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DIY Refresher AKA Chemical-Free, Fresh Squeezed “Soda”

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

I’m a fresh squeezed, homemade, wanna know the ingredients “soda” pop kinda girl.

Definitely not an aspartame, disease-filled, crap-filled chemical Diet Coke kinda girl.

Ya with me?

And if you’ve seen the news lately, you’ve seen that there’s been fires all over San Diego.

It’s debiliaiting to watch the fires spread across the county, destroying memories, homes, & lives.

‘They’ ( who’s ‘they’ anyway? ) haven’t found out what’s the cause of the fires but there’s a gnarly Santa Ana sweeping SD. It’s been very sad last couple of days of our city. See more here.

On that note, lemme just say for SD standards, it’s also been hot as balls.

Like, seriously, seriously hotttttt as balls.

Hello F-ing Santa Ana winds! Geez.

So the other day I whipped up this lil refresher ( because Starbucks’ ‘Refreshers’ are full of shit ) for friends to stay cool:

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

Just for record: I’m not opposed to adding champagne to this.

ESP on a hot summer day.


Anyway, I like to shake this ‘soda’ mixture in a martini shaker BUT make sure to add the grapefruit Perrier afterwards. Let’s just say bubbles & a martini shaker are like oil and water— they don’t mix. You don’t want an overflowing mess, so add the Perrier on top after the fruit mixture been shaken. The pink color is from Suja’s delish flavor ‘Spark’ but you can sub pomegranate juice too ( use just a splash or two ).

Lil tip: I use my martini shaker ( w/ measurements on it ) ALL the time even when there’s no alcohol involved. I mix my own dressings & make sexy, DIY fruit mixtures ( with real fruit, not concentrate- get your mind outta the gutter ).

Try this summertime pink, grapefruit TSC soda & thank me later.

Also, please pray for San Diego! xx L

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

  1. So first things first, that recipe is amazing! I’m pretty obsessed with knowing what I’m putting into my body so this is really great. Also, I’d imagine you get a lot more for your money. Those ‘refreshers’ at Starbucks cost upwards of 4/5 EUR (I’m writing to you from Paris) while for the same amount you could probably source enough ingredients to make enough soda pop for your friends too!

    My thoughts are with you and San Diego. I hope everything calms down soon! Paris tv rarely covers international stuff outside of the EU so I hadn’t heard about it at all! Fingers crossed for everyone invovled.


  2. I would have never thought to use a martini shaker to make salad dressing, that is brilliant! I am definitely going to try out your ideas!

    P.S. Best of wishes to you and everyone in SD! We don’t get the crazy heat or as many fires up here in Vancouver, BC, but it has definitely been unusually hot up here this month. <3

  3. This looks awesome! I think adding champagne would be pretty yummy, but a grapefruit soda vodka drink for the pool this summer sounds pretty yummy too. Especially with a fruity ciroc flavor mixed in! Thanks for sharing!

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