Vital Proteins Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides by The Skinny Confidential



Vital Proteins Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides by The Skinny Confidential

I know, we’ve been here before, we’ve done this dance, but we’re doing it again: COLLAGEN. COLLAGEN! COLLAGEN! COLLAGEN! Like how many times can I explain my love for collagen? The love is JUST SO REAL.

However, I am getting a bunch of DMs & e-mail on exactly how to use it.

I mean I feel like we’ve done some recipes ( shoutout to TSC BARBIE PINK SMOOTHIErecipe here ) & we’ve discussed benefits…but we have NOT discussed the many, MANY ways it can be used.

The options are endless really?

It’s not one of those things where you have to mix it in water & plug your nose while gulping it down ( although, I would- beauty is pain! ). We don’t need to do the whole gulp thing- we can take an easier route.

A bunch of routes that I will break down in the blog post for you.

Vital Proteins Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides by The Skinny Confidential Vital Proteins Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides by The Skinny Confidential

First off, I should mention: collagen is kind of the glue that holds everything together. Collagen gets screwed up by smoking, sunlight, cortisol, aging, etc. YOU KNOW I LOVE TO EAT FOODS THAT PROMOTE THE BODY’S ABILITY TO PRODUCE COLLAGEN, like: berries, eggs, salmon, avocado, & super green veggies. But I also love a daily scoop to be a role model, AS I LOVE TO SAY, FOR PREVENTATIVE MEASURES.

YOU ALSO SHOULD KNOW, I prefer collagen in the morning. There’s something about my mornings that just lay the foundation of the day for me. I feel like doing all my witch doctor weirdness in the morning sets the tone, you know? Like I want the whole chill music with oils thing happening. I want to do my thing ( NO MICHAEL CAN YOU NOT ASK ME STRESSFUL QUESTIONS BEFORE 8:30 AM? ).

Like let me & my collagen have a moment.

Vital Proteins Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides by The Skinny Confidential

Let me pull out my scroll so I can explain the many ways to eat it, k?

1. COFFEE: not my choice but a lot of people like it in their coffee. It’s a nice little kickstart to the day. The reason people prefer it in coffee is because when it’s in any coffee drink you can’t taste it. For me, coffee doesn’t happen every day- I more prefer a ritual. Usually if I’m drinking coffee, it’s when I’m on the go at my local coffee joint. You should know: Vital Proteins also has these coffee creamers now that you can just add to coffee for a little boost of energy ( they contain naturally occurring MCT oil ).

2. SMOOTHIE: how I prefer my daily scoop of collagen. I like it in a green smoothie. Here’s the thing- it’s kind of like a WAM BAM thank you ma’am kind of thing. I get my greens, fiber ( CHIA SEED REALNESS ), protein, collagen, whatever, in one bang. You can’t taste the collagen. Basically I love a BEAUTY SMOOTHIE. This is when all your beauty powders are in one place with greens & you just drink it down the hatch. You know, like Nike always says: JUST DO IT.

Vital Proteins Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides by The Skinny ConfidentialVital Proteins Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides by The Skinny Confidential

3. OATMEAL: another popular way to enjoy collagen! Lately I’ve been doing The F-Factor’s ‘oatmeal.’ To this recipe I add COLLAGEN. IT IS SO EASY. WANT TO SEE IT? READ ON. Throwing collagen in your oatmeal is just a fantastic way to get it in. Especially because this particular flavor featured here is mixed berry– which makes the oatmeal really come together. Anyway, I’m here for it. Also, I like to add it to the top secret, to-go MASON JAR OATS- coming soon to TSC BODY.

4.  WATER: not my pick per se- but some people drink it down in their hot water. You can make like a tea if you want. Add some lemon for flair. Water is a quick way to get it in, if you’re in a pinch. I mean I’ve done it before while traveling but if given the option, I like collagen in smoothies or oatmeal.

5. BONE BROTH: ADD A SCOOP TO YOUR BONE BROTH for an extra punch of collagen. This is efficient! I love bone broth so much guys. It’s so delicious with chili flakes, basil, lemon, a little pink salt, & pepper. YUM. Adding a scoop of collagen is just an extra burst of goodness for your hair, skin, & nails. I actually LOVE VITAL PROTEINS bone broth packets when I’m on the go or traveling.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Vital Proteins Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides by The Skinny Confidential
Vital Proteins Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides by The Skinny Confidential

AS FAR AS COLLAGEN PREFERENCE, there are many on the shelves. I tend to grab for Vital Proteins time after time. The packaging is just so damn chic. Plus their collagen is pasture raised, grass-fed, & non-GMO. So you know they’ve really done their research.

