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Detox Results: Completing the 3-Day Juice Cleanse Challenge

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger and healthy living blogger talks skinny tips and tricks.

[ Elena’s cleanse results ]

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger and healthy living blogger talks skinny tips and tricks.

[ Me post-cleanse {{ you can find my neon pink shirt here & the white shorts here ]

These are pictures of Elena, Bekah, & I with our results from the Juice Cleanse Challenge. I would love to see your post-cleanse pictures too; e-mail me  [ ] or post them on the fan page! I’ve read through all your experiences, some of which include: you feel less bloated, your food cravings have decreased, your stomach feels like it shrunk, Day three juice tasted too veggie, & some of you stopped at Day 2 [ for all different reasons ].

Again, this cleanse is a small part of a bigger picture. Staying fit is dedication. Hopefully the cleanse kickstarts a healthier lifestyle filled with smarter food choices, extra water, & a little more discipline. Congrats to all of you who completed the challenge!

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger and healthy living blogger talks skinny tips and tricks.[ Bekah looking amazing! ]

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger and healthy living blogger talks skinny tips and tricks.

[ Elena documented her results through Instagram [[ username: elenashow ]] ]

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger and healthy living blogger talks skinny tips and tricks.

[ Me in Cabo post-cleanse ]


  1. Hi !

    I Love the bikini you wore to Cabo, in the last picture. Can I ask where you got it from ? It looks amazing !

  2. Day 1
    -Go figure, the lines out the door with so much Biz their “JUICER(S)”(namesake) burnt up and stopped working!!! Great blend SC….TG for TSC….DBJ Juicers” and relish in that biz!!

    -back at noon to pick up my blend and take my first swig:)tastes yummy
    -work internet/drink blend/h20
    -tennis one and a half hour workout…NBD:)
    -dinner at Rimels, rotisserie free-range chicken, fresh local sauteed VEGETABLES in olive oil , all with no sauce and sparkling h20.

    Day 2
    -feel great
    -juice/h20 TASTES GREAT:)
    -work internet at office
    -no craves however, pick up Roma Tomato(1) and banana(1/2) prior to tennis
    -tennis one and a half hour workout..NBD awesome!
    -shared my Day 2 with and thought I was going to be killed by bio%^%h “TSCB” for eating a Roma Tomato and half a banana, I had no idea that was a law breaker!?
    -dinner at Delicias, free range chicken on un-dressed greens, sparkling h20.

    Day 3
    -feel great, lighter
    -juice still taste great, but least favorite of three
    -internet work
    -tennis with my girl, then due to a parking foe-pa at courts, a motorcycle cop(why are they always fat?) issue’s me a parking ticket of which I accept until I see it is for $395.00. I let the motorcycle cop know of my disappointment and told him how he needs to get his fat bod on cleanse, quick!! I’m fighting it!!!
    -dinner with my beautiful girl at home with Ralph’s rotisserie chicken (gross, I could tell the chemical difference, so could my body, thanks to cleanse)sauteed broccoli, carrots, mushrooms topped with my award winning Cilantro Vinaigrette, sparkling h20…okay okay and finished meal with strawberries and red grapes…Hope that is ok “TSCB”?

    Day 4
    -feel great, NBD
    -weighed in 8lbs lighter
    -16oz Cup regular coffee, DRANK 1/4…and it tasted gross with its processed chemical after taste. Never/ever/ever again, less coffee 8oz. and must MUST MUST be organic ate egg whites. Thanks TSC:)
    -great tennis workout with my girl with big excitement of whats to come
    -DAUGHTER Calls with late afternoon needy-ness at time when I am ready to go in and have my first taste of tequila in a week. NBD, I handle the Daughter AND OFF to Dinner.
    -dinner at Argyle with tequila, wedge and no meat(yuck) Ahi Steak, farm peas, and Yukon whipped potatoes. All consumption was moderate including tequila 2 shots with sparkling h20(OK 3 shots!)…Swerils yogurt FOR A TREAT!

    As with my faith/beliefs and needing the reminder of “the cross” to keep me returning to it and wha ist truly important (along with my beautiful family) while staying on my life(s) path,

    also is….

    “ 3 day cleanse that has brought perspective and attention to a needed area of my daily life routine.
    Getting away from 2 cups of non-organic regular coffee, eating 7 eleven snacks of peanuts, string cheese or pop chips and remembering to h20 fuel my body.
    the skinny 3 day cleanse has given me more then loss of weight, it gave me the value of what is put into my mouth/diet and health must be chemical free no matter what the expensive price. Gas is expensive and it goes in your frigin car, organics is a must!!!
    A huge hug and Kiss to the “TSCB”..I am on-board for life and now just like “the cross” have your “3 day cleanse” to keep me focused on my life path:)xo
    I am ready to start again Tuesday-Thursday:)

    Always inspired,

  3. Wow great results! Can’t wait to start on Wednesday!
    Love you bikini’s, where did you get them?

  4. Omg Elena!!!!! SO skinny & sexy. lucky Paul…
    Lauryn you look amazing as well 🙂
    Can’t wait till I can do the cleanse!!!!

  5. Hi Lauryn. My friend and I are starting the juice cleanse later this week and we live in Seattle and none of the juicers in the area, Whole Foods, nothing will juice for us. Bummer. We both have blenders so I wanted to know if that will get same results or if we should invest in a juicer (which we are both thinking to do anyways). Thanks in advance!

    1. I would recommend a juicer, if you can. If not, a blender works fine. Personally, I prefer a juicer : ). xo

  6. You are so sexy and I think you gave me an idea about this.. Thanks for the great photos of proof.. Great job!

  7. Firstly i applaud you all showing off your amazing lil bodies, empowering and hotstuff!!
    Would love if you did a few posts on your wardrobe (loved the lush pink blouse from last post!) and workout stuff too, cause who doesn’t want to look cute when theyre running!

    I’ll be cleansing as soon as I finish my final year coursework, cant wait!!
    much love from across the water
    Sade xxx

    Drop me a mail with the specific juice recipes? 😀

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