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Why I Brush My Dogs’ Teeth

In the spirit of having a baby, I think it’s important that Michael & I don’t forget about our VIPs. These VIPs have two ears, long claws & are extra furry. They’ve been the light of our lives since we got together.

One is a cantankerous, bougie little brat who is funny, curious & smart ( Pixy ), and the other is a rescue who is grateful, cuddly & kind of a follower ( T. Boone Pickens – yes, he was named after the billionaire ).

We think it’s really important to pay extra attention to the dogs when the baby comes because we’ve heard a lot of stories of dogs being neglected after the new arrival. We just really don’t want to go down that hole. It’s important for us to give them some extra TLC right now.

We’ve been giving them good food, taking them on long walks, & making sure their teeth are cleaned ( dental hygiene is crucial when it comes to dogs ). We’ve also made sure they’re being bathed in the best lavender shampoo.

If you’ve been reading The Skinny Confidential you may know that we are also very much about titer testing too. More info on that can be found here.

But today we’re here to talk about dental hygiene for dogs. We’ve had to put our dogs out for cleaning in the past & it’s a real bitch, let me tell ya. & kinda scary. We have have one friend who put their dog out for teeth cleaning & the dog died because of respiratory issues.

Of course that’s not a common outcome. We’ve put Pixy & Boone out many times for teeth cleaning & never had a problem. Our friend just had a very sad, unfortunate situation.

Anyway, every night Michael cleans the dogs’ teeth. We have these little doggy teeth cleaning pads right by the bed. Not only do they like it, they look forward to it. It’s like this whole spa-like experience for them- a massage for their gums. 

We’re fans of Well & Good dental wipes for dogs. They gently clean the teeth & gums & there’s peppermint oil in them so the bad breath isn’t so bad. We gently massage their gums & teeth with the wipe & they love it !!

Make sure you have clean hands, take a wipe out of the container, hold your dog’s head steady, open their mouth & start massaging. We like to sing to them & tell them how great they are so they associate teeth cleaning with a reward.

Reasons To Clean Your Dog’s Teeth At Home:

♡ they won’t need to under.

♡ prevents gingivitis & gum disease.

♡ prevents build up of plaque, tartar, & calculus.

♡ helps you keep track of their dental health ( you’ll be the first to notice if they chip or crack a tooth, or if something just doesn’t seem right ).

{ via }

Other Ways To Clean Your Dog’s Teeth At Home:

Greenies ( I’m actually not a huge fan of these because I’m so scared the dog’s will choke )

canine dental spray

brushless toothpaste dental chew

a dog toothbrush

Really though, like just get the wipes. They’re my #1.

If you can’t brush your dog’s teeth every night, try for 2-3 times a week. Just for the record, most dogs have bad breath because of poor oral hygiene. So if you find yourself complaining about your dog’s breath, then whip out those wipes because they’ll help!

VERY IMPORTANT !!! Do not use human toothpaste, baking soda, or salt to clean your dog’s mouth. They can be really harmful if the dog swallows them.

TSC HOT TIP: if your dog’s breath is still bad, try adding chopped parsley into their food to freshen up their breath a bit.

So don’t forget about your dog’s teeth, guys !! Brush them when you brush your own. They’ll end up loving you for it.

This post is for all the dog lovers, so please share it with someone you know who has a dog. I’d love to get the word around. Also, if you have a pet, be sure to check out this post on titer testing. Basically, it’s a test that can detect what level of vaccine your dog has in their body, so you don’t give them too much of the vaccine again.

With that, I’m off to brush Boone’s nasty ass teeth. We caught him chewing on his dewclaw for waaaaaaaay too long. Don’t know what that was about.

Hope you’re all having a productive day & that this post brought you value.

I feel like we need a vetrinarian on the podcast soon. Yes? No?

Peace, love & dogs.

x, lauryn

+ shop the dog car seat I love.

+ meet Pixy & Boone.


  1. Having a vet on the podcast is a great idea!! I recently started my pup on a multivitamin and it got me thinking about what other ways I can take care of her health!

  2. Thanks for telling me that I should never use baking soda if I were to clean my dog’s teeth. I’ve read another article that they’re good for cleaning and whitening, but I never knew that it isn’t applicable to animals. It might be safer if I were to visit a pet center with my dog and just trust these professionals with dental care.

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