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Detox Mask Essentials: When A Little Cleansing Is In Order

detox mask | by the skinny confidential


Sometimes your skin just needs a little DETOX to keep things fresh & clean.

Detoxing your skin should become a regular part of your skin care routine. You’ll start to notice a more dewy, moisturized, bright skin tone ( AKA detoxing your skin is the shit ).

You already know I’m obsessed  with the Aztec Clay Mask, but here are a few other detox mask essentials.

1. Mario Badescu Collagen Mask:

Every women, and man for that matter should be using collagen on the reg. This collagen mask will tighten, nourish, & purify skin. PLUS, it can reduce redness & irritation.

2. Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask:

The secret to soothing skin after too much sun exposure. This mask is SUPER hydrating, great for sensitive skin, reducing puffiness & irritation, & helps lock in moisture.

3. New Zealand Bee Venom Mask:

This mask is my absolute favorite & best kept secret! Bee venom will naturally lift and tighten the skin VISIBLY. You’ll see the difference, it’s insane!

4. Crystal Hydro Gel Patches:

Don’t forget about your eyes! I’m obsessed with these for wrinkles. Put them under your eyes to smooth and moisturize, reduce or remove dark under eye circles, wrinkles, & crows feet.

5. Indian Healing Clay:

This is an oldie, but a goodie. More info on healing benefits: Aztec Clay Mask

6. Dermal Korea Collagen Mask:

This is the Korean secret facial mask, don’t spend $135 on SK-11 mask, use this Korean mask instead, you’ll literally get the same benefits. 

Who’s ready to DETOX? I’m literally off to do one of these masks now. 

Which is your favorite? Have any detox mask suggestions?


  1. Hi Lauren! I follow you on Snapchat and you’ve been making these amazing looking dinners with ground turkey and a red sauce, over zoodles etc. Do you have a recipe what you’re making? I salivate every time I see a snap of the sauce cooking and really want to try it!

    1. Hi Katie, I completely agree. Indian healing clay is a total game changer. When did you start using it and how often do you use it? Thanks for reading

  2. I am so into sheet masks right now. They were everywhere in Hong Kong! Some were in Hello Kitty packaging and had the kitty face printed right on them . I died. I’m sure they were filled with lead or something tho 😉

    I really like the Glam Glow line – Super Mud. I feel like I’m in an actual spa when I use it.

    1. Hi Liz, eeek yeah that sounds a little suspicious. Definitely check the ingredients! You could be doing more harm than good with that. Be careful! xx

  3. Hi Lauryn,
    How often do you recommend using a detox mask? I love learning more about skin care, but I struggle with how often to apply masks, facial scrubs, etc. I would love to hear your insights!

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Lauren, there is no right amount. You don’t want to do it too often though. I personally like to detox my skin after traveling, a long night out, if I ate a little too unhealthy one weekend, or if I feel it needs it. It’s really up to you! Thanks for reading

  4. Hi so I stumbled upon your blog cos I’ve been searching for reviews about aztec secret clay mask. I’m dying to try it but I have a crazy sensitive combination skin. You think I should give it a go?

  5. Hey Lauryn!

    I just wanted to recommend another great mask that I stumbled upon. Lindsay Modeling Mask are awesome! I prefer the orange but all that I have used are great. They literally turn to a rubber consistency on your face and leave skin super hydrated and your complexion brightened. They are a must in my beauty routine, and you can’t beat the $4 per mask price tag!

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