya know? LOL. Plus it creates a smooth canvas for foundation & moisturizer. LOVE.

Ok, so what’s your favorite drugstore find that I have to check out? PLEASSSSE share, I love trying AMAZING drugstore products.

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x lauryn

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  1. LAURYN! I’ve read about your recent obsession with charcoal & when I saw this post with the Biore pore strips I assumed you had the charcoal ones but you didn’t! Do you know about them? I feel like it’s peanut butter & jelly meeting for the first time! (Biore also has a charcoal pore minimizer/exfoliant that I use twice a week ONLY where my pores are large since it is pretty drying! Can’t undew the dew! ha

  2. “looking for nothing, finding everything” LOL. How true is that. Every time I pick up a prescription I come home with 10 things I didn’t need.

    1. book stores, too. came in for one book the other day, left with a wallet that was $50 lighter

  3. Great vid as always L. PLEASE please please make a video about deodorants!!!!! It is summer and peeps better be using in to avoid major stink. Have a fab weekend! xxx

    1. definitely don’t use regular lady speed stick brand, or any other white deodorant, you can SEE the whiteness on your underarms. there’s clear gels that work flawlessly. (though I’m not sure how safe deodorant is overall)

  4. Drug store lipsticks are pretty underestimated – anytime I see a lipstick I like on someone and ask what they’re wearing, they always tell me they got it at the drug store :’)

  5. I could spend sooo much at CVS, that’s why it’s the best when you get those CVS bucks, free products!


  6. Hi Lauryn- Thanks so much for the great post. When you wipe off your makeup with the grapeseed oil, do you use a wet or dry cloth to take it off? Thanks!

  7. I absolutely love a new drugstore mascara by Loreal. It is called Miss Manga. I have literally had multiple people (strangers) lol ask me if I am wearing fake lashes or have lash extensions when I am not! I highly recommend it!! Keep the awesome videos coming 🙂

  8. I LOVE Rite Aid! I usually go in just to look around and walk out with bags of drugstore beauty buys. My most recent find is Renpure Argan Oil shampoo (post on this below) which is only $5 and sulfate free!

  9. I’m a total sucker for light pink and love the Chanel book cover – I think the link is a different one but will have a closer look anyway, thanks for sharing, very enjoyable!

  10. Oh my gosh why did I never think of that, using the clear mascara to hold your brows in place is genius!!!! And so much cheaper than the brow stuff they try to sell you at hair waxing salons or MAC or something! This is why I love your blog.

  11. I am completely obsessed with Rite Aid especially! One of my favorites is the Yes To! skin care line and I also can’t live without the biore pore strips. There’s some great skincare out there for cheap! Though, I do use the expensive stuff, as well.

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