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Drugstore Beauty Finds You NEED To Know About

As you guys know, I’m VERY much about a good drugstore find. Like the whole idea for The Skinny Confidential started when I was attending San Diego State University & needed to find quick, affordable hacks for the babe on a budget…aka ME, the broke bartender.

Anyway I’ll never give up the drugstore, especially the beauty section. And it is something I want to keep coming back to on the blog because I’m constantly trying new things & have this insane need to overshare. Whenever I find something that deserves a shout-out because of its price & effectiveness, I just NEED to post ya know.

My local superstore is Walmart. I’m sure everyone has a Walmart near them- & honestly it’s kinda the best thing ever. You walk in & think you’re getting some bobby pins, & walk out with a whole cart of fluffy bath towels, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, lip glosses, perhaps a Caboodle, & even a 6 pack of skinny lime spritzers. There’s something oddly therapeutic about going to a drugstore & having a plethora of options isn’t there. Like I put in some Airpods in & walk around with a huge cart. Typically I’ll set a budget in my head- $100 to go wild, & get everything I want to test out or maybe some stuff that I don’t need at all. LOLZ.

A couple months ago I honed in on 4 fab items, so I wanted to break those down for you. This way, the next time you walk into Walmart looking for a cutlery organizer, perhaps you’ll walk out with a bomb mascara, a new makeup sponge, & even some micellar water?


Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Cleansing Water and Makeup Remover Solution for Face and Eyes

Micellar water is all the rage in France. Seriously ALL the French girls use it. I couldn’t believe how popular it was, especially in Paris. The reason people love it so much is that it’s super gentle & doesn’t strip the skin. I’m not a fan of over-cleansing in general, so if you want to use something that won’t irritate your skin, this is your best bet.

It’s made of these small oil molecules that draws any & all grossness out of the skin. Also it really attracts dirt, oil & makeup. You should also know there’s no alcohol in it so you can use it around your eyes too AND you won’t be squinting for half the day. This is for the girl who wants super supple skin & who wants to avoid clogged pores because it removes makeup sooooo well.

Very impressive that Walmart had this micellar water. Their whole beauty sectionhas really upped its game. French girls would be proud. Oui oui!

e.l.f. Cosmetics ELF+ Dewy Coconut Refreshing Mistand e.l.f. Cosmetics ELF+ Coconut Glow Radiant Moisturizer SPF 15

OKKKKKRRR shout-out to e.l.f. products. They’ve been sending me their latest drops, & I’ve been handing them out to the TSC team to try. There were two that especially stood out to us, & those two products were e.l.f. Cosmetics ELF+ Dewy Coconut Refreshing Mist & e.l.f. Cosmetics ELF+ Coconut Glow Radiant Moisturizer SPF 15.

Let me just say, if you’re going to do a mist from Walmart, THIS IS IT. If you want to follow it up with a moisturiser, e.l.f. makes a great one. I especially like it because there’s SPF in it.

Misting in the morning really wakes me up, so it’s a must.. This oneis infused with coconut water, hyaluronic acid & argan oil ( I know, super delicious ingredients ). It leaves your skin with this dewy, Instagrammy, flawless glow. What I love about e.l.f. products is that they’re free from parabens, phthalates & sulfates ( also cruelty free- what up! ).

If you want to finish out with a moisturizer, you have to stalk the Glow Radiant Moisturizer at Walmart. You won’t be sorry. The packaging is light pink which matches the mist so it’s something you’ll want in your skin fridge. You can expect this moisturiser to follow through- there’s a REASONit has 5 star reviews.

L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Washable Mascara

This is the new Great Lash mascara basically. Great Lash was super popular in high school, but this one is even better. Not only better, but better on fake drugstore lashes. I love a falsie, & I’m very detail oriented about how the mascara lays on that falsie. This one lays very feathery & flirty. Plus, it opens the eye, which we love.

I’ve had problems before where mascara doesn’t flatter the eye shape, but this one does, while giving you length & volume. I like my mascara dark, so I always go for ‘blackest black.’ L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Washable Mascara has a smooth glide formula & 200+ bristles. This mascara makes you feel like Farrah Fawcett in a red bikini circa 1980.

( Sidenote: I’m very proud of my picks for this post because almost everything is pink. They’re all aesthetically pleasing- just trying to look out for everyone’s vanity over here. I got you ).


BLENDING. I’ve tried brushes, my finger, compact blenders but nothing is as GOOD as a beautyBlender. To be completely transparent, I’ve tried to cut corners & use fake beautyBlenders but nothing is as good as the real deal beautyBlender.

I use it to apply sunscreen— because no one wants white flakes hanging off their face like Kris Kringle. I use it to apply my makeup. I use it to blend powder & I use it to contour.

The difference between a beautyBlender & everything else in the world? Well, there are a few things. The bb…

+ creates a dewy, Jessica Alba look.

+ does some crazy voo-doo where it sort of ( chemically?? ) blends the makeup together making your face look like skin instead of alligator scales.

+ doesn’t give you that orange line where your face looks different than your neck.

+ is the best travel companion because it’s small AND HIGHLY efficient.

+ can take ABUSE. This is creepy & weird: the more I use mine without washing it, the better my BB works because it absorbs the oils of the skin. BUT! It does have to be washed once in a while to keep your skin free of bacteria.

& before you think I’m gross, remember J.Lo’s makeup artist famously said that “mixing oils of the skin together creates a way better finish.” I feel like the beautyBlender does just that: mixes the oils of the skin together for the ideal finish.

I was online trying to figure out why I like it so much ( it’s kind of indescribable ) & I found the perfect word for it: it’s BOUNCY. It bounces off your skin in the perfect way.

So obsessed with the fact that Walmart now carries these amazing, perfect little sponges.

AND there you have it- 4 insane Walmart finds. If you’re going to Walmart be sure to stalk their beauty section. As I said, they’ve really upped their beauty game.

On that note, I’m off to mist my face. I’d love to know what some of your superstore finds? Give us all the juice & make sure you’re following along on Instagram where I’m constantly sharing skincare hacks & finds like this.

Hope you’re all having a productive day & I’ll see you tomorrow.

x, lauryn

+ if you like this post, check out how I clean my beautyBlender.

++ everything you need to know about drugstore fake lashes.

+ this post is in collaboration with Walmart, as always, all opinions are my own.


  1. Really like your bargain finds! WHERE can I find eyeshadow in nude tones that aren’t metallic or shimmery? Im a little (a lot) older than you, and the last thing I want is glitter in my wrinkles.
    And, as a bargain find, I found 2 types of Garnier hair masques at dollar tree, 2 treatments for $1. Could NOT turn that down. There was an immediate difference, I have length to the middle of my back and could finger comb every tangle out.
    And don’t forget about ipsy, last month I got a trial size of the thrive liquid lash extensions mascara. WOW. I have fairly long lashes, but it does what it says. I would reccomend using an older mascara wand to “comb” lashes afterwards, new mascara always goes on pretty thick.

    1. Urban decay has just about any color in any finish you could possibly want. They have palettes and singles. I think you would enjoy the Naked reloaded eyeshadow palette or the Naked Basics is on Nordstrom Rack at 50% off right now. That one is all matte & could be just what you are looking for !

    2. thank you for these tips! for a matte nude- NYX makes a ton of different eyeshadows all for fairly cheap!

  2. That mascara is the best I’ve tried. Oh, and the Covergirl Lash Blast! I need to try more elf products. Thanks for sharing (:

    Erika Marie |

  3. Where is your robe from/ who makes it?! Im obsessed! Also, love the post thanks for the tips you’re the BEST

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