Dr. Ghadir on Freezing Your Eggs in your 30s

Freezing Your Eggs in your 30s

We have a very important topic to discuss on the blog today. Freezing your eggs. I think there needs to be way more conversation on this subject because women are having kids later in life these days. A lot of women are focussing on their careers, going to school & getting their lives set up before starting their motherhood journey.

So, Dr. Ghadir is back to discuss the benefits of freezing your eggs in your 30s. If you missed his last post, let me introduce you.

Dr. Ghadir is a father, husband, entrepreneur & podcaster ( The Fertile Life ) who works with all kinds of celebs, influencers & the LGBTQ community.

He’s a reproductive endocrinologist & infertility specialist in Southern California. I have had the pleasure of meeting him a few times, & he has been on the podcast twice. You can check out those episodes here & hereBe sure to listen because he talks all about conception issues, success rates & just everything you could ever want to know about reproduction. 

In this post Dr. Ghadir is going to share all the benefits for freezing your eggs in your 30s. If you’re not ready to have kids but think you want to one day, this post is for you.

With that, let’s welcome Dr. Ghadir back to the blog.

Dr. Ghadir on Freezing Your Eggs in your 30s


For those of you who do not know me, I am Dr. Shahin Ghadir, a fertility specialist in Southern California Reproductive Center & the host of The Fertile Life podcast. My passion is helping people navigate through life & making sure that they have addressed all of their fertility needs for their future and are aware of how to accomplish their goals at that moment. I would like to discuss some of the most important issues involving fertility preservation, better known as egg freezing, in this blog.

I have personally been through IVF with my wife & have beautiful 10-year-old twins as a result. We also have two other kids that spontaneously popped up. I understand what it means to feel frustrated from the fertility journey & also can understand how much more frustrating this could be for the the average person who is not a fertility specialist.

Everything You Need To Know About Egg Freezing & IVF
Egg Freezing & IVF process
Dr. Ghadir

Egg freezing is a very important & hot topic in our society today. There are many benefits of addressing this.

Dr. Ghadir on Freezing Your Eggs in your 30s: 

♡ Freezing your eggs allows you to continue your professional & social career and not have to worry about running out of eggs.

Generally speaking, the average female starts to decline in their fertility around the age of 26 or 27. By the time females reach 40 years of age, 90% of their eggs become abnormal.

♡ Freezing also allows you to create embryos in the future when you want to get pregnant & genetically test them so that you know if the embryo is genetically normal or not and you will know if it’s a male or a female embryo.

If you don’t want to know the gender, we generally conceal it from you.

♡ It sounds like a huge financial investment, however doing IVF or using egg donation in the future is anywhere between 4 to 10 times the cost.

♡ Egg freezing can be financed like any other investment in your life

& is probably the best insurance policy that you will be spending money on.

♡ Freezing your eggs allows you to use certain medications and do certain treatments in your life that you do not anticipate.

Such as chemotherapy or radiation, and not have to worry about it destroying your future fertility.

♡ It allows you to go to bed at night reassured that just because you don’t have Mr. or Mrs. Right in your life at the moment ( or if it’s just not a good time ), you can proceed at some point without rushing. 

♡ Freezing your eggs may mean helping a friend of yours in the future who can’t have children.

Or it could mean helping your sister who may need an egg or you can leave the eggs in your will for one of your children in the case they can’t have children of their own. 

♡ It only takes between 12 to 14 days and the major side effect involves bloatedness that generally resolves the week after.

♡ Freezing your eggs is painless

And the egg retrieval process happens in a surgery center or procedure room and is performed under a light sedation and you will not feel anything.

♡ Freezing your eggs can cost as little as $6400

Plus the cost of medication in reputable clinics such as Southern California Reproductive Center where I work.

♡ Overall, freezing your eggs is the smartest thing a woman can do if she’s considering kids at any time in the future.

The younger you do it, the better the quality of the eggs & the more eggs you’ll have. For anyone who has not addressed egg freezing by the time they’re 30 years of age, the best birthday gift you can ever give yourself will be to consult with a fertility specialist.

As you can see, freezing your eggs is a topic that I can discuss for days on end and the benefits are infinite. If you were interested in freezing your eggs or learning more about the process, please feel free to follow me on Instagram or Facebook @DrShahinGhadir or look at the Southern California Reproductive Center website which is www.SCRCIVF.Com.


Hope you guys found value in this post. So many women are struggling to get pregnant so I think it’s so important to get ahead of the situation & stay informed on things that you can do for yourself.

If you want to learn more, be sure to check out Dr. Ghadir’s latest podcast episode.

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x, lauryn

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