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Door Silencers: What You Never Knew You Needed

Door Silencers: What You Never Knew You Needed

Get ready to have your life changed. It’s this little trick I found to manage stress, lower cortisol & aggravation around a little situation I couldn’t figure out.

When we first moved to Austin our doors would SLAM 24/7. There was something about the windows being open and the wind. And doors were just slamming out of nowhere all day long. It’s just the most jarring and when Zaza started slamming them. And Townes’ starting crawling and slamming them too…I mean, it was too much. Just awful.

Off I went to do what I do best: stalk the internet and research the best way to silence a door slamming. At first I tried those little round plastic stopper sticker things, but they just didn’t work how I wanted.

Finally, I found the most aesthetically pleasing, easy to use covers that were designed to do exactly want I wanted them to do: SILENCE A DOOR.

Door Silencers: What You Never Knew You Needed

These little covers hang on each handle, on either side of the door and they make all the difference. They come in neutral colors like white, beige, tan, black. But also in fun colors if your kid’s room has a little scheme going on. There’s also purple, pink green and more.

Full disclosure, I’ve been using these for a while. But I didn’t share this find right away because I was being greedy and was scared they would sell out. LOL. Gatekeeping is not my MO, you guys know this. But I really needed to make sure I had enough and then some before I shared, because, YES THEY’RE LIFE-CHANGING.

Benefits of a Door Silencer:

♡ doors cannot accidentally close & lock

♡ kids won’t get their fingers stuck

♡ so crucial if you have a newborn AND a toddler

♡ you won’t hear your SO get up to pee or grab water in the middle of the night

♡ & the SILENCE !! My god the silence is amazing

Anyway, if you don’t have doors slamming in your house left, right and center, lucky you. I’m jealous. Otherwise, these will make your house a much more relaxing place and I highly recommend them.

Peace, love & QUIET. Like, let’s protect our peace, k?

x, lauryn

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