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Dehumidifier Bags You NEED For Your Closets

Dehumidifier Bags for your closet

My new favorite thing…

Just totally obsessed…

DEHUMIDIFIER BAGS. For your closet.

Dehumidifier Bags You NEED For Your Closets

These little bags suck all the moisture from your closets and keep it out of your clothes.

When I first got these 2 months ago I had no clue they would work so well. I just had to replace them and they were totally filled…wait for it…with mold AND water. So gross, but so happy they were in the bag and not on my clothes.

The top of the bag fills with mold and the water pools at the bottom of the bag.

So brilliant. It’s insane how well they work.

Place them on each end of your closet rack like I did in the picture below and prepare to be amazed.

Dehumidifier Bags in closet

Taking these on vacation to a humid place is SUCH a good idea especially if you’re staying by the beach on or on a boat. Cannot recommend these enough.

If you wanna hear me GO OFF on these even more, stalk my TikTok. You know me, when I get into something, I get REALLY into and just had to share.

x, lauryn

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