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A Little Day One Detox Recap

Lauryn Evarts does the three day Suja juice cleanse.

You know what’s seriously the best day ever? Moving, cleansing, & being on your period.

I know, right?! OMG- so fun.


I guess it’s better to get all that shitty shit over at once, then have it all happen over time? I D K. At that’s what I’m telling myself.

Anyway pretty much I’m moving into a new place, chugging Suja while holding a box of tampons.


So instead of Monday’s Mini DeLites this week, I’m talking juice cleansin’. Here’s a day one recap, ladies:

+ I wasn’t hungry. At all. Maybe that’s because I was carrying boxes all day & didn’t have time to be hungry.

+ For a snack I had an avocado sliced in half with Meyer lemon, mixed lettuce with beets & carrots, & a half of a sweet potato.

+ I drank tons of iced green tea ( w/ no sweetener & a splash of passion fruit tea). Also, water was my bestie all day long.

+ Instead of drinking the last juice, I ate it. I mixed the almond/cinnamon juice + chia seeds + whole flaxseeds & whipped up this three ingredient pudding.

+ Tomorrow I want to drink even more water.

{ More info on the Suja cleanse can be found here }

So overall day one was a real breeze.

I mean, besides Auntie Flow being town & moving everything I own in the blazing sun.


Goodnight! xx.L

{ Another juice experience can be found here, here, & here }.

  1. Good luck on your cleanse. I’m going to have to check it out. I’m not sure if you can get it in Canada or now….but I’m sure your day will get better from here, once the moving & the period is done. lol Doesn’t sound like a fun-filled day 🙂 Enjoy your new place!!

  2. Hi! So you’re doing the Suja cleanse and not Juicers this time… but you can eat throughout the day too? What’s the do it yourself cleanse girl?

    Also did you just get the 3 day cleanse from Whole Foods?

  3. I really want to do the cleanse but I live in London! 🙁
    Please i love your blog Lauryn and i follow it religiously can you help me find and alternative here in London?

    1. I live in Denmark and is also very interested in an alternative to the Suja for the people in Europe 🙂

  4. I love your blog and really enjoy all of your posts. I’ve done a DIY Blueprint Cleanse before and loved it but had difficulty working out while on the cleanse. I imagine I was not getting enough calories. Any tips for working out while cleansing? I am thinking maybe just light cardio and yoga. What are your thoughts? I hope you have some insight because I am so ready for a reset.

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