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denim jacket | by the skinny confidential


Well HELLO from New York City!

I was planning on posting last night but I had a little too much champagne. What can you do?

This post has been a long time coming because DENIM IS IT RIGHT NOW.

Here’s the thing about denim: it’s not overly trendy where you’ll be turned off from it in a year. I prefer to go oversized but you do you here. Some people like their denim a bit tighter. Denim is fun to wear with an oversized hoodie underneath or just over a tee with some HIGH boots.

Regardless of how you wear it- EVERYYYYYYONE needs a good denim jacket.

Not just saying this…it’s a necessity. Like if you don’t have a denim, you need one. Michael even does denim on denim jeans which I love too.

If you can, try to get your hands on a vintage Levi moment. If you can’t, I gotcha covered- on all ends BECAUSE I have a rich girl/poor girl option ( << BTW this whole concept stems from my girlfriend, Fashionlush. She has so many good rich girl/poor girl posts ).

I feel like I can really recommend jean jackets because I am a denim snob.

It has to be flattering. Some give off an overly boxy vibe I don’t love. Also it has to be the right shade of denim, you know? Right now I like LIGHT. There’s something perfect about a buttery, lighter shade of denim. So ya, that’s important. And then lastly, the feel of the denim- it’s gotta feel good. As for sizing I got a small, usually I go bigger but for a jean jacket a small was perfect.

If we’re getting specific I like to wear a jean jacket with a thin white muscle tank & my favorite black skinny jeans. Also these mirrored sunglasses are fun too to add flair. Sometimes I’ll wear witchy, shiny boots or sometimes I’d do white loafers. It just depends on the location. Add an obnoxious black or white hat if you want to spice it up like the girl above. She’s looks hot!

Plot twist for one second: I just found this new mascara ( that I’m wearing above ) & I LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH. It’s called Better Than Sex by Too Faced. Just had to let you know this side tip because it’s that good.

Ok what else do I need to add this denim list? Any additions?

With that we are off to a beauty convention- will be Snapping along the way. The New York meet-up was incredible, meeting you guys in person is such a game-changer. Everyone was so hot…and smart & cool ; ). Thanks to all the badass women who showed up! Love you guys.

x lauryn

+ be sure to listen to the LATEST podcast with The Bitch Bible– she’s fucking HILARIOUS. Really though, she made me CRY/laughing. Her Gone Girl parody is amazing. SO FUNNY.



  1. I LOVE better than sex mascara, it’s so amazing. I just picked up a white denim jacket and I have a dark wash one… maybe it’s time to add a light wash to the mix.

  2. Didn’t watch it, but just wanted to comment that I like your lighter brows a lot…they are softer, more feminine and open your eye area up more.

  3. Hi Lauryn, would love to know the brand of the oversized reflective black glasses in the insta post with this outfit today! Just sat on my last pair (fail) and am having a hard time find ones that are really oversized. Thanks – loving the vibe of this, think I’m going to get a denim jacket to wear over my black bodysuits!

    1. That will be SO cute Olivia!! You can find the sunglasses here: xx

  4. Loving denim right now too, and I’m also OBSESSED with the Better Than Sex mascara. It’s so so so good. xo Devon Seventeen Dresses

  5. What jacket are you wearing in the photos? Love! It doesn’t look like Free People, Levi’s?

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