DIY: The Beachiest of Beach Waves

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There’s absolutely no reason to buy crappy store-bought, chemical-filled, fake “beach” spray.

ESP if you live by the freaking beach.

Butttttttt if you don’t live by the ocean, the below mixture is the perfect lil beach wave substitute.

FYI: I’m a big DIY ( do it yourself ) fan because I like to know exactly what the hell is my products/foods/drinks. Obviously this isn’t a shocking surprise, considering I’m a real control freak.

Ok, now go grab an empty spray bottle ( I use these cuties ), add the below ingreds, & get ready to “oohh & aahh” like a vintage Herbal Essence commercial.

Ingredients for DIY beach waves

Directions: Heat up the water for about a min to help dissolve/combine the ingredients. Add sea salt, coconut oil, essential oils, & all-natural hair gel to the heated water. Whisk until everything is combined.

Let the mixture cool & pour it in a sexy spray bottle ( I used a funnel for this part ).

Then shake, shake, shake & start spritzin’ your locks.

Note: This beach spray can be used on damp or dry hair. The end product should look like you & your sex kitten mane just spent a day chilling on the beach with a hefty margarita.



DIY Beach Waves

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13 replies to “DIY: The Beachiest of Beach Waves”

  1. Gorgeous! I live by the beach (Santa Monica), but I could still use help for some sexy beach waves! Unfortunately I spend way more time at work than I do at the beach.

  2. Does the hair remain soft after this. I have tried many things to get wavy hair.. Like the no heat sock method.. and the wet braid thing. The moment I comb my hair its back to being straight. And I have thin hair so I don’t like to use heat!

  3. My hair is that – all natural, coarse, thick, go whichever way it feels like wavyness – which i can’t stand. So I am definitely going to try out this spray! xx

  4. I love your DIY, easy recipes. I made this hair wave spray last night and it is great! I like knowing what is in my products too. Too many ingredients is too daunting, but your simple, few ingredient recipes are superb! Thank you soooo much 🙂

  5. How do you get the spiral curls? Do you twist your hair? Mine comes out more scrunched than whoa curls… 🙁