Dresses I Can’t Stop Thinking About

dresses I can't stop thinking about | by the skinny confidential

Heeellllooooo SPRING!

I’m loving this flirty warm weather.

With this warm, fresh weather, I’ve been stepping up my dress game.

Here are some dresses I’m ABSOLUTELY loving right now, I seriously can’t stop thinking about them.

Sparkles Perfect For Any Day:

This little number is SO chic. Perfect for a party at night, or a fun BBQ at a friend’s house. Style it right, and you’ll look 100% spring chic.

Rosé On A Yacht Stripes:

Yep, that’s right. Mara Hoffman stripes have been ON POINT lately. Doesn’t this dress make you feel like drinking a tall glass of rosé on a boat? Or am I a total weirdo??

Easy Floral Number:

Florals are BIG this Spring & Summer. They’re literally everywhere ( dresses, skirts, bikinis, even SHOES! ). The best thing about florals is they’re easy. You can throw on sandals or a pair of boots to either complete a casual or done up look.

Chic Slip On Maxi:

Okay, STOP. I die for this slip on white maxi dress. SO CHIC. Wear this literally anywhere. At home, at a party, by the pool, it’s perfection.

Red Striped Bodycon:

Seriously… Red—STRIPES—off the shoulder. What could be better? Throw on a pair of rad tennies and you’re good to go!

Where are you guys shopping for dresses?

Would love to know!




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11 replies to “Dresses I Can’t Stop Thinking About”

    1. Hi Tamara, me too! Have you noticed it also makes your shoulders look more square? Definitely an added bonus!

  1. All I could think with the floral dress is the Miranda priestly deadpan: “florals… For spring? Groundbreaking.” LOL