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Designer Favorites: Sometimes A Little Splurge Is Necessary

designer favorite | by the skinny confidential

Prada Cat-Eye Double-Bridge Sunglasses Acne Studios Rhea Alpaca and Wool-Blend Sweater The Jetset Diaries Palace Jumpsuit in Stripe Alexis Wendy Skirt Saint Laurent French Wallet | Saint Laurent Fringed Paris Boots GIANVITO ROSSI Closed Toe Pumps

Hi, Hi, Hi!

Grab a few designer items every once in a while! Especially if it’s something you’ll wear or use all the time, a little splurge is okay!

Here are some of my current designer favorites.

What designer brands are your favorite? Which of the above items would you be willing to splurge on?

Also, I’ll be doing a little reader Q&A on the blog soon!

Leave a question + your first & last name below. I’ll feature your question + my answer on the post soon!


  1. I’d totally splurge on the Prada sunglasses. Any Prada sunglasses, really. They’re all perfect. Although, the Gianvito Rossi pumps are a great classic choice too!


  2. I normally splurge on shoes and handbags unless it’s a clothing piece I know I’ll get a lot of west out of…definitely want that bag!!

    Question: when it comes to healthy living, do you believe/follow the calorie in calorie out motto or just try to eat healthy, indulge here and there and not stress about calories?
    Sarah Oldham

  3. Can you do a day routine? A life in the day of TSC????

    Like what you do when you wake up, what you eat, food, drink, vitamins, beauty and beauty maintenance, workout… on an average day and on special occasions. I think it would be interesting on all the quirky potions and liquids you take and vitamins and oil pulling and what you wear– makeup wise

    Haha I’m kinda nosey but I always wonder how you incorporate everything into your day

    Hope you have a wonderful day and love the blog post about your nanz!

  4. Hi Lauryn,

    I think everyone should splurge everyone once in a while too.

    Anyways, I have 3 questions. Lol!

    1. What do you think about dried fruit as a snack?

    2. I’m trying to stay away from sugar but I looove fruit. What fruits do you avoid and what fruits are apart of your daily diet?

    3. I’m obsessed with avocados and pretty much eat 1 a day… Is that too much “good fat” a day?


  5. Yes! I just made some closet resolutions and number 2 was investing in a designer bag. Splurges are good for the soul!

    Question: What goes on behind the scenes of TSC meetings? You always snapchat peeks into your meetings and it looks like there are a ton of brains behind the blog. I’m curious about who does what! <3

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