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Don’t Have Your Shit Together For The Holidays? I Got You Covered

last minute gift ideas and shipping info for christmas

This post is dedicated to everyone who left everything to the last minute, aka me.

I get it, I feel you, been there, done that.

EVERYTHING linked in this post will arrive BEFORE Christmas you guys! I’ve made sure of it.

We’ll get to all the shipping details in a minute but for now, here are some cute, last-minute stocking stuffers & gift ideas:

CLEAN perfume set by Sephora
You could split these up or give the whole set to one person.

First Aid Beauty Clean Canyon
Amazing cleanser. It’s lightweight & made with coconut water.

Sephora Collections Give Me Some Glitter Set
This is perfect for NYE- so fun on the eyes. You know my favorite is the silvery/white because it pops the whites of the eyes & teeth.

Sephora Silver SuperMask
This has pearl in it! You guys know I love pearl.

Laneige Lip Mask
Can’t get enough of this. Everyone will love it, I swear.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
This is super volumizing & dramatic. Very much about it. 

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips
You could divide these up & put them in cute pink baggies.

Thrive Market organic wine
I always go for the Sangiovese. You can buy a case of 12 so it’s perfect if you have more than a few last minute gifts to buy. It really fills up a stocking. Be sure to use my code

Pink cotton buds & pink nail files are super cute to add too. It’s nice to get essentials in your stocking, right?! Throw in a rose quartz facial massager to round it out & you’re golden.

YES, of course I thought about the boys – Moleskin notebook, The Daily Stoic, passport wallet.

We CANNOT forget about cute wrapping you guys. Taking time to wrap presents in a cute, branded way is so important I think. Even if you always GTG ( like me )- there’s always time for cute wrapping.

Throw these in your cart so when your stocking stuffers come you can wrap them up ASAP.

+ gift tags

+ metallic wrapping paper

+ small bags

+ cute ribbon

+ tape

+ scissors

+ & pens
( for some reason they all disappear when you need them the most ).


Ok, here’s the deal:

All these items will arrive by Sunday or Monday but you need to order like, TODAY.

Not all items on Amazon will be delivered before Christmas, but the ONES IN THIS POST will be!

Same for Sephora. You need to order NOW for delivery on December 24. They also have this amazing deal right now where you can pay $15 for FLASH DELIVERY. This means that for $15, you can get free 2-day delivery for an entire year. No minimum purchase. I love it. If you’re into this, NOW is the time to get it.

So if you’re going to be even later than buying today, the FLASH DELIVERY is a good option.

The holidays are so fucking crazy, I hope having everything in one place can help some of you out.

If you have any last minute gift ideas with quick shipping, you have to tell us below. We need all the help we can get over here!

Happy Holidays!

x, lauryn


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