This one featured, like I said, is the mixed berry. What I LOVE about it is it’s made from organic berries which is just fabulous for your skin, hair and nails ( HELLO NUTRIENTS ).

Also, I should mention great for joint health & digestion. All the things us girls love. With 20 grams of collagen & 18 grams of protein per serving you kind of can’t go wrong? The ingredients are straight to the point: Bovine Hide Collagen Peptides, Organic Blueberry, Organic Strawberry, Organic Blackberry, Organic Raspberry, Organic Acerola Cherry, Hyaluronic Acid, Bacillus Coagulans. Into it.

Oh, almost forgot- here’s the F-Factor Mixed Berry Oatmeal recipe ( SERVES 1 ):

+ 1/3 cup all bran, high fiber cereal
+ 1/3 cup unsweetened almond milk
+ sprinkle of cinnamon
+ 1 scoop of mixed berry collagen peptides
+ 1 tsp sweetener (optional)
+ 1/3 cup water
+ 1/2 cup mixed berries

+ directions: Mix bran buds, almond milk, cinnamon, collagen powder, and sweetener ( if using ) in a saucepan and place over high heat for 3 minutes. Stir. Add water and cook until all the water has absorbed and the consistency mimics oatmeal. Add berries and stir until they are cooked through. Remove from heat & serve warm.

{ via F-Factor }

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

OK!!! So if ANY of your questions weren’t answered in this post- you HAVE to watch this video. It really breaks down the whole collagen situation.

NOW I WANT TO KNOW: how do you use collagen? GET SPECIFIC PLEASE!

With that, I’m off to bed- I did THE METHOD® with Ingrid this morning via Skype & I’m already sore IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE. Like I need an Epsom salt bath, face massage, & a collagen smoothie. STAT. Hope you’re all having a productive, high vibey week.

See you tomorrow, lauryn

+ this post is in collaboration with Vital Proteins, as always ALL opinions are my own.

++ be sure to listen to the latest podcast with THE LADIES COACH- it talks everything relationships!

+++ shop my pajama set

{ pics }

Vital Proteins Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides by The Skinny ConfidentialVital Proteins Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides by The Skinny Confidential



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  1. JM

    Do you have good gluten free options for all your fiber hacks? GG crackers and the bran cereal are Celiac no-no’s.

  2. Krystal // The Krystal Diaries

    I’ve been adding collagen into my daily routine for almost a year now. If I’m having a smoothie or oatmeal for breakfast, I always add a scoop in. I drink either matcha lattes or coffee every morning too so I’ll add a scoop to my coffee or matcha. I recently started buying Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen so most of the time I just use that for my matcha lattes now! I just stick with the unflavored version though because I find it easier to mix into anything without changing the flavor.

  3. Shelby

    love combining vega pre workout energizer + one scoop of the vital proteins collagen beauty water and drinking that before a workout. Tastes great, the vega gives a nice little caffeine boost for my workout, plus you get some protein in there so you’re not totally starving the second your workout ends. LOVE!

  4. stylemelauren

    This looks amazing! I listened to your podcast with the F-Factor and I have to go listen to it again! SO much valuable info in there! I’ve been using vital proteins for a while now but need to try this berry flavor!

    Love all your health tips!

  5. Angel

    I recently read that collagen needs vitamin C to achieve the best results. I’ll put my collagen in my coffee then pop a C vitamin.

  6. Marie

    Have you ever tried Bulletproof coffee with intermiddent fasting? If so, what are your thoughts? I’ve heard there are a ton of benefits of drinking it with a scoop of collagen, ghee butter and brain octane oil.

  7. Holly

    I’m a coffee girl and put a scoop of unflavoured complete collagen in my black coffee every morning when I get to the office (I actually keep the collagen on my desk). It’s the perfect way to start the work day – sipping my collagen coffee and getting caught up on emails 🙂

  8. Bree

    I love that you talked about all the benefits of collagen because it really is the best! I’ve been seeing Vital Proteins all over the place and I totally agree – the packaging is on point. I’ll definitely have to try it out.

  9. Shannon

    Thank you for sharing all this Lauryn! You are so amazing! I am going to try some of this stuff…just seems to make sense! LOVE the pink as well…never was a pink person…but since I found your blog, it is slowly growing on me . dont change xo

  10. Alex philamo

    The collagen sure is healthy, not just for the body but also for the skin and the digestive system. I personally like using this one because it makes my skin feel smooth and moisturized I find it very good… Again great post and keep up the good work…

  11. Cortado

    Oh! You are so beautiful and cute. Really stunning look. Pictures are great and this blog is so interesting and creative. I like the design. Also, very helpful. Enjoyed reading this. You were right about the video, It really breaks down the whole collagen situation. When will your next blog be published?